Birth Anniversary of Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra (PBUH)-Level 2- 1st Year

Topic Overview: Becoming Familiar with Our Spiritual Mother Lady Zahra (PBUH) and Her Exalted Virtues, the Importance of a Mother, Showing Affection to our Mothers, The Etiquette of Eating and Drinking

  • Objective(s):

    1. Since the kids arrive at different times, it is suggested that before the start of the official program, any sort of craft that is associated with the occasion is planned for those kids who come earlier to the program.

    2. Exalting and appreciating the status of lady Zahra (SA) and a mother.

    3. Strengthening children’s artistic and practical skills.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Art supplies such as color pencils, crayons and markers.

    2. Print out the given images at the end of this file per number of participants.


    25 Minutes

    Warm-up/Craft and Coloring:

    Title of the Craft: A Mother’s love, a gift for mother’s day (The instructions can be seen at the end of this table)

    A brief intro, explaining that today is the birth anniversary of lady Zahra (SA), and that she is the daughter of our dear Prophet, the wife of Amir-al- Mu’minin, and the mother of Imam Hassan, Imam Hussein, and lady Zainab (PBUT). And that today because of this occasion we would like to make a little token of appreciation for our dear mothers who try to be like lady Zahra (SA), who do so much for us, and love us. By making, this craft we try to show how much we love them and appreciate all the hard work they do every day for us.

    Nasheed : https://youtube/47ErM4yHtzA

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  • Objective(s):

    1.Seeking means to the Holy Qur’an to illuminate our hearts that is means to salvation.

    2.Becoming familiar with surah al-Kawthar, it’s meaning and the cause of its revelation.

    3.Reminding them that before the start of any kind of activity we should say “Bismill allah alrahman al-rahim”, and remember God and recite a few verses from the Holy Qur’an.

    4.The importance of being familiar with the meanings of the Quranic verses.

    5.Emphasis on the exalted status of lady Zahra (SA) and her high position in Islam.

    6.The importance of a mother, respecting, showing love, and preparing a gift for our mothers as a means of thanking them for all their hard work.


    10 Minutes

    Salaam my dears, how are you all doing? Welcome to our celebration. We hope that we have a good program, as well as learn new things, and most importantly, we hope that we have a good time together. Like always let us start today’s program in the name of God and brighten our celebration by reading the ayah’s (verses) of the Quran. Who here knows surah al-kawthar? So, we can all recite along with them. (If no one volunteers, you either can recite the surah or you can play the recitation of the surah, along with the verses being displayed)

    أعوذُ باللهِ مِنَ الشَیطانِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

    إِنَّا أَعْطَيْنَاكَ الْكَوْثَرَ ﴿١ فَصَلِّ لِرَبِّكَ وَانْحَرْ ﴿٢ إِنَّ شَانِئَكَ هُوَ الْأَبْتَرُ ﴿٣

    We seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shaitan, In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, O’ (Muhammad), We have granted you abundant virtue.(1) So worship your Lord and make sacrificial offerings. (2) Whoever hates you will himself remain childless. (3)

    God revealed this surah to the Prophet when God gave the Prophet a precious little girl. In this surah God tells His Prophet and all of the people who read these ayahs’ that this precious girl is a very special and important gift for the Prophet and all of the people of the world. Do you all know why? Well now, listen carefully!

    You all know that the only child of our Prophet, which all the offspring and children of the prophet remained, was through lady Zahra (Sa). Before the birth of lady Zahra, Prophet had a child; however, his child died from a disease. Therefore, this made the Prophet and his beloved wife lady Khadijah very sad. The enemies of the Prophet would make fun of him and would tell him that you do not have a child and your generation will not continue! When God gave lady Zahra (SA) to the Prophet, in Surah al-Kawthar God gave the news to the Prophet that this is a great gift for him. The word al-Kawthar, comes from the word “Kasir” which means abundance or plenty! And it meant that God gave the Prophet a very big and an important thing. Now it’s good that all of us think to see why this gift that God gave the Prophet was so great and special?

    My dears, do you all know what we call the people who are the descendants of the Prophet, meaning that their grandpa or their great-grandpa is the Prophet? Yes, that is right! Seyed and Sadat. Whoever is “seyed” means they are the child of the Prophet. In today’s world, we have millions of people who are seyed. This means that the descendants of the Prophet are living all around the world. And no one in history ever had so many children living all around this world. It is interesting to know that these people are the descendants of the Prophet through lady Zahra. Meaning that lady Zahra, is the mother of all the children of the Prophet. This in itself is very important.

    More importantly, lady Zahra (SA) is the mother of all our Imam’s. Meaning all those who were the best people in history and everyone was guided by them; their mother was lady Zahra (SA)! Also, these great people in history, were all proud that their mother, was the best, the purest, and the greatest women in the world.

    We, Muslims and Shia’s are also proud that we have such a great mother. We are proud that our religion honors the great status of women. And for us to be the best servant of God, we must know her as the best woman, and ask her to pray for us before God to be great servants and for God to help us all.

    She was also a great teacher for all the girls around the world. She taught important things to the women and the girls of her time. Although she was young, many women would go to her, and ask her questions about their life matters. She was a great mother for her children, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain, lady Zainab and lady Omm-kolthum. She was also a great and devoted wife for Imam Ali (AS). We congratulate the Imam of Our Time (AS) on her birthday, and we ask the Imam of Our Time to pray for us as a gift; so, we can continue the path of his mother, be good human beings, and always defend the truth and truthful.

    Well, I have said all of this to tell you that we have all gathered her to celebrate the birth of lady Zahra. We also know this day as Mother’s Day, congratulate our mothers on this day, and buy them gifts. So, this way we give them back something in return for all the great things they have done for us. Well thank God that you have already have something to give as a gift. I am sure your dear mothers will love them since it is handmade, and that is really valuable!

    Now are you all ready to see the rest of the program?

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the merits of lady Zahra (SA).

    2.The importance of being patient when explaining a concept to someone else

    3.Most of the times children do not have enough patience when they want to explain a matter to their friend, hence this way they become familiar with the meaning of patience and what it takes to be patient.


    5 Minutes

    Story: A Patient Teacher

    lady Fatimah (SA) showed lots of patience and perseverance when teaching others about religious issues. One day, a woman came to her and said: I have an old mother who did something wrong while praying. She has sent me to you, so I can ask you about it. lady Zahra Salaam-allah-alaiha answered her question. The women repeated the same question for the second and third time and every time lady Zahra would answer her question with patience and diligence. The women went to the house of lady Zahra 10 times and asked her a question, and lady would answer her question. The woman was embarrassed from going to her house that many times and said: I will no longer bother you with my questions. However, Lady Fatimah may God’s peace be upon her said: No come back and ask your questions, no matter how many times you come back to me with a question I will not get upset Because I have heard from my father the Messenger of God (SAWA) who said: when the day of judgment comes, God will gather all the Muslim scholars at one place, and will reward them based on their service they have done to the people. And the one who puts the most time and effort in showing others the right path and the path towards God’s satisfaction, will get the greatest reward, and will go to the best places in heaven.

    Yes, my dears, the woman that we look up to as our role model; she always showed great patience and kindness to the people. She would share her great knowledge without expecting anything in return, and would guide and help people to the right path. It’s good for us to also learn from her, and be patient, be diligent, and be kind with others; and if we know something, we should teach it to others as well.

    Retrieved from Tebyan website, narrated from the 75th life lesson from the Practical Life of Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra (PBUH)

  • Objective(s):

    1.The blessing of the food of lady Zahra (sa), which was brought to her by one of the believers, and she kept it for the Prophet and the food was blessed.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector, projector screen, internet connection and speakers.


    5 Minutes



    1-Like the Women of Bani-Israel—– https://youtube/eI6F0vqgxIM (Farsi with English subtitles)

    2- Love and Care displayed by Lady Zahra (sa)—https://youtube/pz7EUoQcZc4 (English)

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the etiquette of eating food by mentioning a few narrations from lady Zahra (SA).

    2.Fostering and cultivating a sense of pride in having a perfect religion, and role models in every aspect.

    3.allowing the kids to give out refreshments.

    4.By creating this fun atmosphere, kids will remember the mentioned points better.

    5.Practically doing the points that lady Zahra (sa)recommended.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Preparing refreshments such as tablecloth, plates full of snacks that are appropriate with the way it’s going to be served.


    15 Minutes

    Life Lesson: Etiquette of Eating and Drinking

    Mentor: Alright my dears, now we want to eat something. Who’s hungry? Who wants to help serving the food? Alright 4 people should come up and help spread the table cloth and two people should come up and help put the plates and …

    Please Note: for refreshments, you may prepare small bites of bread and cheese or bite size cookies/sweets and arranged them on the table. Or you may also prepare the bread and cheese and allow them to make mini sandwiches. The purpose of this segment is to teach them the etiquette of drinking and eating. Hence, please pay attention to the following points and convey them to the kids. While eating highlight these points and, make sure the kids also adhere to them.

    Mentor: My dears! Did you all ever know that in our religion and according to the life style of our Imams, we have certain rules, and codes for eating, drinking and many other good behaviors? Which in today’s society specialists are researching about it, in order to find the best instructions, which are healthy for the humans, have a positive outcome for the society and follow the right morals?! Yes, in our religion and the life-style of our Imam’s, we have such instructions which have been said and followed 1400 years ag. And today, many specialists are just learning about these instructions, and are telling other people that it’s better for them to follow it. Now I would like to give you all an example from lady Zahra (SA), who taught us a few instructions about eating the right way. So, like me, you all can be proud of having such a great lady as a teacher. Now, let’s all head to class of lady Zahra (Salaam alllah aliha).

    Lady Fatemeh al-Zahra, may God’s blessings be upon her, while eating, she followed the best moral principles, values and health guidelines, and to guide those who loved her she stated a few instructions. She said: Those who sit around a table and eat, they have to follow and know about a few important instructions, which can be divided into three parts:

    The first part is “wajib” and mandatory, the 2nd part is mustahab (recommended), and following the last part is a sign of respect and shows our personality.

    And now the 4 instructions that are mandatory are as follows:

    1- Understanding how and by whom these blessings have been provided for us and who has given them to us.

    1. Being satisfied and happy as to what God has provided and given to us.
    2. Saying the name of dear God before starting to eat, meaning to say “b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmi” (In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful). And also knowing that we are starting to eat God’s blessings with God’s permission.
    3. And when we start to eat and when we are finished, we should thank and praise dear God.

    And now the 2nd part, meaning the recommended actions while eating are as follows:

    1. Washing the hands and mouth before eating
    2. Eat while you are sitting down

    And finally, are the signs of respect and character:

    1. Try to take and eat the food that is placed in front of you, and in order to take food we should never extend our hands in front of someone else.
    2. Take small and reasonable bites
    3. Chew our food well, and never swallow it quickly
    4. While eating, we should never look at someone else’s face, hand or mouth.

    From now on let’s all try to follow these instructions and teach it to others as well. So not only can we be good Muslims, but also, we can stay healthy and have good morals.

    Retrieved from Tebyan websites narrated from “Greatness and Spiritual Status of Lady Zahra (Salaam allah aliha)”

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the merits and exalted status of Lady Zahra (SA).

    2.Becoming familiar with some of the companions of the Prophet (SAWA), such as Bilal, Ammar and Yasir.

    3.The status and effects of clemency and sacrifice.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.To convey the message of this play, it’s better that roles of the narrator and the old man is played by the mentors themselves.

    2.Actors: narrator, old man, Ammar, Yasir and a slave.

    3.To show the Prophet (SAW) and Lady Fatimah (SA), you may use a curtain or a door and show them behind it. You may also reflect a green light in that place.


    20 Minutes

    Play: A Fatemi Sacrifice (The Blessed Necklace)

    Narrator: One of the companions of the Prophet (SAWA) has narrated for us that one day the Messenger of God (SAWA) was praying the evening prayers along with us. After the end of the prayer, in his altar (i.e: minbar, pulpit), he turned toward the people and people came and sat around him.

    In the meanwhile, an old man who was dressed in old and torn clothes and could not stand on his feet due to hunger and his old age entered.

    The Holy Prophet (SAWA) bestowed his kindness on him, asked about his health and how he is doing!

    The Old man: O’ messenger of God! I am hungry, I need food. I am naked, clothe me. I am poor, give me something!

    Narrator: The Prophet said: I have nothing to give you, however, whoever guides another to a good deed, and it is as if they have performed that good deed.

    Go to the house of one that loves Allah and his messenger and Allah and His messenger love her too; one who prefers Allah to herself. Go to the house of my daughter Fatimah (SA). The house of Lady Fatima was besides the mosque of the Holy Prophet (SAWA).

    Then he said: O’ Bilal (my dears, who knows, who Bilal was? Yes, Bilal was Prophets Muazen, the one who recited the call to prayers) stand up and guide this man to the house of Fatimah (SA)!

    The old man went with Bilal.

    As the old man got to the house of Lady Fatima, he stood near the door and with a loud voice he shouted:

    Old man: Peace be upon you o’ the Household of the Prophet! And the place of passage of angels! And O’ the place where archangel Gabriel descends, whom revealed the Quran from the Lord of the Universe!

    Narrator: Lady Fatimah (AS) replies: Blessings and peace of Allah be upon you, who are you?

    Old man: I am an old man living in the outskirts of the desert. I came from far away land and met your father who is the leader of the people. And O’ the daughter of Muhammad (SAWA), I am hungry, do not have clothes, please look after me! May God’s mercy be upon you!

    Narrator: At that time, it had been three days that the Holy Prophet, Lady Zahra (SA) and Imam Ali (AS) had not eaten anything. And the Messenger of God (SAWA) was already aware of this matter.

     Lady Fatimah (AS), grabbed the small sheepskin which she used as a carpet and bedding for Hassan and Hussain (AS) and said: O’ our guest! Take this! I hope that Allah gives you better than this!

    Old man: O’ the daughter of the Prophet! I came to you complaining of hunger, and then you give me this sheepskin!??? I am hungry, what can I do with this sheepskin?

    Narrator: When Lady Fatimah (SA) heard this from the old man, she grabbed the necklace that Fatimah, her cousin (Hamzah’s daughter) had given as a gift to her. She unfastened it, gave it to the old man, and said: Take this, and sell it! I hope that Allah gives you better than this!

    The old man took the necklace and returned to the masjid to see the Prophet (SAWA). Prophet was still sitting with his companions. He turned to the Prophet and said:

    Old man: O’ Messenger of God! Your daughter Fatimah has given me this necklace and said: Sell this! And I hope that Allah gives you better than this!

    Narrator: The Prophet cried and said: how could this not solve your problem, while Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad is the leader of the women of the worlds has given this to you!

    Ammar al-Yasir, moved closer, stood up and said:

    Ammar: O messenger of God! Will you give me permission to buy this necklace?

    Narrator: The Holy Prophet said: buy it, because if all of the God’s creatures participate in buying this, God will save them from the Hell fire.

    Ammar: O the Old man! How much will you sell this necklace for?

    Old man: for a food once from bread and meat, an expensive fabric from Yemen which I can clothe myself with, and pray with to my lord, and for 1-dinar Gold so I can return to my family.

    Narrator: Meanwhile, Ammar had sold his share from the Battle of Khaybar and had a bit of money.

    Ammar (facing the old man): I will give you 20 dinars, 200 dirhams, a Yemmini fabric, and my horse. So you may return to your house. And I will feed you with wheat and meat.

    Old man: O man! How generous are you!

    Narrator: He then went with Ammar and Ammar gave him what he promised. The old man returned to the Messenger of God (SAWA). The Holy Prophet (SAWA) asked him: are you satisfied and did you wear clothes?

    Old man: Yes! May my parents be your ransom! I became needless!

    Narrator: The Prophet said: so now give a reward to Fatimah (AS) for what she has done for you.

    Old man: O Allah! You are the creator and we do not worship any God but You. You are the one who blesses us! O Allah! Bless Fatimah with what no one has so far seen or heard about!

    Narrator: The Messenger of God said Amen to the old man’s prayer, then turns to his companions and says: Allah has granted three things in this world to Fatimah (AS): I am her father, and no one in the world is like me. Ali (as) is her husband and had he not been, there would be no suitable husband for her. Hassan and Hussein are her son who are the leaders of the youths of Paradise, while no one in this world are like these two grandchildren of the prophet. In front of the Prophet, Salman and Meqhdad were sitting. Prophet said:  Should I say more about Fatimah (as)?

    They said: Yes, O messenger of God!

    Prophet said: beware, I will tell you more about the virtues of Fatimah: indeed, Allah has chosen a group of angels to protect her from above as well as from the right and left sides. They are with her in her lifetime, and her grave, constantly saluting her, her father, her husband, and her children. So whoever visits my grave after my death, has indeed visited me in my lifetime. Whoever visits Ali ibn abi talib, has indeed visited Fatimah. And whoever visits their children, has indeed visited both Fatimah and Ali (AS).

    Narrator: Ammar (after listening to the virtues) goes home, grabs the necklace, perfumes it with scent, puts it in an expensive cloth, and gives it to his slave and says:

    Ammar: Take this necklace to the Holy Prophet (SAWA) and after this you will belong to him.

    Narrator: the slave of Ammar takes the necklace, goes to the Prophet (SAWA), and retells the Prophet what Ammar had told him.

    The Messenger of God (may God’s blessings be Upon Him and his Holy Household) said to the slave: Go to Fatimah and give her the necklace! And after this you will belong to him.

    Slave: Alright! O Messenger of God. Thank you.

    Narrator: the slave took the necklace to Fatima (Alaiha-aslaam) and told her what the Messenger of God had told him.

    Lady Fatimah took the necklace and freed the slave in the way of Allah.

    After that the slave started laughing.

    Lady Fatima (SA) said to the slave: why are you laughing?

    Slave: I am surprised at the blessings of this necklace. Because indeed it has:

    1. satisfied a hungry person
    2. Clothed a naked person
    3. Fulfilled the needs of another
    4. Freed a slave
    5. And in the end returned to its owner!

    Narrator: Alright my dears did you all enjoy the play? I recommend all of you, to think more about this play and the lesson behind what lady Zahra (SA) did. When our mother lady Zahra (SA), self-sacrifices and gives out her own belongings to those in need; she for sure will never leave us alone when we need her help and dua’a. Today, it is the Imam of Our Time (AJ) who has the same good characteristic of generosity. If we ever request something from him, and want from him to ask God for something, he is soooooo great and kind that he will sure pray for us. And will request our wishes from the dear God. Now please recite a loud salwaat for the health of the Imam of Our Time (AJ), as well as to make the heart of lady Zahra (SA) happy!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Accustom the kids with the culture of poetry and reciting religious poems.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.The mentor should practice beforehand in reciting the poem eloquently. If possible, try to memorize the poem.

    2.Ask the kids to recite along with you the parts of the poem that seems easier.


    5 Minutes


    Zahra (sa) your light is shining:

    Oh Fatima (SA)
    The lady of light
    Daughter of our Prophet (SAW)
    The soul that is whiter than white
    On the highest of the heavens
    You are praised by all the lands
    Mother of Hassan and Hussain (AS)
    Beauty of Islam
    Zahra (SA) your light is shining
    Brighter than the sun
    Oh the flower of heavens
    You are the only one
    The apple of Muhammad’s (SAW) eyes
    The wife of Ali (AS)
    The role model for all women.


    Radiant Birth

    The inhabitants of the heavens are flooded by her radiant light,
    When the pure Lady stands humbled in prayer through the night.

    On this day O believers stand up and send salutations to Imam Ali’s wife,
    The child who was born is the Princess for whom you would sacrifice your life!

    When she was born, the angels descended in a shower of heavenly blessings
    This is the radiant lady of light about whom Allah sent to the Prophet glad tidings.

    The sprouting of a heavenly seed meant to ease the Prophet’s sorrow,
    A pure, goodly child – a lesson of piety for the people of tomorrow.

    Four noble ladies were appointed from heaven to assist with and witness her arrival,
    The beautiful Kawthar through whom the Prophet’s lineage was granted survival.

    Not by her father’s name, the baby born is a mistress in her own right,
    Who has earned a special position and proximity in Allah’s sight.

    The gracious Zahra whose heavenly fragrance humbles that of all flowers,
    And for whose sake the inhabitants of earth are sent blessings in showers.

    All those who will love them are ensured His salvation,
    Such is the result of Fatima and her family’s dedication.

    At her birth, Satan is distraught and plans new means of discord,
    Yet this lady Batoul is a means of safety and closeness to the Lord.

    Lady Fatima was the light of the purified family,
    At the news of whose blessed station the believers speak happily.

    When she was born, the angels her praises did sing,
    O believers today, with joy let your hearts ring!

    The inhabitants of the heavens are flooded by her radiant light,
    When the pure Lady stands humbled in prayer through the night.

    On this day O believers stand up and send salutations to Imam Ali’s wife,
    The child who was born is the Princess for whom you would sacrifice your life!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming more familiar and even memorizing some of the virtues of lady Zahra (SA).

    2.The participants become familiar with how to make a poster-board.

    3.Conveying the spirit of art along with fostering the religious knowledge of the participants.

    4. Fostering the participant’s religious fervor in serving in the name of the Ahlul-bayt (AS).

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.White poster-board (or colored) per number of groups.

    2.For each group: scissor, ruler, black and red pencil, various pens, glue stick, a few colored pencils.

    3.Various colored construction paper, decorative objects such as rocks or gems to make the work 3D.

    4.Printing out the question for the crossword puzzle per number of groups.

    5.Printing out the scrips of the play (A fatemi sacrifice) per number of groups.

    6.Printing out a few narrations and hadith.

    7.Printing out the images provided at the end of this table per number of groups.

    8.Printing out the crossword puzzle provided at the end.

    9.Providing and or printing flowers, butterflies, bow tie, and the given templates at the end of this table.

    10.Preparing a prize for 15 people or per number of participants.


    99-100 Minutes

    Group Activity: Poster-Board

    First, divide the participants into groups of 4 to 5 people. Give each group the needed materials. If possible, the participants may do this individually, and later they may take their work home. However, this project can be made as a group or individually.

    Then, explain the instructions to all the participants as follows:

    Today we have a poster competition.

    You have the chance to decorate and construct this poster board!

    For this poster, you have to include a summary of the story of the “The Blessed Necklace“, construct a cross-word puzzle, write a poem, and also include a segment to write a few hadiths (narrations) about lady Zahra (SA) that has already been prepared for you. Then you may complete the rest of this poster, however you may desire.

    We will also provide each group with a few pictures, and decorative objects so you may utilize it for your poster.

    Regarding the crossword puzzle, we have to state that we will provide you with 30 questions, along with their answers. Therefore, you may use these questions to construct a crossword puzzle. You don’t have to use all these questions, however the more questions you use, the more points you will receive. Also, the way you construct this crossword is totally up to you, you can make the words across, down, or it can be one of the names of lady Zahra (SA). However, as a help we have included two sample, which we will give each group. (Further explanations can be found at the end of this file)

    You may decorate this poster with different kinds of decorative objects, which we will provide (a few examples are provided at the end of this table). And we will give this as a gift to the Imam of Our Time to congratulate him on the birth of his beloved mother lady Zahra (SA).

    While you are all working on making your posters, we will be around answering your questions.

    At the end, we will collect the posters, and score them based on neatness, creativity, and the included context; and give gifts to the top three groups. [It should be noted that you may also tell the participants that everyone will receive a gift based on their hard work. ]

    Kids can also write a few heartfelt sentences for their mothers or for the Imam of Our Time (aj), congratulating him on this auspicious occasion.

    The posters can be hung up on the wall or if the kids made the posters individually, they may take it home with them.

    In the Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful

    My dear friend, Salaam;

    Use the following questions to design your own crossword puzzle. The answers are capitalized. You do not need to use all the questions. It’s better for you to construct this cross-word in a way that the answers go down as well as across. And the more the columns intersect, the more points you will receive. In addition, you may design a secret world for your puzzle. Moreover, if you desire you may use the provided crosswords.

    1. The reward of showing good morals before your brother in faith? PARADISE
    2. How would the fast of a fasting person help them, if they cannot control themselves from SINS!
    3. For a righteous woman, it is better for what kind of men to not see them? Non-Mahram
    4. What will lady Fatemeh (SA) do on behalf the Ummah (nation) who committed sins? INTERCEDE (SHAFA”AT)
    5. One of the slaves of lady Zahra? FEZEH
    6. Birthplace of the lady Zahra (sa)? MECCA
    7. The city lady Zahra (sa) was martyred? MEDINA
    8. The titles given to lady Fatimah (sa): ZAHRA, MOTAHAREH, MARZIEH, HAMIDEH
    9. How old was lady Zahra (sa) at the time of her shahadat? EIGHTEEN
    10. The name of the eldest daughter of lady Zahra (sa): ZEINAB
    11. The Prophet (SAWA) has said: Whoever LOVES my daughter Fatimah indeed likes me and whoever HARMS her has harmed me.
    12. The Prophet (SAWA) has said: lady Fatemeh (sa) is the LEADER of the women of the world.
    13. How many zekr does the Tasbihat of lady Zahra (sa) have? HUNDRED
    14. lady Zahra (s) said: First NEIGHBOR, then the household.
    15. The name of the child of lady Zahra (s) who was martyred before he was born? MOHSEN
    16. Prophet (S) said: Fatimah is PART of my soul.
    17. The famous speech (sermon) of lady Zahra (s)? FADAKIYEH
    18. The big garden that lady Zahra (s) inherited from her father the Holy Prophet (s)? FADAK
    19. Which surah in the Quran is about lady Zahra (s)? KAWTHAR
    20. The name of a hadith in which the Prophet (s) introduced the five people? HADITH AL-KISA
    21. When the enemies attack the house of lady Zahra (s), while behind the door, she asked God for the return of whom? IMAM AL-MAHDI
    22. The name of the mother of lady Zahra (s) and the best wife of the Prophet (s)? KHADIJAH
    23. The name of the father of Imam Ali (a)? ABU-TALIB
    24. The reason behind the shahadat (martyrdom) of Lady Zahra (s) was that she defended the IMAM OF HER TIME.
    25. The grave of lady Fatimah is HIDDEN, due to the fear of her enemies.
    26. Lady Zahra (s) was named MOHADESEH, because angels spoke to her.
    27. Lady Zahra (s), asked to be buried SECRETLY at night.
    28. Lady Zahra (s), asked to be buried secretly at NIGHT.
    29. The name Fatimah (s) means a person who will save the SHIAS from the Hell fire.
    30. Prophet Said: The most BELOVED of my family to me is Fatimah (s).
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  • Objective(s):

    1.Maximizing kids’ ability in learning and memorization by doing related work at home.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Print out the section titled “etiquette of eating food” per number of participants.

    Take-Home Activity:


    Ask the children to take home their poster boards, and explain it to their parents. This way they may review what they have learned so they do not forget about it.

    In case, they do not take the posters home, print out the section titled: etiquette of eating and give it to the parents or otherwise to the kids. Ask them to follow what it says and always remember to do so.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Conclusion and reiterating the overall concepts.

    2.Creating a heart-felt bond with the Imam of Our Time and praying for his reappearance.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.It is important for this segment of the program to be done in a quiet and calm environment while paying utmost attention the prayers.

    2.Starting the dua, after reminding the kids about the importance of praying for the Imam of Our Time (PBUH).

    3.It is suggested that that while the dua is being recited, the Arabic version of the dua along with its translation in the local language to be projected simultaneously.


    5-10 Minutes

    End: Conclusion/Reciting Dua al-Faraj

    Alright, I hope you are all not too tired? Thank God. My dears! We want to know what you have learned in today’s program and what segment was your favorite? Can someone raise their hand and tell me what they have learned?

    Yes, you are all right and pointed out good things. Great Job!

    First, today we thought of our own mothers and made them a gift, thanked them for all they’ve done for us, and above all we thought of our beloved mother lady Zahra (SA) and became more familiar with her and her kindness. I am very happy that the best woman on this earth is my role model, I know her, love her, and try to learn good things from her.

    For example, today we learned how to eat correctly, and what we should do be healthier, and what we should do so others who eat with us, can enjoy their food as well, and even learn from us the right way to sit around the table and eat. So, we can tell them that we have learned it from lady Zahra (SA) and encourage them to this as well.

    What else did we learn; we also learned to be patient, and be patient when we want to tell others something especially those who are younger than us. Because those who are younger than us, they are not that patient, and it might take them longer to understand some things. That is why it’s important for us to be patient and easy-going with them.

    Well, Thank God, we spent our day with all of you, and had so much fun. Now, do you all like to congratulate the son of lady Zahra (sa) meaning the Imam of Our Time, on the birthday of his mother and be happy? To please the Imam of Our Time (AS) let’s all pray for his return.

    {In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    O’ God, send your blessing upon Muhammad and the Household

    of Muhammad

    O’ God, at this moment and every moment

    Be a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper

    a proof, and an eye for Your representative &; proof, Mahdi son of Al-


    Your blessings be upon him and his ancestors

    guard him as long as he lives on this earth as a ruler

    benefit him and bless him with everything You and this earth has to