Birth Anniversary of Lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (PBUH)-Level 1- 1st Year

Topic Overview: Understanding the Exalted Status of Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra with regards to Surah Al-Kawthar, The Importance of Praying for Others, The Tasbihat of Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra (PBUH), and Thanking a Mother

  • Objective(s):

    1.Since children arrive at different times it is suggested that before the start of the official program, any sort of craft that is related to the occasion is planned for those who come earlier.

    2.Appreciating the exalted status of lady Fatemeh al-Zahra (SA) and a mother.

    3. Reinforcing children’s art and practical skills.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Construction paper

    2.Thick poster-board

    3.Yarn or cord

    4.Liquid Glue (With the help of a mentor to prepare the parts of this craft)

    5.Double sided tape


    7.Printed out design

    8.Coloring Materials


    25 Minutes

    Warm up/Craft:

    Title of the Craft: A Mother’s love, a gift for Mother’s Day (The instructions can be seen at the end of this table)

    A brief intro, explaining that today is the birth anniversary of lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA), and that she is the daughter of our dear Prophet, the wife of Amir-al-Mu’minin, and the mother of Imam Hassan, Imam Hussein, and lady Zainab (PBUT). And that today because of this occasion we would like to make a little token of appreciation for our dear mothers who try to be like lady Fatemeh (SA), and do so much for us, and love us. By making this craft we try to show how much we love, and appreciate all their hard work.

    Coloring should be done first by explaining the meaning behind the picture that is supposed to be colored. The picture shows Imam Hassan, Imam Hussein, and lady Zainab (PBUT) whom are embraced by the best wife and mother of the world, lady Fatemeh al-Zahra (SA).

    Using a cutter cut out two rectangles in sizes 35*45 cm on a thick poster-board. Then on one of these rectangles cut out a rectangle according to the size of the image that is supposed to be framed.

    On a construction paper draw out flower blossoms and then cut them out.


    Print out the bird pictures given at the end of this document and use it as a template. Make sure you have two bird which are the same.


    Draw out a few hearts in different sizes and cut them out.


    Print out the image and give them to the participants. After they have colored the image glue it on the rectangular cardboard, cut out earlier.


    Draw out a tree on a poster-board just like the image given.


    Color the frame, and glue on the tree. Glue two bird on the tree along with a heart glued on their peaks. Glue the rest of the hearts around the image. Glue the colored frame onto the rectangular cardboard that image was glued on previously.


    Glue on the blossoms and the leaves on different parts of the tree. Attach a bit of yarn or wire on top of the frame. Then this frame can easily be mounted on the wall.




  • Objective(s):

    1.Reminding them to begin any intellectual or physical endeavor by saying Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim, and have God in mind

    2.Emphasizing the fact that Hazrat Zahra was a source of abundant blessings. Her great status, and the importance of Surah al-Kawthar.

    3.The importance of being familiar with Qur’anic verses

    4.The importance of a mother, respecting and showing love towards her. Preparing a gift to appreciate all the hard work she does.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.In this segment, two mentors are needed to play out this part of the program. If in any case, having two mentors is not possible, changes need to be made to the context of this part.


    10 Minutes


    Mentor 1: Salaam everyone! How is everyone doing?

    My dears welcome! Today we have gathered here to learn new things and to celebrate together this great day. Before we start our celebration, we should ask God to help us to have a great program by reciting this short surah in Quran together. First let’s recite a loud salawat and then start the surah after saying Bismillah (Reciting salwat and Surah al Kawthar as a group).

    Alright! Let’s see! Who knows, who this surah is talking about?

    YES! That’s right! It’s about Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA), that is why today, we have all gathered here to know her better. My dears! Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) did not have any children, and that is why bad people would always bother and make fun of him. But dear God, who loved our Prophet so much, reveals this Surah and blesses our dear Prophet with a beautiful, kind, and a luminous daughter. God tells the Prophet that I have given you the best and biggest blessing, so be thankful of it.

    My dears! That little daughter was supposed to be the best women in the world that is why those bad people could no longer bother our dear Prophet.

    My dears, Kawthar means a very very big blessing. lady Fatemeh al- Zahra was that same big blessing and she is the mother of all our Imams. Which means! She became one of the best people on this earth. The Imam of Our Time is also one of the grandchildren of Lady Fatima al-Zahra. Not to mention that besides that, all the Sayed’s, who are a lot, are the children of Lady Fatima al-Zahra and are descendants of her. Today is the day of Eid and the birthday of this amazing woman on this earth, meaning Lady Fatima al-Zahra. Today is the day of joy and celebration for the Prophet (PBUH & HP) and good people. Therefore, we have all gathered here to celebrate this joyous event.

     If these events are ongoing, ask kids to memorize Surah al-Kawthar at home, memorize its meaning and try to recite it for you for the next event. Try to emphasize the fact that this will make God and the Imam of our Time happy and moreover by memorizing this Surah they will increase their love towards the best women on this earth, Lady Fatima al-Zahra even more.


    {Here, it seems like one of the mentors is late, runs into the scene while catching its breath and starts by saying salaam and apologizing for the fact that he/she showed up late. Moreover, the mentor tries to compliment kids on things such as the fact that so many of them showed up to the event, they are beautiful, they are nice kids, are on time, sitting properly, and… then suddenly pays attention to the card made by the kids.}

    Mentor #2: WOW, those are some beautiful cards you all made! Now..for what event have you all made it for? And who is it for? umhhh did you all make it for me?? {with laughter} {wait for the kids to respond}

    WOW, great! What a great day it is today! Thank God that I came today and understood that today is the birthday of Lady Fatima al-Zahra. I wish I was on time, so I could also make one for my mom. Now I have a question! Why do we call the birthday of Lady Fatima al-Zahra, Mother’s Day?! And buy gifts for our mothers. {Wait for them to respond, try to steer their responses in this direction by saying for example: Lady Fatima al-Zahra is like our kind mother, she always looks after us and prays for us. and that some of us are even her real children because we are her descendants and are seyed’s.}

    {Now the first mentor starts talking, acknowledges the talk between the 2nd mentor and the kids, and introduces the play to the kids. The mentor will ask kids to pay full attention to the play so they could answer the questions asked in the next segments of the play}

  • Objective(s):

    1.The importance of thanking a mother, and giving a gift to her

    2.The value of giving a spiritual gift to a mother

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Strengthening story telling skills, and obtaining children’s attention.


    10 Minutes

    Story: The Best Gift

    It was a beautiful evening in spring. Maryam’s father just returned home from work. Her mother was working in the kitchen making dinner ready. While Maryam was peeking at the kitchens door keeping an eye on her mother, turns to her dad and quietly says: “daddy I want to talk to you”, her dad chuckled and said: “why are you whispering?” Maryam said: “because I don’t want mom to hear us!” Maryam’s father also lowered his voice and said: Alright my daughter, now tell me what has happened? Maryam came and sat closer to her dad and then said “daddy, its Mother’s Day in two days, Leila told me today. but I haven’t bought anything for my mom!” her father replied: Its ok Maryam it’s not too late, we still can go to the mall and buy something for her.” Maryam frowned and said: but I wanted to buy something for her with the money I have saved. But today I counted them, and I don’t have much. And I can’t buy a nice gift with it.”

    Maryam’s dad went into this deep thought and then said “my dear Maryam, not all gifts should be bought! You can draw something for her or even make her something! Or even… wait I have a great idea we can buy her something together that no one has ever bought her!” little Maryam said happily “REALLY dad!!!, what kind of a gift?” her father said: come closer so I can tell you” and then he whispered something in her ears.

    Finally, Mother’s Day arrived. Her mom like every day woke up early, and went into the kitchen. But suddenly saw Maryam standing in front of the kitchen. Her mother was surprised and said: what are you doing here so early in the morning, I thought you are still asleep!”

    Maryam happily said: “Mommy, today is Mother’s Day, that is why dad and I woke up early, so we can do all the house work for you”

    Mother was surprised even more and said: “what, what do you mean?”

    It was just at that time when Maryam’s dad came out of the kitchen and said: “that’s right, we are going to do all the house work today, it’s a Mother’s Day gift from us”. Maryam’s mother smiled and said: “wow, what an amazing gift! Now what should I do?” Maryam took her mother’s hands and dragged her to a room and said: Nothing! You just have to go to your room, relax, read, and watch TV or do anything else that you would like to do, but you are not allowed to do any house work!”

    That day, Maryam worked so hard. She cleaned all the tables and chairs. She cleaned her room, and put everything away in their place.  She helped set up the table for dinner, and helped her father in drying the washed dishes. After dinner, when they all sat in the living room, she turned to her mom and said, “Mommy I became so tired today, I didn’t know that you do all this work by yourself, do you ever get tired?” Her mother smiled and said: “yes off course I become tired, however when I see you and your dad appreciate what I do, my tiredness fades away.” then she continued and said “But today was by far the best day in my life. And I thank you and your dad for this amazing gift. To be honest, this was the best gift I’ve ever received!” That day, little Maryam was so happy; even though she was a bit tired, but she made her mom happy. Now she truly appreciated all the hard work her mom does for her.

  • Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Speakers, laptop and projector.


    4 Minutes

    Clip: Yours Ya Zahra


  • Objective(s):

    1.Understanding the exalted status and virtues of Lady Fatima al-Zahra by mentioning the Purification Verse (i.e.Ayat ut Tatheer)

    2.The love of Prophet (PBUH & HP) towards Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA)

    3.The status of love towards her

    4. Mentioning the Purification verse (i.e. Ayat ut Tatheer)

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.It’s important that the mentors rehearse once before the start of the program, for the message of the play to be fully understood by the kids.


    20 Minutes

    Play: A Luminous Dream

    Little Maryam was sleeping in her room, and while she was asleep she was smiling but suddenly she woke up and it looked like she was looking for someone. Then she realized that she had a dream, and now she is in her room, and not where she was in her dream. She called her mom: Mom, Mommy!

    Maryam’s mom came into her room and said: Yes, my dear, what has happened, weren’t you sleeping? Why did you wake up?

    Little Maryam: Mom, during my dream I was somewhere else, in an old house, which had a wooden door and I could see the house through it. In that house, lived a glowing woman. Mom, what was interesting was that, that house smelled so good! It smelled like paradise. It seemed like that woman was very very very kind. And I kept looking at her, to see what she was doing in the house.

    Maryam’s Mom: My dear, I am so curious, tell me more, what was she doing? Like who was she? Maybe, it was your grandma?

    Little Maryam: No, no mommy, Let me tell you, maybe you know her. I really liked her, and wanted to stay there forever and not wake up.

    Maryam’s Mom: Alright, well tell me!

    Little Maryam: That kind woman, was doing something very difficult, which I don’t know what it was. It seemed liked she was moving this big rock to make flour, because right after it she baked bread. I really wanted to go and help her but I couldn’t do it. I wanted to ask her why she was doing all this hard work alone, and not hire someone else to help her. (With sadness) I think it was because she was so kind, she didn’t want someone else to become tired.

    Maryam’s mom: Ok my dear, then what else did you see? I just know one person that would do such a thing.

    Little Maryam: Mom, after this, that same woman went and prayed which took so long. And them Mom, one more thing, while she was praying, she was glowing, she was so shiny that even the sky was glowing bright. Mom, it was so interesting, it was as if all the angels came around her and prayed alongside her. I really wanted to go and pray alongside that glowing women, I wish I could go there. Mommy can we go there?

    Maryam’s Mom: My dear, tell me more, so I can be sure of where you went.

    Maryam: Mom, more interestingly, after her prayers ended, she started praying for everyone even those who were not born yet. But she never prayed for herself, and I was shocked!

    Maryam’s Mom: All these things that you have told me so far, reminds me of one special person. Did you see anything else?

    Maryam: Yes mom, I saw something else. A glowing and kind man came at the door, knocked on the door, and said something that I didn’t understand but maybe you would know. He said: Peace be upon you O’ the best woman on this earth. Peace be upon you O’ my dear, who God chose you and made you pure from any wrongdoing and badness. Mommy, what does all this mean? Because immediately that same woman came at the door, opened the door and said Peace be upon you O’ Messenger of God.

    Maryam, then suddenly saw her mom tear up and say: “ASSALAMUALAIKI YA FATIMAH AZZAHRA, ASSALAMUALAIKI YA Rasool al-Allah” (i.e. Peace be upon you O’ Fatemeh al-Zahra, Peace be upon you O’ Messenger of God) and then she hugged Maryam tightly and said: Yes, I know who that person was. You were a very nice girl, that you saw the best woman on the earth in your dream. And then kissed Maryam.

    Maryam’s Mom: Let me now tell you who that glowing woman was. Her name is Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA), which I am sure you have heard of her beautiful name many times before. Do you know what Zahra means?

    Maryam: No mom!

    Maryam’s Mom: It means a person who has a glowing face. And because lady Zahra (sa) loved God so much and God loved her, that is why she had a glowing face. You also mentioned that she smelled nice. Indeed! Because she was such a good woman she smelled like the heavens. Do you know surah al-Kawthar? Do you who this surah is talking about?

    Maryam: No mom! Who?

    Maryam’s Mom: When God wanted to give Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA) to Prophet, this Surah was revealed. God told Prophet, that I will give you the best blessing and that is Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA). That is why you should thank God for this great and big blessing.

    Maryam (Surprised): WOOOOW, Really mom?!!!! Even in my dreams I could see that Lady Fatima al-Zahra was a different and special woman and not like us, and that she is very very very good.

    Maryam’s Mom: You are very especial and a have done good things that you dreamt of her. Now do you know who that man was in your dream?

    Maryam (with excitement): YES, now I know! Was it Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP)?

    Maryam’s Mom: Yes, that’s right my dear! Now let me tell you why he said to Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA) that she is the best woman on this earth and that God made her pure of every bad thing.

    This is the words of God my dear. In Quran, God says that Lady Fatima al-Zahra is the best women on earth and that she didn’t do any bad things not even a bit. She is a very special person. God also says that whoever loves Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA), listens to her, and doesn’t like those who harmed her, God, will forgive their sins, and they will for sure go to the Heaven.

    Also remember, that as you said, even-though Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA) is not amongst us and bad people martyred her, she still prays for us, and wants from God to help those who love her and then when they die to go to the heaven.

    Maryam: WOOOOW mom, you don’t know how happy I am that I know Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA) so much more. I wish I knew of her earlier, and liked her. Now I truly love her! I wish I can see her again.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Having a physical activity as a group allows children to have a memorable experience, which is one of main goals of these sort of gatherings, hence allowing them to enjoy their time.

    2. Good and bad deeds will remain in kids minds and will be a reminder for them.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.The phrases to be used to make the kids laugh should be prepared in advance, and get tested to see if they are funny for the kids or not.

    2.Changing facial expression while presenting the phrases helps in making the kids laugh.


    10-20 Minutes

    Group Activity: Like a Statue

    Instructions: Mentor would ask the children to move and laugh, upon hearing a good deed. However, upon hearing a bad deed they should not move around and must sit still. Mentor should even do something to make them laugh but the kids should not.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with Surah Al-Kawthar and the status of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (SA)

    2.Introducing her as Umme Abiha (i.e. The mother of her father)

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector and a device to present the Prezi.


    5 Minutes

    Image 2:

    OK my dears you all know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) is known as the prophet of mercy, now who can tell me what that means? Yes, that is right he was so kind to everyone. Now it’s obvious that he for sure loved kids, and kids also loved him so much and would play with him. But my dears, all our Prophet’s children died when they were young, and our kind Prophet did not have any kids.

    Image 3:

    So bad people tried to use this moment, and made fun of our dear Prophet by saying that he will not have any children and his generation will not continue and he will be alone.

    Image 4:

    My dears, how do you all think our Prophet reacted, when he heard these people say such things? Let me tell you all, that our Prophet was satisfied with the will of God. Now what does that mean? It means that he was happy for whatever God wanted for him. That is why he always prayed to God and wanted whatever was best for him. He prayed to God if it’s right, bless him with a child, and if it’s not he was satisfied with God’s will and was not sad.

    Image 5:

    And because our Prophet was the Prophet of mercy and was the best servant of God, God blessed him with the best gift and the best daughter on the earth. Upon this great gift Surah, al-Kawthar was revealed and God said to his Prophet that this daughter is the source of great blessing and that is why the Prophet of God should be thankful for it.

    Image 6:

    My dears’ do you all know the name of this great gift which Prophet and God were proud of her?

    YES, lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA), who was the Besssssst woman on this earth, whom we love, and are soo proud of her. And today is her birthday and we have all gathered here to celebrate this great day.

    My dear kids, lady Fatemeh had a very kind mother. Who knows the name of her mother? lady Khadijah (SA), who also was one of the best woman on this earth. But, unfortunately, lady Khadijah (SA) left lady Fatemeh and the Prophet very soon, and died. Even though lady Fatemeh (SA) was young, she took care of the Prophet like a mother.

    That is why Prophet would call her Umme Abiha (i.e. Mother of her father), which meant that my daughter, Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra (SA) is like a mother to me and cares for me, and even helps me to reach my ultimate goal which is guiding people to the religion of Islam.

    Image 7:

    My dears, I have an easy question for you all! When we love someone what do we give them? Yes, that’s right we give them a gift. Prophet loved lady Zahra (SA) so much that he gave her a special gift from God; Does anyone know what that was?

    Great, yes It was tasbihat lady Fatemeh al- Zahra, that I am sure you have all seen it in the prayer rugs of your parents. Whoever recites this tasbihat before going to bed or after praying, God will help them to not do bad things and be a good person.

    This is a big gift, which is in the name of lady Fatemeh (SA), which we also can use it. Who knows how we can use this tasbihat? YES, that is right! This tasbih has 100 beads that is divided into three sections: that is reciting 34 times “Allahu akbar” which means God is the Greatest. Then 33 times “al-hamdu lillah,” which means Thanks to God and lastly 33 times “subhan Allah” which means God is pure.

    Image 8:

    My dears! lady Zahra (SA) would pray to God so beautifully. She loved dear God so much, and would always say this tasbihat while having God in her mind. And was not like some of us who say the tasbihat, so fast, forget its meaning, and don’t have God in our minds.

    For example, when she said, “Allah Akbar” (i.e. God is the Greatest), she paid attention to the fact that God is the Greatest, and nothing is greater than Him. That is why I pray to you, and listen to your words, so I could continue the right path and be a great person.

    When she said “Al-ḥamdu lillāh” (i.e. Praise be to God), she knew from the bottom of her heart, that God is pure and the best. This is how for hours and hours lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA) spent her time and prayed to God.

    Image 9:

    My dear kids, lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA), would always help the needy people, and would even give what she had for Iftar during the days she would fast, to those who were in need and instead she would stay hungry.

    If we like to have a role model in life, it would be a great idea to see Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra as our role model and try to be like her. Just like her we can be kind to others, remember God, and do the things that God loves us to do.

    We should always remember that even though lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA) is not amongst us, she always has us in her prayers. It’s a good idea that we too should always have her in our minds, and love her so Insha’Allah we can be just like her.

    Image 10:

    My dears, lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA) had 3 (4) children, who can tell me their names? YES, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussein, lady Zainab, and (lady Umm Kulthum). And lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA) was very kind to all kids. So how lucky were her children, and all her Shia’s who love her, because God certainly helps them and loves them as well.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Learning about the virtues of lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (SA)

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector, Speakers and screen projector.


    6 Minutes

    Animation: The Love and Care of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (PBUH)


  • Objective(s):

    1.Knowing more about Lady Fatima al-Zahra and remembering the important facts mentioned earlier.

    2.Creating excitement and a sense of participation in children.

    3. This activity allows kids to remember facts and content of this gathering by saying it in their own words, which allows them to enhance their learning.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Practicing in how to conduct a pantomime, which allows kids to be active and participate more.

    2.Purchasing some sort of souvenir or a token of remembrance for all the children.


    10-15 Minutes

    Game: Pantomime

    {Play the Prezi pictures again in order, and ask the kids to raise their hands and tell the act you’ve done belongs to which image and explain briefly. This way the images and its explanation will be understood better by them, and will remain in their minds}

    Try to make everyone involved in answering, even if they have to say only one thing. At the end give them some sort of souvenir or token of remembrance.

    *You can allow the kids to talk and consult with one another.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Introducing the foundational teachings of Shi’ism through the culture of poetry and recitation of poems.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.It is recommended that the following poems to be practiced beforehand.

    2.Encourage the kids to recite along with you the verses that are easy.


    4 Minutes


    In the 5th year of Prophet hood/Mecca became luminous

    The heart of Messenger of God/became full of joy

    Give everyone the good news/lady Zahra is born

    Came that woman/who is the best of all

    The beloved daughter of Rasualllah/the best woman of all


    Our mother is the sweetest and

    Most delicate of all.

    She knows more of paradise

    Than angels can recall.

    She’s not only beautiful

    But passionately young,

    Playful as a kid, yet wise

    As one who has lived long.

    Her love is like the rush of life,

    A bubbling, laughing spring

    That runs through all like liquid light

    And makes the mountains sing.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Stimulate the creativity of children and at the same time finding out what kids got from the content of this program and the things that are conceived in their minds. This will help to improve the quality of future programs.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.Paper and coloring pencils.


    10-15 Minutes

    Your Point of View:

    Allow the kids to have a paper and colored pencils. Then ask them to draw what they think of lady Fatemeh al- Zahra (sa) in less than 5 minutes. Afterwards, they should discuss their drawings in one short sentence.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Concluding and reiterating the overall content of this program.

    2.Noting the presence of the Imam of Our Time and praying for his reappearance.

    3. Emotional bond with the Imam of our Time, our master the Patron of the Age and praying for his reappearance.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:

    1.It is important for this part of the program to be done in a quiet and calm environment, while paying utmost attention to the prayers.

    2.Starting the Dua’ after reminding children about the importance of praying for the reappearance of the Imam of Our Time- Imam Mahdi (May God Hasten His Return)

    3. It is suggested that while the Dua’ is being recited the Arabic version of the Dua’ to be presented simultaneously along with the translation in the local language.


    5 Minutes

    The End/Conclusion and Dua al-Faraj

    • Alright! I hope that you are all not too tired!!Besides even if you are tired, instead you have learned so many new things and used your time wisely! Everyone tell me, now that you all want to go back home, what are going to take home with you? I know that you are going take the craft you’ve made for you mom but besides that what else are you going to take with you? What can you tell your mom and dad about today’s celebration?
    • YES, that is right! Today we learned that lady Fatemeh al- Zahra was the only daughter of our beloved Prophet! And learned that she is so important for him, God, and for all the good people on this earth. Today we learned that the descendants of our beloved Prophet are always alive, and that Sayyad and Sadat are the children of lady Fatemeh al- Zahra, that is why we should respect them.
    • Today, we learned from the best women on this earth that remembering others and praying for them is very important and God will accept our Dua’s towards each other.
    • Today we understood what this Tasbih that we all have is, and it belongs to whom. We understood how important it is to perform lady Fatemeh al- Zahra’s tasbihat because it makes us to have a closer relationship with God.
    • Today that is Mother’s Day, lets promise to respect our mothers more and be kind to them, so we can appreciate all the things they do for us and make them happy.
    • My dears let’s try to respect our mothers more, try to listen to them, and be kind to them. This is like a homework I want you all to practice doing this at home…ra-online/. And until next time I see you, I will ask you all, how much you remembered the promise you made today!

    We all know that the Imam our Time is the only living child of lady Fatemeh al- Zahra and is our Imam. And we want to congratulate him on this great day. And we hope that, we try to act like lady Fatemeh al- Zahra, and increase our love towards her, so we can please God and the Imam of Our Time.

     Reciting Dua al-Faraj while standing up and facing toward the Qibla, out of love and respect for His Eminence.


    Translation of Dua al-Faraj

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    O’ God, send your blessing upon Muhammad and the Household

    of Muhammad

    O’ God, at this moment and every moment

    Be a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper

    a proof, and an eye for Your representative &; proof, Mahdi son of


    Your blessings be upon him and his ancestors

    guard him as long as he lives on this earth as a ruler

    benefit him and bless him with everything You and this

    Earth has to offer

  • Objective(s):

    1.Maximizing their ability in learning and memorization by doing related work at home.

    Procedures- Supplies Needed:


    2.A small decorative object to be connected to the pin to make the medal.

    Take-Home Activity

    At the end of the ceremony, make a medal with a pin along with a simple decorative object such as a small ball in a yarn, or any other simple thing that is available. Then pin it to their chest at the end of the program, and tell them that they are in charge of assisting their mom this week. Hence, this medal is to show that they are supposed to assist and help their mothers.