Birth Anniversary of Imam al-Mahdi (AJ)- Level 1-1st Year

Topic Overview:Examining the Era Prior, and After the Reappearance and Its Features- The Meaning of Ghaibat [State of Occultation]

  • Objective(s):

    1-Since the kids arrive at different times it is suggested that before the start of the official program, any sort of craft that is related to the occasion is planned for those who came earlier.

    2- The topic of this craft is the reappearance of a Holy man who will come and save this world from evilness. This topic is easily understood by kids; hence it is recommended to talk briefly about the topics being represented in this craft.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1-This craft is in a form of a pop-up in which the outside of the card shows the era prior the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ), while the inside shows the era after the reappearance of the Imam. Holistically the colors that should be used for the era prior to the reappearance should be dark and cold colors. However, bold and bright colors should be used for the era after the reappearance of the Imam. The sun should be hidden behind clouds for the era prior to the reappearance of the Imam. However, for era after the reappearance, the sky should not be cloudy, and the sun should shine brightly and be placed in the middle of the sky.

    2.Blue, white or green cardboard

    3.White, and colored construction papers such as (different shades of green, brown, yellow, red, black and gray and if needed blue)

    4.Flower Stickers

    5.Glue stick, and Gold glitter glue

    6.Ruler and scissors


    30-40 Minutes

    First cut out a rectangle in 12*28 cm using a white poster board. Then fold it in half. Cover half of the rectangle in blue construction paper and the other half in green construction paper.


    Print out the picture of the sun on a yellow construction paper and the birds using any colored construction paper and glue it on the sky (the blue side of the rectangle). Using the gold glitter glue, cover the rays of the sun, skipping in between them. (The use of bird is not mandatory, in case there are not enough mentors to help you may exclude them.)


    Cut out another rectangle in 12*3 cm using a green construction paper. Then snip the edge of one side of the paper to make grass. And then glue it at the end of the green section of the card.


    Then glue a few flower stickers, or any other kind of flower. (This step is optional, if there is not enough supplies available, you may exclude it)


    Close the card. From the side of the card that gets folded draw two lines parallel to each other, so that the distance between the two lines are 1 cm and the other is 3 cm. The distance of each line from the edge of the card is approximately 5.5 cm.


    Cut the two parallel lines


    Fold in the place that was cut out as seen in the image.


    Print out the flower and the stem of the flower on a red and green construction paper respectively. Then glue on the place shown in the image. (If during the preparation of this craft, printing out the images on colored construction paper was not an option, then you may simply print them on a white paper and then color them using colored pencils)


    For the outside of the card, cut out another rectangle in 12.5*28.5 cm and fold it in half


    Cover the card in gray construction paper


    Using black, gray or brown construction paper cut out shapes like the image given (Such as hills and barren)


    Glue the hills in their appropriate places on the card.


    Print out another sun using a yellow construction paper, and print out the clouds, the withered flower on a white paper. And glue them like the image given. Make sure you place the sun behind the clouds.


    Glue together the inside and outside of the card in a way that the era before the reappearance is placed outside and the era after the reappearance is placed inside of the card.


    As seen in the image above, on the card write out the phrase “Before the Return of Imam Mahdi (AJ)


    Write out the phrase “After the return of Imam Mahdi (AJ)…”as seen in the image.







  • Objective(s):

    1.Seeking means to the Holy Qur’an to illuminate our hearts that is means to salvation.

    2.Becoming familiar with the Heavenly Book of Quran.

    3. Becoming familiar with Surah al-Asr and its meaning.

    4. Becoming familiar with the meaning of the phrase “Wa ajjil farajahum” (i.e. hasten his reappearance).


    10 Minutes

    Salaam everyone! How is everyone doing? Welcome to our celebration. My dears! We are very happy to have all of you here and we are excited to spend time together and have fun with each other. But first before we start our celebration, it is important that we start our program with the remembrance of God, and recite a beautiful surah from the Quran. What do you guys think of reciting Surah Al-Asr? Don’t worry if you don’t have this surah fully memorized, just try to repeat it and recite it slowly after everyone else.

    بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحيم‏
    وَ الْعَصْر
    إِنَّ الْإِنْسانَ لَفي‏ خُسْرٍ
      إِلاَّ الَّذينَ آمَنُوا وَ عَمِلُوا الصَّالِحاتِ وَ تَواصَوْا بِالْحَقِّ وَ تَواصَوْا بِالصَّبْر

    My dears, does anyone know the meaning of this Surah or know what important facts does this surah teach us?

    But first I have a question, does anyone know why people sometimes swear?

    Yes, that is right! Because they want to say something important and they want the other person to believe them that what they are saying is the truth!

    Now, in this Surah of the Holy Quran, our dear God, wants to tell us something very important, that is why he swears and says: O’ People if you do not believe in Me, and do not become Muslims, and don’t perform good actions, and do not follow what is right and the truth, and do not be patient; you will suffer and waste your time! And you will not be among those people who God is satisfied with them!

     So, its super important for us to believe in God, worship and pray to Him, and do the good things He has told us. Let’s never, and never forget this!

    There is also another interesting fact about this surah, is that the name of this Surah is Asr, which means time. And we should know that the best time that people will live on this earth is the time when our beloved Imam of the Time-Imam Mahdi (AJ), returns.

    Now let’s recite a loud salawat, so we can start our celebration with full of energy. (It is important to recite the zekr of “wa ajjil farajahum” [i.e. hasten his reappearance]), and explain to the kids that after sending a blessing upon the Prophet and his beloved family, we also pray for the reappearance of the Imam of our Time, because it makes our Imams, and us happy)

  • Objective(s):

    1.Our good deeds are influential in the growth of leaves on the dried-out tree just like how it makes the Imam of Our Time happy and helps in hastening the reappearance of the Imam of Our Time and leads the world to beauty and tranquility.

    2.Teach children become more cautious of their daily routine and if whether their actions are good or bad.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.Print the given tree at the end of file on a large paper so it is visible for children.

    2.or drawing a tree on the board

    3. A green marker, or pre-made leaves

    4. If you want to use the tree in the future, you may stick the leaves on the tree.

    5.Prepaing tokens of remembrance/gifts per number of participants. These gifts should not necessarily be too expensive


    10-20 Minutes

    Competition: Performing Good and Bad Deeds

    A picture of a leafless tree is provided at the end of this file. Print out the image on a big poster board (for example on a 70*50 cm), so kids can see it, or draw it on a board, and ask kids to raise their hands in order, and mention any good things that they have done. You should take note of it on the side of the board or paper, and give them points, but also draw a leaf on the tree for every good work that they have done.

    Note that it is vital that you have a prize in mind for them. Because for sure all the kids are eager to receive a prize, and if they do not receive one, they it will create bad memory for them. Therefore, it is important to give all kids a prize or a token of remembrance.

    While you are performing this section of the celebration, explain to them, for example that when our dear Imam reappears, everywhere will become green and beautiful. What will make his return sooner? Our prayers, and our good deeds. Therefore, by performing good actions, not only do we help ourselves to become good people, so God can be content from us, but also help in hastening the reappearance of our beloved Imam.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Teaching them the culture of poetry regarding religions themes.

    2.Encouraging them to memorize religious concepts in form of a poetry.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.Mentor should try to practice these poems beforehand, and even if possible memorize the poems.

    2.Encourage the kids to recite the easier parts of the poem along with you, to create a fun atmosphere.


    5-10 Minutes


    My mother says/ A person is on his way

    From his footsteps/ I am aware of his coming

     When he comes/the dandelions will smile

    He will close/ all the bad gates

    The clouds will rain/ The fountains will sprinkle

    All the trees in the gardens/ will blossom

    My mother says/ he is very handsome

    Even though we are apart from him/ he is always with us

    Kids poem about Imam Mahdi (AJ)

    Salaam, Salaam dear kids/ My dear blossoms

    On this beautiful earth/ right at this very corner

    Our last Imam/ our master of the time

    Mahdi, the patron of the age, / the leader of this world

    He looks after us/ he always prays for us

    He is the patron of the age/but why is he hidden from us

    Because most of the people/don’t have God in their minds

    By doing bad things/ are captured in the hands of the devil

    Our master Imam of our Time/the companion of all Shia’s

    When he saw them doing bad things/he became very sad

    He said I still don’t have any followers/nor anyone who loves me

    My kids, let’s be awake/ and become his followers

    Say together do good things/ and perform good deeds

    Let’s pray together/and tell our dear God

    That O’ dear God/ bring back our Imam

    اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد و عجل فرجهم

    (O God send your blessings upon Muhammad and his family, and make the return of your Imam sooner.

  • Objective(s): 

    1. Teaching kids how to speak with the Imam and request him our needs.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.Projector, speakers, laptop and projector screen.


    3 Minutes

    Clip: Call Imam Mahdi…

  • Objective(s):

    1.Examining the world before and after the advent of the Imam of the Age (AJ)

    Mentioning a few key points about moral values, such as loving your fellow friends, animals, nature and how to treat them.

    Being attentive of the blessings we have.

    4.Teaching them to thank God of all the blessing He has bestowed us and how to want the same blessings for others

    5.Mentioning the importance of praying for others, especially for Imam Mahdi (Peace be upon him)

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.Projector, speakers, and an appropriate place to present the Prezi slides


    20-25 Minutes

    My dear kids! Have you ever seen, or have faced something that made you sad, and then you said to yourself, you wished these things would never happen in the world? Or have you ever thought to yourself that if it is possible, one day no one will ever have any problems and will always, and always be happy?

    Listen to some of the kids responses and then continue:

    well now that you are all so kind, and always think about other people on this earth, try to listen carefully to this segment of our program.

    Slide 2:

    My dears! Sadly, in our world today, instead of everyone being kind to one another, and be each other’s friends; sometimes they fight and are not friendly with each other. And this not only makes the people who do these things unhappy, but it also bothers other people as well. But my kids! Our dear God, has promised us, a day will come that there will be not fights, and everyone will be friendly, help each other, and will be kind with one another.

    Slide 3:

    My dears, have you ever seen a cartoon or a film about nature or animals and sometimes by seeing the scene that an animal eats another animal, you got upset, heartbroken, and then said to yourself that for example, what would happen if the wolves and the fox would eat grass and be full, so the rabbits would live peacefully?

    To be honest, I sometimes myself can’t even watch these scenes because I get very, and very upset. Butttt I am very hopeful of something. Do you know what that is? There will come a time, when all the predators such as wolves, tigers, and fox will be full by just eating grass, and will not have to eat or scare other animals.

    Slide 4:

    There is also something else that makes us all very upset! And that is when a kid loses their mom or dad because of something bad or an accident. This is very hard, because we all love our parents so much, and being separated from them is a very hard problem for all of us.

    The sadness that these kids must tolerate, and the tears they shed, it’s so hard for us to see, but we can only be kind to them, show our love to them, and show them that we know how hard it is for a kid to be away from their family. We also can pray and ask God for a day that, not a single kid’s heart is filled with sadness, and they are happy with their family.

    Slide 5:

    My dears, Thank God all of us sitting here, are not hungry, and can afford to have good food and clothes, but in this big world, even in our country, city, or even sometimes in our streets, there are people who don’t have enough money to buy fruits, food, or even clothes.

    And even sometimes their children have no choice but to sleep hungry at nights. Have you guys ever seen a poor person, then you became heartbroken, sad, and then tried to help them? Or even tried to appreciate all the good things that God has given you, tried to use them better, and not waste them? Because you know, there are many people that do not have the same blessings as you do, and do not have a good life.

    Or my dears, have you ever prayed for or have you asked your mothers, will a day come when finally, everyone has enough money and are rich or can a day come, when no one is poor or hungry?

    Slide 6:

    My dears, what is the greatest blessing, which God has given us? Good health. If we are sick, we are not able to do the many things we like or if we want to do them it would be very hard for us.

    That is why we should be careful to not get sick and the time we are healthy we should take care of our good health, thank God for it, and do good things with our bodies. Now tell me, who has ever been to a hospital before or seen a movie that showed sick people, or even perhaps ourselves or family members have gotten sick. Didn’t you get upset?

    When we see someone in pain it’s very upsetting and hard to see. We like to see everyone healthy, and full of energy. For example, we like every kid to play and not be sad, or be sleeping on a hospital bed.

    Now what can we do for them? We can go and visit them at the hospital, so they don’t think they are alone, and know that wherever they are we love them. We can pray for them, so they get well soon, or even we can pray for better days to come that no one is sick, and everyone is healthy and strong.

    Yes, that day will come! God has promised us, we have hope and will pray for that day to come sooner, the day that the hospital beds are empty of anyone.

    Slide 7:

    My dear kids, have you seen a time, when a place does not have a good weather, or is very unclean and people living there have a hard time? And you thought or prayed to yourself, that you wished that place was also green, full of flowers, plants, trees, and had a good weather?

    Especially now that many parts of the world it doesn’t rain much, and its weather is very unclean. Now what can we do to solve these problems? Is it appropriate for us to say that we are young and can’t do much or we are only one person, and can’t do anything about it?

    Noooo! We can do many important things. For example, wherever we are, we should take care of our environment, don’t throw away our trash on the ground, and don’t use water more than we need.

    Another important action we can take is to pray and ask God for the day he has promised us, the day that the earth will be full of flowers, and green grass. So, everyone can live in a nice place and weather. Wow, how wonderful that day will be!

    Slide 8:

    My dears! What is the worst thing that can happen, which can ruin our health, our peace, separates families, and even ruins the environment?

    Yes, that is right, sadly war is the is the worst, and the most saddening event that happens in this world, and everyday there are a lot of kids in the world who either lose their life, become wounded, loose their parents, their house, and city.

    And this is very saddening scene to see, and we can’t even tolerate to see their sadness. We should not only pray for them to be safe during the time of the war, but also pray for day that God has promised us to come sooner, the day that, no one will be enemies, and will love each other. This way everyone will be living in peace, and security which is a great blessing.

    Slide 9:

    We hope that no kid will ever be sad and tearful. And all the kids around the world to always be happy, and healthy! Dear God, make us soon see the day you have promised us, because people’s hearts are filled sadness, and You are their only hopes.

    Slide 10:

    Now, who knows what that day is that dear God has promised us?

    YES! The day of the return of dear Imam of Our Time-Imam Mahdi-May God make his return sooner. That beloved Imam, that by his return and his boundless and infinite kindness and goodness, will fill our world with goodness and kindness. When our dear Imam returns, everyone will become so happy and after knowing who he is, they will become his lovers, and even animals will be kind to one another and will not harm each other. Even the earth and the sky will be full of joy and happiness; and to make our dear Imam happy, the sky and the earth will become fresh, beautiful, and vital. Let me tell you, the blessing of the return of the Imam of Our Time (PBUH) is better than any other blessings, such as good health, peace, happiness, family, a warless world, and not being poor. Who can tell me why?

    Yes, that is right! Because when our Imam, and guide, and leader, becomes the leader of the world, all those good blessings are to bee seen. So how wonderful it would be, when we are praying for other things, to remember that the most important prayer and dua is to pray for the return of the Imam of Our Time.

    I am sure most of you know this poem, then if you know it recite it along with me:

    There comes a day/ when victory comes

    Mahdi will reappear/ and enemy will go away

    The world will be full of flowers/Narcissuses, roses, and Jasmines

    We Shia kids/ will always pray

    And tell dear God: Bring back to us our Imam (repetition of this line)

  • Objective(s):

    1.Make this ceremony more attractive and appealing for the kids                                            

    2.A physical activity for the kids considering the fact their roles change.

    3.Foster and strengthen kid’s accuracy, coordination and their reaction time

    4.Kids will adore this game, since at this age they have a great imagination.

    5.This activity will be able to help the kids to memorize certain phrases or poems. To keep the sanctity of Quran, it is better that qur’anic verses are not used for this game.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.To implement a successful and playful game for the kids, it is required for the mentor to show excitement and have an expressive tone while performing this section


    10-20 Minutes

    Game: Flowers and Honey Bee


    Instructions: A few children will be the flowers and will sit down, while the rest of the children will play the role of a honey bee. Then the mentor will knock on a table, and those who play the role of a honey bee, will rotate around the flowers and together will recite a poem or a verse of a poem (for example: Ya-Mahdi, Ya-Mahdi). The moment the mentor stops knocking on the table, in every state the bees are, they will stop moving, become stationary, and suddenly they will stop singing. Again, the mentor will knock on the table, and the kids should continue the poem from the same place they left off, and again the honey bees rotate around the flowers.

    Afterwards, the mentor will make an announcement for children to change their roles, those who played the role of a bee will become a flower and visa-versa.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Explaining and describing how the Imam of the Time (AJ) will help his Shia’s

    2.Explaining the meaning of occultation in simple words

    3.Encouraging and promoting them to help and be active in having celebrations for the 15th of Sha’baan

    4.The importance and the effects of lending a hand to others

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.This play may be performed by the older kids.

    2. In this play there are three roles to be played. If performed for boy’s celebration then it is recommended to use the names the following names for the roles in the play such as Amir, Ali-Reza and Yasser while for girls it is recommended to use Zahra, Sarah and Zainab.


    15 Minutes

    Play: The Meaning of Gheibat [State of Occultation]

    Summary: Two friends are sitting together, and are talking about the celebration of the 15th of Sha’baan [birth of Imam al-Mahdi], and how they should go about it and celebrate it. One of them says: I have a friend who knows a lot about such celebrations and I wished you knew him, so we could get advice from him. And then their conversation ends up being about the meaning of the “occultation -the absence” of the Imam of Our Time (PBUH).

    Amir: Do you know that in a few days its 15th of Sha’baan- the birth of Imam al-Mahdi?

    Alireza: No, I didn’t know that! I don’t even know what, and when is the 15th of Sha’baan, and why do people celebrate it?

    Amir: Seriously Alireza?

    Alireza: Yeah, I am serious! I only participated once or twice in its celebrations!

    Amir: Well do you want me to explain it to you? You might like it!

    Alireza: Yeah tell me! I always wanted to know and ask someone about it! I don’t like to have a question in my mind and not know the answer to it.

    Amir: Well to tell you the truth, I am always helping in the 15th of Sha’ban celebrations. But this year I am going on a trip and I am not going to be here. So that is why, I am looking for someone to help instead of me and make this celebration to go smoothly as possible. I thought you might be able to help!

    Alireza: Yeah definitely I would love to help!

    Amir: But let me first explain to you about the celebration of 15th of Sha’baan! Our last Imam meaning the Imam of Our Time, was born long time ago and became our Imam. His job is to show us the right way to live, and how to pray and worship God. He likes us very much, even more than our parents.

    Alireza: Ok (While trying to listen with curiosity)

    Amir: Alright, you won’t ask me where he is now?

    Alireza: Well yeah, but I thought you were going to say it, I don’t know. Well what happened, do you know?

    Amir: Well as far as I know the Imam of Our Time is alive and lives like us on this earth

    Alireza: Wooow seriously? Then why haven’t I heard anyone to go to him?

    Amir: Well I don’t know either! I just know that our Imam is amongst us. By the way, he helps us, prays for us, but we just don’t know where he is. And the 15th of Sha’baan is his birthday that is why we celebrate it and are happy on that day.

    Alireza: Ok Amir, I understand all the things you told me, but I really want to know where the Imam of Our Time is, and how he helps us?

    Amir: Well I am just like you and want to know more about it. Hopefully, the Imam of Our Time, soon helps us, so we may know him better and learn more about him.

    Alireza: Well for now don’t worry, I will help you in any way I can for the 15th of Sha’baan celebration. Now explain to me more, what should I do?

    Amir: Well to tell you the truth I have a friend named Yasser. He knows a lot more about how to perform these celebrations. I wish you could meet him. He is a big help. I thinks its best that if you could come here tomorrow, and I will tell Yasser to come as well. Not only could he help you to know what to do for the celebration but also, he could tell us what it means that the Imam of Our Time is hidden from us.

    Alireza: Well that is great, then see you tomorrow. Goodbye now! (Amir and Alireza separate from each other)

    (Alireza starts walking, taking only a few steps when suddenly he falls on the ground and his foot gets hurt. But at that time a boy (that boy is Yasser) comes to his help and holds his hands and helps him to get home)

    Alireza: I am very very thankful of you helping me. If you didn’t come to my help I don’t know what I would have done!

    Yasser: You’re very welcome, I didn’t do anything it was my pleasure. If we humans don’t help one another then, what else should we do?

    Alireza: (Along with showing satisfaction and gratitude on his face and by moving his head) In any case I am so glad that I met you. Hope I see you again someday.

    Yasser: Insha’Allah, hope to see you. Goodbye.

    Alireza: Bye (then goes inside his house)

    (Tomorrow, while Alireza was limping he got to their place where they planned to meet. By the first glance, he gets very surprised because he notices the boy that helped him yesterday was Yasser)

    Amir: Salaam Alireza

    Yasser: Salaam, how are you doing, how is your foot?

    Alireza: (with surprise says Salaam to both Amir and Yasser) Salaam!

    Amir asks with surprise: Umm did you guys knew each other?

    Yasser & and Alireza said together: Nope, we just happened to see each other yesterday in the street.

     Amir: Umm Wow, how funny! So now I must introduce you to each other. Well Alireza! This is my friend Yasser, which I said he knows a lot about celebrations!

    Yasser and Alireza were surprised!

    Yasser: Well that is great that you want to help in these celebrations, Amir told me that you have a question, right? Well tell me your question, so I can see if I have an answer for it or not?

    Alireza: Well, yesterday while we were talking about the Imam of Our Time, I didn’t understand how the Imam of Our Time is alive, but we don’t see him, and we don’t know where he is! Well what is this mean that the Imam of Our Time is hidden from our eyes?

    Yasser thinks for a bit, then happily -as if something came to his mind, says: My dear Alireza, do you remember how we saw each other yesterday but you didn’t know that I was Yasser and I had no idea that you were Alireza?

    Alireza: Yeah!

    Yasser: Well this is the same with the Imam of Our Time. Our Imam is among us, lives on this earth like us, but we just don’t know him, and if we meet him we won’t know that he is our Imam of the Time.  But still his kindness and his existence apply to us and even he helps us to solve our problems, and he answers our questions.

    Alireza with excitement and attentively listens to Yasser, supports him and says: Wow, how interesting that we met each other yesterday, which helped me today to understand the meaning behind the word “absence” and what it means that our dear Imam is hidden from us. Well does that mean this was also because of the help of the Imam of Our Time?

    Yasser: YES, exactly! The Imam of Our Time, is very, and very kind, and doesn’t leave us alone for even a second and always have all of us in his mind!

    Well, now that you got an answer to your question, and know more about the Imam of Our Time, and from bottom of your heart like to help; let’s go together so I can show you what you must do for this upcoming celebration!

    Amir and Alireza (With satisfaction): Let’s go (while happily talking with each other leave the scene)

    Alright my little ones, did you all enjoy the play? Did you guys like it? Now who can tell me where is the beloved Imam of Our Time?

    Yes, that is right! He is right on this earth that we are all living on and he is among all of us humans. It is just, sadly we don’t know him! My dears, know this that it is our fault that we don’t know our Imam! If we have him in our minds, pray for him a lot, do good things he will become happy from us and will come to us and we will know and see him. But of course, we must, do the things I said to be able to see him. Hopefully, we will be good humans, always have our Imam in our thoughts, and do good things to fill his heart with happiness! We all can do these things and help him to return sooner so he could make this world full of happiness, beauty, and kindness.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the Patron of the age –Imam Mahdi (AJ), the era after his reappearance, and how he will resolve the adversities during that period.

    2.The importance of praying for the reappearance of the Imam of Our Time (AJ).

    3. The importance of performing good deeds, to fill the heart of Imam Mahdi (AJ) happy, and how to become one of his soldiers.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1. Becoming familiar with the skills necessary for storytelling to appeal to children and convey the message and the goal of the story.


    15-20 Minutes

    Story: When He Returns!

    Once upon a time, 5-year-old Mahdi along with his twin sister Mahdieh and their parents head out to a big park near their house to play, have fun, and enjoy the nice spring weather. While they were heading to the park, suddenly they saw that it’s very busy in front of one of the stores. Do you guys know what happened my dear kids?? Why was it so busy in front that store? It was because, two evil thieves came to the store and broke its glasses. They also wounded the shopkeeper, stole all his money, and then they escaped. That is why people and the neighbors all were gathered in front of the store to help the shopkeeper.  One person was sweeping the broken glasses off the floor, another person brought water for the shopkeeper, and another person was putting bandage on his wounds. Mahdi and Mahdieh who were crossing the road with their parents at the other end, when their parents saw the scene, heard them say: “O’ the Imam of our Time, protect us all from evil people

    And then they continued walking towards the park. When they arrived at the park, they saw two men fighting with one another. No one knew why those two men were fighting, but people had gathered around them, and were trying to separate the two men from each other. The people were telling the two men things like: Hey stop fighting, it’s not nice! Why are you two fighting! You two, stop the fight and shake each other’s hand! Mahdi and Mahdieh who were a bit scared, they got closer to their parents but again heard their parents say: “Dear God, return the Imam of our Time so he can wipe out all the badness“.

    Mahdi and Mahdieh, entered the park; they played on the swing, the slide, and played around with a ball! How funnnn it was!!! When they played a lot, they heard their dad call them and say: “My dears Mahdi and Mahdieh! Come my little ones, I have bought you ice-cream“.

    As soon as they heard their dad, Mahdi and Mahdieh, quickly ran towards their dad so they could eat their ice-cream. Ummmm, what a delicious ice-cream it was! While Mahdi and Mahdieh were enjoying their ice-cream with their parents, they saw a little boy who had a box of cake, came to them and said: Can you please buy a cake from me?” Then Mahdi, and Mahdieh’s dad took a bit of money from his wallet and hand it to the little boy and politely patted the little boy’s head. After that, he took the little boy’s hand and took him to the ice-cream man and bought the same ice-cream that he had bought his kids. The little boy then happily said: “Thank you uncle, I had not eaten an ice-cream for a very long, long time.”

    Yes, my dears, that little boy’s family was poor and didn’t have much money! That is why he was forced to work so he could take the money for his family. Mahdi and Mahdieh who saw the little boy’s happiness, then heard their parents say “O’ the Imam of Our Time! Come sooner, and help the poor and make everyone happy!”

    Mahdieh asked: Mommy! Who is the Imam of Our Time?

    The kid’s mom said: “My little daughter, the Imam of Our Time (AS), is the 12th Imam of us Shia’s, meaning our last Imam. Evil people killed and martyred all our Imams, and the only Imam that is alive, is the Imam of Our Time.”

    My dears do you all know what is the name of the Imam of Our Time? The name of the Imam of Our Time, is Imam Mahdi (May God make his return sooner).

    Little Mahdi said: “LIKE my NAME??”

    His father said: “YESSS! We named both of your after the Imam of Our Time, Mahdi and Mahdieh!

    Mahdieh asked: “Mommy, why do you always and everywhere talk about the Imam of Our Time? Like at the store where there was a robbery, or at the time, when the two guys were fighting or just now when that little poor boy came to us?? All these times you talked about the Imam of Our Time? WHYYY??”

    Mom said: “Because when the Imam of Our Time returns, by the power that God gives him, and with the help of his servants, he will wipe out all the badness in the world. Evil people must either become very, and very good people and stop doing bad things, or if they continue doing bad things and harm other people; they must fight with the soldiers of the Imam of Our Time. When Imam of Our Time comes, no one will be able to rob, no one will fight with each other, and no one will be poor. All the world will be filled with goodness.”

    Mahdi asked: “I also want to be one of the soldiers of the Imam of Our Time.”

    His father said: “God willing, both of you can be the soldiers of the Imam of Our Time! But! If you want to be one of his servants, you must follow and do some things!”

    Mahdi and Mahdieh asked together: “Like whaaat dad??”

    Their dad said: You must always try to do good things. Can you tell me like what?

    Mahdieh said: Like we can be friendly, be polite, and help our friends and elders!

    Mom said: Yes, great Mahdieh!

    Dad said: And keep in mind you should not do any bad things! Can you tell me like what?

    Mahdi said: Like we should not lie, make fun of others, don’t bother our parents or our friends.

    Mom said: Yes, wonderful Mahdi!

    Mom continued: Off course, that if we want to be the servants and the soldiers of our Imam of the Time, we should also do other things!

    Kids asked together: Like what mom, Like what??

    Mom said: To pray for our Imam. To pray to God, and ask Him to give good health to our Imam, and make him to come back as soon as possible, because when he comes back, by the power that God gives him and with the help of his servants, he will make the world full of happiness and beauty. And you good kids, can also be one of his servants.

    Mahdi and Mahdieh were supppeer happy when they found out that they can also be the servants of the Imam of the Time. So, they brought their hands up and started praying for the Imam of the Time.

    Nooooow my Dears! Do you all, also like to be the soldiers and servants of the Imam of Our Time? That means we must do good things and do not perform wrong actions!!! And should always pray for the Imam of the Time! Now take your hands up in the air: Dear God, give good health to our Imam of the Time, Dear God, make the return of the Imam of Our Time sooner, so he could wipe out all the badness and make this world full of goodness and beauty!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Maximizing their ability in learning and memorization by doing related work at home!

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.Printing out the image of the tree given at the end of this file.

    Take-Home Activity: Good and Bad Deeds (Tree)

    At the end of this file, you will see a leafless tree. Print it, and at the end of this program, hand it to the kids, if possible it is better to give it to their parents. Then ask them that for every good deed they perform, they should draw a leaf on this tree, try to encourage them to do as many as they can. Briefly explain to them, that before to the return of Imam Mahdi (AJ), we can choose between good and bad deeds. However, we should try to perform more good actions, and should try to fill out this tree as much as we can with leaves, so we can make our Imam happy from us. And by performing good actions, God willing, it will help in hastening the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ). This way we will soon, experience the world after the return of our beloved Imam, a world filled with beauty and goodness.


    My dear: For every good action that you perform, please draw a big, beautiful and green leaf for this tree. And know that for every good action that you perform, you can have a role in beautifying this world.

    Apple Tree Template.dgn

  • Objective(s):

    1.Concluding and reiterating The overall concept of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ) and the world after his reappearance, and building a spiritual connection with him.

    2.Emotional bond with the Imam of our Time, Our Master Sahib-al-Zaman and praying for his reappearance.

    3.Reiterating the fact that he is the son of lady Zahra (SA), and that by praying for him and performing good deeds we can hasten his reappearance, and he may come to fill the world with justice, and tranquility.

    Instructions – Materials:

    1.It is important that this part of the program to be done in a quiet and calm environment, while paying utmost attention to the prayers.

    2.Starting the dua after reminding the kids about the importance of praying for the reappearance of Imam of our Time- Imam Mahdi (May God Hasten His Return).

    3.It is suggested that while the dua is being recited the Arabic version of the dua to be presented simultaneously along with the translation in the local language.


     5 Minutes

    End/Conclusion and Reciting Dua al-Faraj

    Dear God!

    For this world which you have created, and have chosen a guide for it, for its days you have created the sun and for its nights you have created the moon. You have blessed us with a sun and a moon to brighten this world so that the earth would not be lost!

    You have also sent us humans, a guide, and sent a lot them so we do not lose from going to the wrong path. A guide such as the sun and the moon, bright and shiny. At first, the Prophet was our guide, and after him you sent us 11 Imams! However, they are no longer amongst us. We are alive and in need of a guide. And we know for sure you have kept us a dear and precious guide. A person just like the Prophet and the eleven Imam’s, kind and innocent. A person who is just like them and speaks and talks like them.

    I am talking about the Narcissus flower, who is the reminder of Muhammad (PBUH & HP), the one who has the same name as the Prophet, and has the same pleasing aroma. Who is the last reminder of the only daughter of the Prophet!

    Dear God, do something so we can see our beautiful Imam, the fragrant flower. Do something so he could come sooner, so he could fill the world with his pleasing aroma. Do something so he could come, so he could tell us Your words! How long do we have to wait so see his beauty?

    How wonderful it would be when he comes. When he comes, he will destroy all the bad things, and instead the world will be filled with goodness. And Dear God he will help us to know You better. He will help us to be successful in life, and continue Your path. We need this guide, and we are willing to see your representative. So, we ask You to please do something, so we can soon see your special representative!

    • Reciting Dua al-Faraj, facing the Qibla, while standing up out of respect for his Eminence.


    Translation of Dua al-Faraj

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    O’ God, send your blessing upon Muhammad and the Household

    of Muhammad

    O’ God, at this moment and every moment

    Be a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper

    a proof, and an eye for Your representative & proof, Mahdi son of Al-Hassan,

    Your blessings be upon him and his ancestors

    guard him as long as he lives on this earth as a ruler

    benefit him and bless him with everything You and this earth has to offer