Birth Anniversary of Amir al-Mu’mineen (PBUH)-Level 2-1st Year

Topic Overview: Historical Discussion about the Birth and the Life of Imam Ali (PBUH) until the Time of Migration-Becoming Familiar with His Benevolent Character-The Importance of Honesty and the Ungraceful Act of Lying

  • Objective(s):

    1.Displaying the generosity of Imam Ali (PBUH) and the way he assisted the Prophet (PBUH & HP).

    2.Becoming more familiar with the fact that Amir al-Mu’mineen was the only rightful candidate (AS) for the caliphate position, in continuing the path of the Prophet (SAWA) and in guiding people.

    3.Develop and strengthen children’s practical and artistic skills.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Cork Board

    2.Corrugated cardboard

    3.A piece of fabric

    4.Glue stick or double sided adhesive tape

    5.A bit of cardboard or construction paper in colors such as white, brown and blue


    25-30 Minutes

     For the background of this work, a cork bulletin board is used. The reason behind this is because of its texture which makes the foreground more natural.


    Prepare two rectangles and make one of them into a trapezoid. The length of the rectangles is the same length as the cork bulletin board. And the width is about one third of the chosen cork board. The reason such a media was used is that it creates a contrast.


    Prepare a rectangle in lengths 9*16 cm. and then just like the figure shown, cut them in threads.


    Print out the image of the window given at the end of this file and use it as a stencil to draw out a window on a blue construction paper. Prepare the bricks as shown in the image from brown construction paper. Draw a moon and a few starts on a piece of paper and cut those as well.


    Print and color the images given at the end of this file.


    Glue the walls, window and stars as seen in the figure.


    As seen in the figure, glue the bed, the picture of Amir al-Muminin and the blanket. To show his luminosity, cut a circle on a white paper and glue it behind the head of Imam.


    Glue the invaders as shown in the image, around the Holy body of Amir al-Muminin AS.





  • Objective(s):

    1.Seeking means to the Holy Qur’an to illuminate our hearts that is means to salvation.

    2.Becoming more familiar with Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH) through Quran and verse 207 of Surah al-Baqarah.

    3.Becoming familiar with the event of Laylat-al-Mabit and the virtues of Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH).

    4.The importance of a father, having respect for him, showing affection and being thankful of all his efforts.


    10 Minutes

    Salaam my dear friends, how is everyone doing? Welcome to our celebration. My dears! I hope during this program you all get to have a good time, and our time together to be a memorable one for you, and whenever you think back to our celebration it makes you smile and remember all the good things you learned today. Now who can tell me what day is it today? Why did you all come to this celebration? Yes, that is right today is the birth of our 1st Imam, the successor of our beloved Prophet, The Leader of the Believers-Amir al-Muminin-Imam Ali (PBUH). And today we are here to sort of celebrate his birthday, right? Alright, great! Now I am pretty sure all of you are ready to start our exciting and fun program! Now, like every other program, let’s start our celebration in the name of God. Today I have chosen an ayah to recite for you all, and if you like, you can recite and learn this ayah at home as well. This ayah, is number 207 from the longest chapter of the Quran. Do you know what chapter I am talking about? Yes, Surah al-Baghareh! I will recite this ayah (Play both the audio and the display the verse for participants) and repeat it after me, and when I recite it for the second time, recite it along with me louder-so you all can learn it well.

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

     [2:207] (وَ مِنَ النّاسِ مَن يَشرى نَفسَهُ اِبتِغاءَ مَرضاةِ اللهِ وَ اللهُ رَؤوفٌ بِالعِباد)

    And there is the type of man who gives his life to earn the pleasure of Allah: And Allah is full of kindness to (His) devotees. [2:207]

    My dears, one of the greatest blessings that God has given us is our lives. Those who love God very, very, and very much, are ready to give their lives that comes as a gift from God, in the way of God. We all came to this life to be alive, live our lives with happiness, goodness, have good morals and be faithful, and not be enthusiastic about death. But sometimes, God wants from people to risk their lives, so they can reach a more valuable goal.

    In another Surah of the Qur’an, Surah al-Hujurat which means women, we read in verse 15 of this surah:

    The true believers are those only who believed in God and His Prophet and did not have any doubt and fought with their wealth and their lives in God’s way. Surely, those people are the true believers.

    Anyways, we see with the prophets and their successors that most of them were ready to risk their lives for the sake of God. For example, the time the disbelievers plotted numerous times to kill our Prophet, or what Imam Ali (PBUH) did and even Imam Hussein (PBUH) during the battle of Karbala. Now listen carefully, as I want to tell you a story of one of the most important sacrifices that happened in Islam:

    The Prophet of Islam (PBUH & HP), in the 10th year of prophet-hood, lost one his supporters, and defenders- Abu-Talib, and he was sad for the loss of his dear uncle, when suddenly he lost another one of his supporters meaning his dear wife -lady Khadijah. It was at that time when the disbelievers of Makkah, decided together with every means possible to silence the true words of the Prophet, and plotted an evil plan against him.

    But dear God, informed His Beloved Messenger about the evil plans of the disbelievers of Makkah and a divine revelation was revealed to the Prophet:

    و اذ يمكر بك الذين كفروا ليثبتوك إو يقتلوك إو يخرجوك و يمكرون و يمكر الله و الله خير الماكرين (8:30)

    [“And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners”]

    Yes, the disbelievers had three suggestions: either to imprison Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) or kill him or expel him from the city of Makkah. Among these three suggestions, the plan to kill the Prophet was approved and it was decided that one person from every tribe to be chosen and together, during midnight they would enter the Prophet’s house and martyr him. And so, by doing it this way, a large group of people would be responsible for the martyrdom of the Prophet and that way the Prophet’s household would not be able to take revenge.

    But God’s angle of revelation, informed the Prophet about their plot, and so the Prophet immediately left his house, and God requested him to leave the city of Makkah during night. But for the armed people to not be notified that the Prophet has left his house, it was necessary for someone else to sleep instead of him. And that self-sacrificing and selfless person was none other than Imam Ali [PBUH].

    It was at this moment that a divine revelation for praising Imam Ali’s faith was revealed to the Prophet. Which praised the faith, and the devotion of Imam Ali (PBUH) by these Holy words:

     و من الناس من يشرى نفسه ابتغاء مرضاه الله و الله رئوف بالعباد

    Imam Ali (PBUH), from the beginning of the night slept in Prophet’s bed while 40 armed men who wanted to kill Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP), had surrounded Prophet’s house. They, tried to look through the crack openings of the door, to make sure that the Prophet is in his bed, but they didn’t know the person sleeping in his bed, was not the Prophet himself, but rather it was Imam Ali [PBUH].

    Even with that, Imam Ali (PBUH) was sleeping on the bed, with an assuring heart, and total calmness.

    At that moment, someone ordered to attack the house, and at once, all of them with their swords attacked the house of the Prophet. But suddenly they saw they were out of luck and someone else was in the bed, and the Prophet had fled the city of Makkah. And for this reason, the verse we read was revealed.

    Today is the birth of the Leader of the Believers-Amir al-mu’minin-Imam Ali (PBUH). That is why we have all gathered here, to celebrate his birthday, to know him better, learn lessons from him, and try to act according to the lesson we learned in our daily lives.

      Also, because Imam Ali (PBUH) is the father of us all Shia’s, we recognize this day as Father’s Day as well. Today, not only do we celebrate the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH), but we also try to buy a gift for our dad’s and congratulate them on this great day. But more than ever we try to appreciate all the hard work they do for us and respect them. But let us all remember, that the Imam of Our Time-Imam Mahdi [PBUH] is also our dear father who is among us, and always thinks about us-even more than our fathers do.

    He even helps us in every part of our lives that we don’t even realize, and we don’t even thank him for all that he does. Today is a great, and great day for us to try to thank him of all the things he does for us and congratulate him on this beautiful day.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Introduction to the history of the birth of Amir al-muminin (PBUH) till Ghadir.

    2.Becoming familiar with the virtues of Amir al-mu’minin (PBUH), and his role in successfully helping to spread the religion of Islam alongside the Prophet (PBUH & HP).

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector, and an appropriate place to present the Prezi slides.


    25-25 Minutes

    Prezi: Historical Discussion about the Birth and the Life of Imam Ali (PBUH) until the Time of Hijra [Migration]

    Slide 2:

    On the 13th of Rajab, a pregnant woman, circled impatiently around the house of God. And with her trembling fingers held onto the fabric covering the Ka’ba. While, tears flowed down her face, she whispered something under her lips:” O ‘ God, I have believed in You, in Your book and Your Prophet. O’ God, I believe in my ancestor “Ibrahim” [Abraham] who is the founder of this great house. O’ Dear God, I swear upon You and to the founder of this house and the child I have in my stomach to help me and make this pregnancy easy on me.” Suddenly, the Ka’ba stone wall cracked, and a way was opened, and that pregnant women entered the Ka’ba.

    Nobody could believe their eyes, that a rock could crack open and allow a pregnant woman to enter the House of God.

    People were surprised and confused, and even those in charge of the keys of the Ka’ba could not open its doors.

    While people were waiting to see what has happened inside the Ka’ba, and what has happened to that poor pregnant women, in just three days that same rock cracked open and Fatimah bint-Assad, came out while holding onto his new-born son.

    The sound of applause filled the surrounding. Abu-Talib, the uncle and the best supporter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while his eyes were glistening from happiness turned towards the people and said: “O’ people the supporter of God has been born inside the House of God.”

    Slide 3,4, & 5:

      Imam Ali the son of Abu-Talib was born 10 years before Prophet-Hood. And after six years, due to the famine that happened in Mecca, by the Prophet’s request, he came and lived in the house of his cousin, meaning the Prophet. And he grew up under the support and guidance of the Prophet.

    Slide 6:

    During his childhood, Imam Ali was different from every kid.  Not only did he acted differently compared to the kids his age; but, also had a lot of power. He had so much power that he would always win during any competition. During his teenage years, even though he was very strong, but because of his good morals, he was always an example for others.

    Slide 7:

    After a few years, when Prophet Muhammad, became a prophet and for the first time in the cave of Hira, God’s revelation was revealed to him; he headed home, he explained the situation and what had happened. It was at that moment, when Imam Ali (AS), along with the Prophet’s wife -lady Khadija believed in Prophet Muhammad and started praying.

    Slide 8, 9 & 10:

    And again, in a gathering where Prophet invited all his close relatives, to invite them to his religion said: “The first person to accept my invitation will be my successor, executor, and treasurer.” The only person who stood up and believed was Ali (AS); and Prophet accepted his faith and signed what he promised to do. So, Ali (AS) was the first person who accepted the religion of Islam and never worshiped anyone but God.”

    Slide 11,12,13,14:

    Imam Ali was always alongside the Prophet until when the Prophet migrated from the city of Mecca to the city of Medina. On the day of migration or Hijra, the disbelievers surrounded the house of the Prophet, and plotted to martyr the Prophet in the middle of the night in his bed. Therefore, Ali (AS) had to sleep in the bed of the Prophet, and the Messenger of God left his house towards the city of Medina.

    The disbelievers, when they saw Ali (AS), became extremely mad and started looking everywhere for the Prophet from the deserts to the mountains, and even followed his footsteps till the cave of Thawr. But due to God’s will, a spider web had covered the cave, and birds had nested there.

    Therefore, when the disbelievers saw the scene they were assured that no one could be hiding in there, and the Prophet could not possibly be inside the cave. Once again, a divine miracle saved the life of the Prophet.

    Slide 15,16,17:

    When the Prophet reached Medina, before entering the city of Medina, he stayed for a bit in an area called Ghoba. He waited in that area for a few days so Imam Ali (AS) could arrive as well, so they can enter the city of Medina together.

    Prophet had asked Imam Ali (AS) to stay in Mecca for a few days so he could return the things that Prophet had loaned from the people. Then he could come to Medina along with his mother, and the daughter of the Prophet.

    It took approximately, 10 days for Imam Ali to arrive. But the interesting point is that, Imam Ali had such a great status in the eyes of the Prophet, that the Prophet was not willing to enter the city of Medina without him.

    The Prophet wanted to do this, so the people of the Medina could see his successor besides him at the first glance. Finally, when Imam Ali arrived at Ghoba, the Prophet became extremely happy, and then he entered the city of Medina with him.

    Slide 18:

    My dears, one of the interesting lessons that Imam Ali taught us is that he was always willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of God and His Prophet.  We should learn a lesson from this and be like this towards the Imam of our Time.

    Meaning, for the sake of the Imam of our Time and for his respect, sacrifice and give up the many things we have. Just like today and how you came to this celebration. Possibly, someone might have said, instead of coming here I would want to go somewhere else and do something else and have more fun.

    But if that person comes to this ceremony for the sake of the Imam of Our Time and God, then by doing so, they will make the Imam of Our Time very happy. We must keep this in mind that, with every good deed we do, it can be a gift for us to offer to the Imam of Our Time, which can make him super happy.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the indecency of lying, the importance of honesty, and not misleading people.

    2.The importance and value of lending a hand to others.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Old clothing, such as gown, cloak and dishdashi for at least 5-6 people.

    2.Bread, Cheese, and a Jug.

    3. One can utilize a picture of a desert, and a sound effect for chirping of a cricket during night while the play is being acted.


    20 Minutes

    Play: The Importance of Honesty and the Badness of Lying

    It’s during old times. Two men, have spread out a tablecloth with cheese and bread in a middle of a desert, and are busy eating. When suddenly, a caravan reaches that point.

    Head of the Caravan (HC): We will stop right here.

    The helper of the caravan: (Yells while facing the caravan): We will stooooop right here!

    Head: It is so hot, if we go farther, raining clouds are visible. If it has rained, there might be a pond, or a puddle formed from the rain water.

    Helper: Then let’s get going and rest there.

    Head: No, we have already traveled a long distance, and the travelers are tired. We will rest for a few minutes.

    Helper: What if it hasn’t rained? What will we do then?

    Head: If it has not rained we will continue our way, until we reach a well of water or an aqueduct. If we go farther, we will see an aqueduct.


    After a few seconds of silence, one of the men, yells, while eating bread and cheese.

    Desert man 1: May God strengthen you! Come and become our guests (refers to their stuff). Don’t be shy, its bread and cheese. We also have a bit of water, come and drink.

    Head: Thank You

    Desert Man 2: Where are you all heading to?

    Head: To perform the ziarat of shah-abdol-azim’s shrine

    Desert Man 2: Oh, yes, yes, the caravans which pass by here usually come to perform Ziarat. They say he was a great man.

    Head: For sure he was, what are you two doing here?

    Desert man 1: We collect plants and nettle leaves found in this desert and take it to a doctor, so medicine can be made from them to cure patients.

    Head: Wow that is great!

    Desert Man 2: Many caravans pass by here, but none have ever stopped.

    Head: We also do not have the intention to stay, we were tired, and had to stop here for a bit. Alright it’s time for us to leave, thank you for your hospitality.

    Desert Man 1: You didn’t even eat anything (turns towards helper) and you as well.

    Helper: We must leave before it’s too late. Thank you though!

    Helper to the caravan: We will start moving

    Caravan leaves the scene!

    A tired and distraught man enters the scene, and as soon as he approaches the desert man he sits down.

    -I am thirsty do you have water?

    Desert man 2: Yes, yes (he gives the pot of water to the tired man and the man starts drinking greedily from it)

    -aww Peace be upon the thirsty lips of Hussein, Thank You

    Desert man 2: Are you alone?

    -I have been left behind of my caravan

    Desert man 1: The caravan that was heading to the shrine of Shah-abdul-azim?

    -Yes, did you guys see it?

    Desert man 1: it has been a long time, since they have left from this place. I suppose they have gone to the aqueduct which is a bit further back from here (they look at each other, both smile, and then they make a serious face again)

    -Further back from here?

    Man #1: Yes, the head of the caravan said that ahead, raining clouds are visible and a higher probability for severe rain and thunderstorm. Because the caravan was thirsty, they went backwards. so, go further back from here. Here, eat a few bites of cheese and bread.

    -Alright thank you, I must go before it gets too late. Bye

    The tired man leaves the scene

    The two-desert man laughed so hard and held on to their stomachs.

    Man 1: Did you see his face? (Act like the tired man): “I must go before it gets too late.”

    #2: (Laughing) poor boy (laughs)

    -A possible storm (Both laugh)

    -Thank God, I hadn’t laughed this hard for a very long time

    The caravan enters the way it had exited the scene

    Head of caravan: Salaam-alaikum

    Desert Man: (with surprise): Salaam

    Head: We were notified that a person was left behind of the caravan. We came back to stay here for a bit.

    Man #2: We saw that man

    -You saw him?

    Man #2: Yes, yes, we directed him in the way you guys were heading. Now continue your way so you guys don’t lose each other.

    -We will stay her

    The two-desert man come in front of the stage and talk with one another

    Man #2: Wow, how weird! Now what should we do? What if the caravan goes further back from here and find him? or the person missing finds the caravan.

    Desert Man #1: Do not be afraid, sit and eat your bread and drink your water. Place your hat on your eyes and sleep comfortably. They will wait a bit, become tired and desperate and then must continue with their way


    The two men go back to their place and sit.


    The fire is lit, the crickets are chirping, and the two desert men who have their hats on their faces are sleeping.


    The tired man enters from the place he had exited the scene. And runs to the caravan and starts speaking to the head of the caravan and at the end they shake hands. Few people along with the tired man, again exit from the same place the tired man had entered from, and again they enter the scene.  

    The head: (Takes off the hat of one of those men) when the sun rises we will leave. I thought we would say our goodbyes before we leave, because this is our culture, to say our goodbyes to our host.

    The two men wake up and sit up straight and stare at the head of the caravan.

    Man #1: What host? You were the servants of God walking on this earth and sat around the fire that you had lit.

    -Head: hmmm, then you do believe in God!

    Man #2: God forbid, God forbid, what is it that you are saying! We are Muslims! We seek refuge in God.

    Head: Then stand up, so we can say goodbye

     (The two men stood up): May God and only God be your protector. Be careful of the wolves. And, please put out this fire.


    The two men have their mouth hung a bit open in surprise.

    Man #1: May God be with you as well, are you heading further back from here?

    Head: further back??????No, we will continue straight ahead.

    Man #1: Oh yeah…yeah, straight ahead, …. that is what I meant.

    Head: Aright, it’s almost sunrise. We must leave as soon as possible, so you won’t miss your morning prayer. [Fajr prayer].

    The two desert men: Yes, yes Prayer, it is almost sunrise

    -Thank you for letting us borrow your pitchers that were filled with water, so that we were not left without water and thirsty, we have refilled you pitchers full of water.

    -You can use the water to perform wudu. Well done! God is merciful and loves those who have mercy on others.

    Man #2: You are welcome!

    The caravan leaves the scene, and the tired man stays.

    Man #2: you… you…

    The tired man just looks.

    Man #2: You…They left… the caravan

    The tired man just looks. While one of the two men was looking at the tired man, one of them, whispers the following words:

    Man #2: Why doesn’t he say something? A word or something, let’s escape. What if they want to attack us as a group and hit us?

    Man #1: Where should we escape. Why should they hit us? What have we done? We were just joking so we could laugh. And told him to go a bit further back! Just that!

    Man #2: Let’s ask him, why is he acting like this?

    Man #1: Alright

    They turn towards the tired man and said firmly and loudly:

    Man #1: You were lost and now you found your way?

    -The tired man doesn’t say anything

    man #1: Well it’s wonderful, how did you find your way? The caravan was worried. Everyone was looking for you.

    -You guys were worried too?

    Man #2: Yes…Yes, we too were worried.

    -The other man, interrupts and said: We were not worried because we knew if you went further you would have found the caravan

    -There was nothing to worry about. The route… was not hard…You didn’t find it? Hmmm?

    -Yes, you guys were right, the rout was not hard, because I didn’t even go anywhere.

    Man #2: You didn’t go anywhere?

    -No, I stayed behind those rocky hills.

    Man #1: Yes, yes you went a bit further and then we didn’t see you. Now I remember. So, you stood there!

    -I didn’t continue going straight forward but went further back.

    Man #1: Well, that was your problem. Because we told you to keep going straight forward. Maybe the wind rushed into your ear and you didn’t hear us properly!

    -ahead a storm was visible, that is why I went further back.

    -No, my dear, we didn’t speak of any storm or lighting. You might have just had thought of it in your dreams! You were tired, and exhausted and thought there is going to be a storm

    -You said the caravan changed directions, so they could stay safe from the storm and lightning

    Man #2: What caravan are you talking about, there is a lot of them that pass by here?

    -I am talking about the same caravan that you guys told them you collect plants and take it to the doctor. Even though no plants exist in this desert for you to do this. You told the person that was left behind the caravan, meaning I, that the caravan has changed its direction and is moving further back, even though I saw the footsteps of the camels on my way. You told me, because the caravan was thirsty, its moving further back, even though on their way, if there was any place for water they would have filled their pitchers full of water, so they wouldn’t become thirsty. In any case, the head of the caravan and I realized that you two are not reliable and we cannot trust you.

    They suspected that you two might guide me to the wrong direction, so they thought to themselves that they would return to the original place and wait there; if you had not seen me, and I have not reached you, then they would wait on me to reach them. And if you had seen me, and guided me correctly, we would see each other on our way. Otherwise if you had lied to me, after not finding them, I would return to the same place that I knew of before. Meaning I would return right here!

    So, after I heard your lies, I hid behind the hills, and I realized the truth after your laughter’s. I waited for the caravan to return. While waiting, I looked around for a well of water, and found traces of water behind that hill over there.

    Man #1: We only wanted to joke around with you and laugh!

     -You two have a pure heart and generous hands. Don’t allow small lies to pave the way for bigger lies, and others to be misled by your words. Even though this lie might have been nothing in your eyes and was only a joke. But, for someone tired and exhausted as me, it was a big lie, and a great injustice. Anyhow, the road is long, and the time is short. I must go they are waiting on me. I thank both of you for your generosity. You gave your pitchers, to thirsty people, and shared your food with us. May God always guide us to the right path. Goodbye now.

  • Objective(s):

    1.An activity to be done at home to foster the trait of honesty in children and discourage them from lying.

    2. A take home activity for instilling the trait of honesty and to abstain from lying.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:


    2.Pieces of fabric, cardboard to make medals of honor as a symbol of honesty.


    15 Minutes

    Activity: The Truth (Take-Home Activity)

    Ask children the following questions and allow them to answer.

    -My dears, how do you all feel when someone is honest with you?

    -What about when they lie to you and don’t tell you the truth?

    -How do you guys feel towards those who always try to be honest with you?

    -How about those who lie to you?

    -How do you feel, when you choose to tell the truth?

    -Do you guys know someone who doesn’t tell the truth? If, yes, I don’t want you to name them out loud, just how do feel towards them? Or what do you like to tell them?

    -Do you guys think that when a person lies, nobody will know the truth later? Yes, that is right soon lies are exposed. And as they say, the moon won’t stay hidden behind the clouds and will appear; and only the person who lies will feel ashamed!

    Now attach this pin to your cloth or to your bag. This pin is a symbol of your honesty and integrity! Try to always have this pin with you and even if you don’t have this pin with you, try to always and always say the truth and not lie. As you guys said, lying is not good and we don’t like those people who lie often.

    Besides that, lying is a very, and very big sin, that God has forbidden it and has asked us to always say the truth. And for this reason, we always want to try to be honest, and this pin is a symbol for you to remember this for a bit and don’t forget about it.

    Also, when you go home show this to your parents and tell them what this pin is supposed to represents.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Teaching them the culture of poetry, and literature regarding religious themes.

    2.Becoming familiar with Imam Ali (AS) with the help of recitation of a poem.

    3. Becoming familiar with the words of the infallible Imams (AS).

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Mentor should try to practice these poems before the start of the program, and even if possible memorize the poems.

    2.Encourage the kids to recite the easier parts of the poem along with you, to create an exciting atmosphere.


    5 Minutes

    He was the companion of the Prophet/ the companion of dear God

    He was a virtuous /and a pious man

    He was the one that brought/ bread for the orphans

    He always recited the Qur’an

    And never was a friend of any tyrant

    He spread peace and justice, and was always generous

    He was the one who slept/ in the bed of Muhammad (PBUH & HP)

    The world of Ali was the world of Muhammad

    Ali (PBUH) the light of the World

    When the world was dark

    And there was nothing to see

    The Ka’ba door opened

    and out came Imam Ali

    The man of courage, and bravery

    The man of faith and solidarity

    The man of knowledge and curiosity

    The man of kindness and generosity

    The man of strength and capacity

    The man of nobleness and piety

    The man, in general, of Superiority

    When our Prophet conveyed to us the message of Islam,

    the first to rise was Ali A’layhissalaam

    He stood up when no one else was there

    Only him and the Prophet – what a perfect pair

    In everything the Prophet did, he had a share

    He assisted the Prophet in every affair!

    That Ali (as) had won the fight!

    Every war, against every hero

    Imam Ali (as) stood upright,

    Never for once was he beaten

    Because he got help from God, day and night

    When the Prophet left his home one night

    Who was the person that was sleeping in his bed?

    Ali Ali Ali Ali

    A mercy for humanity

    He was the most unique man with the most unique birth

    He was the second-best man to walk on this Earth

    The holiest man, was born, in the holiest place

    A man full of honor, dignity, and grace

    He broke the door of Khaybar alone

    Through him to us The Path was shown

    His life is the rubric for Humanity

    No better hero can we see

    No one better than Imam Ali

    Your love O’ Ali is instilled in my soul

    How kind are you O’Ali

    You are the successor of Sun

    You are up in the sky O’Ali

    You are my first Imam

    You are the best of all

    You always radiate

    Like a gem O’ Ali

    How pure and magnificent are you

    You are a gift from the God

    We always call your name

    Which is familiar to us

    Ali, Ali is part of us

    Is a peak of our faith

    We are all the dust under his feet

    And he is the glad tiding for the rain

    Recite by: Shokooh GhasemNia

  • Objective(s):

    1.Dedicated to our master Ami al-muminin (AS).

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector, or a device to show the video clip and speakers.


    5 Minutes

  • Objective(s):

     1.Displaying the deep emotional bond between the Commander of Faithful (PBUH) and the Prophet (SAWA).

    2. Creating the atmosphere of the life of Amir al-muminin and his childhood.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.While the story is being narrated it is important the way it is being presented. It is important to use body language such as moving one’s eyes and body. If these simple things are not followed it can become boring for the children to follow the story line


    10 Minutes

    Story: The Dear Son of Ka’ba

    Ali (PBUH) was growing up little by little. Now that he ran in the streets of Mecca, men and women would look at him and with surprise and would say: “He is that dear son of Kaaba. He is the son of Kaaba!” During the days that Ali (PBUH) was two years old, he would play alongside with other boys. In nearby, there was a well that people used to get their water from. While playing, suddenly one of the kids who was standing on the edge of the well, his foot slipped, and he fell in the well. Imam Ali (PBUH) who was standing beside the little boy, held onto the boy by his foot.

    And now the little boy was upside down, hanging from the opening of the well, and was screaming. From the screaming of the little boy, his mom ran to the place and suddenly saw his son hanging from the well, while a little two-year-old boy held onto his foot. After seeing the scene, his mother was so surprised, and instead of helping his son, she called out other women to come and see the strange scene for themselves. That women called out and said: “O’ women of Makah, come and see. Come and see how the dear son of Kaaba, has helped out my son from death!”

    All the women ran to the well and helped the little boy from falling into the well. And kissed all over the face of Imam Ali (PBUH). Imam Ali (PBUH) who was very admirable among the people, became dearer amongst the people. Fatima and Abu-Talib who were well known for having such a dear and loving child, became even more admired among other people.

    Few years passed, and now Imam Ali (AS) was six years old. That year a hard drought hit the city. There was hardly any rain. The dessert was dry. The farms had little to no harvest. There was hardly any wheat to bake bread from. There was no herd. There was famine and drought. Abu-Talib who had five kids, in that year of famine, was in a lot of trouble. His family and kids also had a hard time.

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who loved his uncle-Abu-Talib very much, and was worried about his children, went to his uncle and aunts and said: “My dear uncle Abu-Talib is in a bit of trouble, we need to help him“. They all went to the house of Abu-Talib and spoke to him. Abu-Talib said:” My son Aghil is blind. Let him stay with me but take my other children and care for them. And be like their mother and father.” Each of the kids went to one of their family member’s house. And it was at that moment that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came and sat beside Imam Ali (PBUH) and opened his two hands. Imam Ali (PBUH) then ran towards him and was embraced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was hugged and kissed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was then taken to his house. From then on, Imam Ali (PBUH) lived in the Prophet’s house.

    Just like the time that Prophet Muhammad lived in the house of Abu-Talib and recognized him and his wife Fatemeh as his mother and father. Now Imam Ali (PBUH) also saw Prophet Muhammad as his father, and lady Khadijah as his dear mom. Although Imam Ali (PBUH) was young, he was very clever. He knew that his cousin Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was different from everyone else. He would see Prophet Muhammad, not prostrate to any idol. He would see Prophet Muhammad, at nights go out of the city, climb up on the high mountains and pray inside the cave of Hira. Imam Ali (PBUH) was only 10 but could see and understand all of this. And now he was one of the members of the family of Muhammad (PBUH).

    One night, Prophet Muhammad called out for his 10-year-old cousin, and said: “Dear Ali, will you come and pray alongside with me?” Then Imam Ali (PBUH) asked in surprise: “What is prayers?“. Then Prophet Muhammad said with a smile:” Prayers are like a du’a and giving thanks to God.” Then Prophet Muhammad stood up, washed his face and hands, performed wudu, and stood up to pray. Lady Khadija also stood behind his husband to pray. Imam Ali was eagerly looking at his cousin and his wife Khadija. After ending his prayers, Prophet Muhammad looked at Imam Ali and said: O’ Ali! Do you believe in the oneness of God? And believe in me as His Prophet?

    The 10-year-old Ali (PBUH), went into a deep thought. Meanwhile, his cousin, his honest and kind cousin was inviting him to worship one God.  Imam Ali kneeled in front of his cousin and said: “O’ cousin, I testify, that there is no God but God, and you are His last Messenger.”

    Prophet Muhammad was looking over to the 10-year-old Ali. He became so happy of Ali, that he bent over and gave him a kiss.

    Now Imam Ali was very happy and felt as if he has entered a new world. He felt as if he has learned new things. He was thinking about these things, then he stood up to go to his own house. He exited the house of his cousin and saw his father Abu-Talib in the street. Abu-Talib who was always very happy to see his son Ali, asked his little son “what is going on, how is your cousin?”

    Yes, my dear Father, my dear cousin was chosen by the merciful God, the God of the Heavens and the earth that you worship, and he was chosen as a Prophet and guide for the people. And from now on he is Muhammad, the Messenger of God. The Prophet of God!

    -How is the religion of Muhammad?

    Now, Imam Ali (AS) was not a 10-year-old child. He was a grown man, who was talking with Abu-Talib the well-known man of Quraysh. Imam Ali said to his father:” The religion of Muhammad, is the most sacred religion. The religion of God. The religion of our grandfather Ibrahim.”

    Abu-Talib asked: “What does the religion of Muhammad say? And have you believed in the religion of your cousin?”

    -Yes, my dear father, I have believed in Muhammad and his God.

    -Well my dear son you have done the right thing, never leave your cousin alone.

    From then on, Imam Ali never left the Prophet alone and was always besides him. Now Imam Ali was like a flower alongside Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) who was the flowing river. Imam Ali was always thirsty and would always drink from this pure river. Now Imam Ali was like a child and Muhammad was like a mother. Imam Ali, always enjoyed waking up in the morning, and first, look at the beautiful face of Prophet Muhammad, and then sleep at nights while listening to him.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Foster their motivation to reflect and to contemplate

    2.Make the lesson everlasting

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.A board can be used to write out the sentences or letters can be used to make the words.


    15 Minutes

    Game: Jumbled Up Letters

    To make this game more entertaining and better, establish learner motivation and contemplation, it’s better to not directly mention the discussion topic for students. And with a method that we implement the students will guess the topic and view themselves as the owners; so, they are able to accompany the mentor till the end of the class and it stays in their minds better. One of the methods of teaching indirectly, is through jumbled up letters. Some of the letters of the words in the given text is jumbled up and are written in parentheses. Ask the participants to read the provided text, and write the correct word using the jumbled-up letters, above the parentheses or at the bottom of the provided text.

    Ali ibn Abi Talib, Amir al-mu’minin (PBUH), the first Imam of us Shias, was born on 13th of Rajab of the year of Amul-Fil (10 years before prophethood), in Mecca in (a K a b a). His father, was Hazrat Abu-Talib, the (U N L E C) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) the son of Abdul (M T O L A L B E), and her mother lady Fatemeh Bint (A D A S); So the father and mother of Imam Ali (PBUH) both were Hashemi meaning they were the children of Hazrat Hashem, the descendant of the Prophet.

    When Imam Ali, was (X I S) years old, due to a famine that had happened in (M C E C A), by the request of the Holy Prophet (PBUH & HP) was moved from house of his father to the house of (P R P H O E T) (PBUH & HP) and was under his direct supervision.

    Imam Ali (PBUH) was the (F R I S T) person who believed in Prophet (PBUH & HP) and was always besides him. He never disagreed with anything the Prophet commanded. The Prophet’s (PBUH & HP), beloved daughter Lady (F T A E M H E) married Imam Ali (AS). Also, when he signed a contract of brotherhood and fraternity among his companions, he identified Imam Ali as his (B O R T E H R).

    The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH & HP), by God’s order introduced Imam Ali (PBUH) several times as his successor and (E T O R X E C U) to the people, and one of those important times was during (G H D A I R K O H M).

    Imam Ali (PBUH) at the age of 33, after the martyrdom of the Prophet (PBUH & HP) became the (I A M M) of the Muslims. But some people prevented him to become the leader of the Muslims. Imam Ali (PBUH), after waiting impatiently for 25 years, when the 3rd caliph (O M A T H N) died, by the insistence of the people, he became in charge of the apparent government, and ruled for about (I F V E) years, and at the age of 63, on the night of the 21st of the Holy month of (R A D M A N), he was martyred by the strike of the sword of an evil Muslim-named Ibn al-Muljam. The holy shrine of Amir al Mu’minin (PBUH)-The Leader of the Believers is in the holy city of (N A F J A) in the country of Iraq.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Concluding and reiterating the overall concepts of the program.

    2.Heartfelt bond with the Imam of our Time, our Master and praying for his reappearance.

    3. Reiterating the fact that he is the son of Imam Ali (PBUH), and that by praying for him and doing good deeds we can hasten his reappearance, so he can come sooner and fill the world with justice, and tranquility.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.It is important that this part of the program to be done in a quiet and calm environment, while paying utmost attention to the prayers.

    2.Starting the dua after reminding the kids about the importance of praying for the reappearance of Imam of our Time- Imam Mahdi (May God Hasten His Return)

    3.It is suggested that while the dua is being recited the Arabic version of the dua to be presented simultaneously along with the translation in the local language.


    10 Minutes

    End/ Conclusion and Du’a al-Faraj

    Alright all my little ones, again, Eid Mubarak to you all! How did you all like this celebration? What was your favorite segment? (Wait for their responses) Now I want all of you to tell me in one sentence what was your favorite part and what have you learned from today’s program? (Wait for their responses).

    That is great!!! Wow, how lucky are those who you all want to explain to them all the things you have learned today! And how lucky am I to have heard all the good things from you all. And how lucky are we to have such a great, and loving Imam who is so, and so dear to God, and the Prophet. My dears, how can we know that Amir al-mu’minin-The Leader of the Believers was so dear to God and the Prophet, and had such a great status?

    Yes, that is right, first we understood it from the Qur’an and the ayah that we recited together and in that ayah, dear God told us that Amir al-mu’minin- was a person who sacrificed his life and slept in the Prophet’s bed to save the life of the Prophet-The Messenger of God, and to save his life so the Prophet could continue the guidance of the people. This way he was able to protect the Prophet and the religion of Islam with bravery and by having his full trust in God.

    From where else can we know this? Yep that is right, from all the historical events that happened. From all the books we can know this fact. From all the sayings that have been passed down to us from the Prophet. We have many, and many stories that shows Imam Ali (AS) was and is a special and a dear person.

    Such as from the story of his birth in the Ka’ba and the angels that helped his dear mother. From the name of Imam Ali, which was chosen by God and God chose a name that suited his character and personality. He was always the companion of our dear Prophet and he never, and never left him alone.

    He was also the first man who in childhood believed in the Prophet and worshiped the one God. From an early age he was besides the Prophet, and that is why his actions resembled the Prophet. He was a brave, nice, and forgiving man and he also had thousands of other moral characters that we cannot name or even understand. We can only thank God, and try to remember, love and be proud of the child of Amir al-Mu’minin who is the Imam of Our Time- who has inherited all the good characters of Imam Ali.

    We should also pray for his soon return so he could fill this earth from all his goodness. We are all impatiently waiting for the Imam of Our Time, who just like Amir al-Mu’minin, is the essence of justice, kindness, and good morals to come back sooner; so, we can enjoy his presence and learn good things from him. Now let us all stand up facing the Qibla and pray for his return.

    • Reciting Dua al-Faraj, facing the Qibla, while standing up out of respect for his Eminence.

    Translation of Du’a al-Faraj:

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    O’ God, send your blessing upon Muhammad and the Household

    of Muhammad

    O’ God, at this moment and every moment

    Be a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper

    a proof, and an eye for Your representative &; proof, Mahdi son of Al-


    Your blessings be upon him and his ancestors

    guard him as long as he lives on this earth as a ruler

    benefit him and bless him with everything You and this earth has to offer

  • Objective(s):

    1.Displaying the generosity of Imam Ali (PBUH) and the way he assisted the Prophet (PBUH & HP).

    2.Becoming more familiar with the fact that Amir al-Mu’mineen was the only rightful candidate (AS) for the caliphate position, in continuing the path of the Prophet (SAWA) and in guiding people.

    3.Develop and strengthen children’s practical and artistic skills.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Cork Board

    2.Corrugated cardboard

    3.A piece of fabric

    4.Glue stick or double sided adhesive tape

    5.A bit of cardboard or construction paper in colors such as white, brown and blue


    25-30 Minutes

    Take Home Activity:

     Has been mentioned in the activity section of this file.