Birth Anniversary of Imam al-Mahdi (AJ)-Level 2-2nd Year

Topic Overview: Becoming Familiar with the Birth of the Imam of Our Time [May Our Souls be His Ransom] (From the Night of His Birth to those Who Witnessed His Eminence), Becoming Familiar with the History of His Reappearance, Becoming Familiar with the Ka’ba and the Maqam

  • Objective(s):

    1. Since children arrive at different times, it is suggested that before the start of the official program, any sort of craft that is associated with the occasion is planned for those kids who come earlier to the program.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:


    2.Construction paper

    3.Printing out the templates that has been provided in the link mentioned.


    25-30 Minutes

    Kaaba and Maqam [Station]

    Materials needed:

    1. Poster board (white, blue, and black)
    2. Construction paper (white or yellow)
    3. Colored pencil (Yellow)[1]
    4. Washi colored tape (Gold)[2]
    5. Scissor
    6. Glue stick

    [1] If yellow construction paper is used there is no need for a yellow colored pencil

    [2] You may use decorative tape in the color gold, or use variety of different ribbons, fabric or gold foam. If you do not find these in gold, instead you may use yellow or light brown as the last choice.

    Use a blue poster board in size 18×28 cm.From the left side. From the left side measure 10 cm and fold it.


    From the top and the bottom of the blue rectangle go up 4 cm (indicated by the red line), then 7cm to the right (the green line). Then cut on the green line. Fold the part you cut to the right until the folded line appear on the poster board


    Fold the resulting cube inwards.


    Prepare a rectangle using a white poster board in size 19 *29 cm. Go 10.5 cm from the left side and fold it.


    Glue the blue rectangle on top of the white one making sure the cube is not glued on top and is able to freely open and close.


    Prepare another rectangle in size 14 *11 cm using a black construction paper. Then fold it in half so the line appears in the middle.


    As shown in the image, glue the golden ribbon on top horizontally.


    As shown in the image cut out another golden ribbon that is 2 to 3 times wider than the previous one and glue it vertically.


    Glue the Ka’ba on top of the blue cube


    Print the image of the Maqam that is given at the end of this file. Cut it out and color it yellow. If you print it on a yellow construction paper there is no need to color it. Then glue the picture according to the next image.





  • Objective(s):

    1.Seeking means to the Holy Qur’an to illuminate our hearts that is means to salvation.

    2.Recognizing the Holy Qur’an as the means to salvation and guidance of humans.

    3.Becoming familiar with verses 8 and 9 of surah as-Saf. And the way the light of God will manifest the whole earth even if the Polytheist try to extinguish this light.

    4.Mentioning verse 86 of surah al-Hood and mentioning “Baghiat allah” [remnant of Allah on this earth]

    5. Mentioning the reason behind the replacement of previous distorted religions with true Islam.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.The mentor needs to show excitement and enthusiasm.

    2.Displaying the mentioned verses and even playing the recitation of the verses.


    10 Minutes


    Salaam my dear friends! I congratulate all of you on this very very great and special Eid! I am sure that by now all of you should know what is so special about today, and I don’t have to repeat it. I just want to say that today is a great day, and it’s a day of happiness and joy for all the creatures on this earth and not just humans or those who know the Imam of Our Time (AS). How lucky are we that before the return of the Imam of Our Time, -who is the best creature of God during our time and is the savior of us humans and the mankind from badness-we know him, love him, and, Insha’Allah are among those who pray and do their best for his return. This way, Insha’Allah we can have a role in achieving the best days that this earth will see. It’s a great feeling, when you can have such a great role on this earth by simply doing good things, and praying for the return of the Imam of Our Time (AS). Alright, I again congratulate all of you on this great day, and I hope that today we have lots of fun, learn new facts, and increase our love and kindness toward our master, and kindest father.

    Alright my dears, before we officially start our program, let’s brighten our hearts in the name of God and in His remembrance, by reciting a few ayahs from the Holy Quran, which is the word of God with us. Let’s all not forget that it’s this Holy Qur’an and the Imams which show us the right way in life and show us how to become closer to dear God, and let’s all make sure that we do not neglect this Holy Book, and every day try to read a few ayahs from the Quran and become familiar with its meaning. Today I would like to read for you ayah’s 8 and 9 of Surah as-Saf.

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

    يُريدونَ لِيُطفِئوا نورَ اللّهِ بِاَفواهِهِم و اللّهُ مُتِمُّ نورِه و لَو كَرِهَ الكافِرون * 8

    هُوَ الذى اَرسَلَ رَسولَهُ و دينِ الحَقِّ لِيُظهِرَهُ عَلَى الدّينِ كُلِّهِ و لَو كَرِهَ المُشرِكون * 9

    In the Name of God, the beneficent the merciful

    They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. (8) It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although those who associate others with Allah dislike it. (9)

    [Note: The above translation is only given for the mentor.]

    My dears, these two ayahs are quite interesting. In ayah 8 or the first ayah that I read for you all, God points out a truth which is always occurring. God says that the disbelievers are those who extinguish the light and guidance of God with their mouths. Just like the way we blow out a candle with our mouths. They think that, they can easily lie, be specious, and plan to do something to extinguish the light of the guidance of God, and distract people from the right path. However, God will make his light complete, meaning that He will shine the light of His guidance on all the people of the world, even if the disbelievers dislike this and try their best to stop this from happening.

    Then, from the second ayah we understand that disbelievers and polytheist try to deviate people, extinguish the light of the guidance of God, and distance people from the religion of Islam-which is the last and the most complete religion. However, God is the Greatest and He will not allow the situation always to remain like this, but rather it will come a day when God will make the religion of Islam dominate over all the other religions that exist on this earth. Do you all know why? Who can guess? What is exactly wrong with other religions? Didn’t other religions come from God? Yes, because overtime, previous religions changed and forgot the truth. Also, some of the religions and the life styles that exists out there, are not even sent from God, but rather some people made it up.

    Now, who knows when all of this will happen?

    Yes, that is right the day when “Baghiat-Allah” returns, and with the help of so many people around the world who will come to assist him, and make the right way of living a Godly life, dominate over this world. In Surah, al-Hud, there is an Ayah that says:

    بَقِيَّةُ اللَّهِ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤْمِنِينَ [Surah al-Hud, 86]

    Which means that “Baghiat-Allah” is better for you, if you are a believer. “Baghiat-Allah”, means the remainder of God on this earth. It is referring to the successor of God, who will guide people towards God, and will fill the world with goodness, and beauty.

    Today we have all gathered here to celebrate the birth anniversary of “BaghiatAllah” meaning the Imam of Our Time (AS). So, we all can learn new information, and by increasing our knowledge about him, we can better our actions, and become ready for his return so we all can assist and help him.

    Which one of you is ready for the start of our celebration? Well, if you are ready, then show me by reciting a loud salawat, clapping your hands, and shouting out hooray!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Making the atmosphere more jubilant.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector, laptop, and speakers.


    5 Minutes

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with a brief history after the birth of the Imam of Our Time, and how his companions and his Shia’a met His Eminence.

    2.Understanding the fact that although the Imams are like other human beings, they possess special characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary people.

    3.Creating a sense of tangible reality of the Imam, and that some have seen him.


    15 Minutes

    Story: After the Birth of the Light

    Well my dears, I am sure most of you are familiar with the story of the birth of the Imam of Our Time (AS) and I shouldn’t repeat it for you all. That beautiful story that happened to his mother, lady Narjis Khatoon (AS), and she had to go from the city of Rome to Samara. Now I want to tell you all a few stories about what happened to our Imam after his birth. The birth of the Imam of Our Time was kept a secret. Meaning that due to God’s will, no signs of pregnancy was visible even until the night of his birth, and even close relatives didn’t know that lady Narjis khatoon was going to be a mother. This was because the rulers of that time were the enemies of our Imam and because they became aware that the last Imam who is the child of Imam Hassan al-Askari, was going to get rid of oppressors; they wanted to do anything possible, so the last Imam of Shia’s was not born. That is why they were even controlling Imam Askari, our eleventh Imam, the father of the Imam of Our Time in a war zone. But just as God has said in the Quran, even if the disbelievers do not wish for this, God will spread goodness and beauty on this earth. That is why even though the house of Imam Hassan was under control at all times, the Imam of Our Time (AS) was born on the 15th of Sha’baan, meaning the middle of the month of Sha’baan.

    It’s interesting to know that this feature of Imam Mahdi, meaning his strange birth was like the birth of Prophet Musa [Moses] and again no signs of pregnancy was visible on his mother and no one knew that his mother had a baby in her stomach and God saved him from Firaun in a miraculous way.

    I am sure you guys are curious to know what exactly happens after the secret birth of the Imam of Our Time, with all the enemies who wanted to kill him, so he would not fill this world with justice and beauty. And just how people got to know him and understand that he is the Imam after Imam Hassan al-Askari and not someone else? Well if you want to know more, pay close attention!

    A Child Hidden from Sights:

    Three days after the hidden birth of Imam Mahdi, his honorable father Imam Hassan al-Askari (Peace be Upon Him) showed him to his companions and said: “after me, this child will be your Imam and successor. He is the same “Qaem” that everyone is waiting for his return when the earth will be filled with injustice and oppression, then he will reappear and fill the earth with justice.” Oh, by the way, does anyone know what the word “Qaem” means? Great job, it means “the riser” the one who will standup. This title and name is the special name of the Imam of Our Time (AS), because after so many years that has passed and the earth is filled with oppression, injustice, badness, poverty and sadness, he will stand up against injustice, and with the power given to him by God, he will go and fight against badness and God will make him victorious. We Muslims, when we hear the title of “Qaem”, stand up for the Imam of Our Time out of respect facing the Qibla and send a salwaat upon our Imam. Now let’s all stand up facing the Qibla, and send a salawat upon our Imam, and in our hearts, tell our Imam how much we love him and want to be among his followers.

    Alright, well one of the Shia’s during the time of Imam Hassan al-Askari named Yaghoub describes that one day he went to see the Imam. He was sitting on a platform inside his house. On his right side, there was a room that a curtain covered it. I told the Imam (AS): “my master, who is your successor?” The Imam said: “pull aside the curtain”. I pulled aside the curtain, a child of about 8-10 years of age came out of the room, who was very beautiful. That child went and sat on Imam Hassan al-Askari’s lap. The Imam (AS) said: “my child, is my successor, and your Imam. Then that child stood up and the Imam (AS) said to him: “my son! Go back to the room until the designated time (the time of reappearance) arrives.” The child entered the room and I looked at him. Then, Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS) told me: “O Yaghoub, look to see who is in the room?” I entered the room, but saw no one there.

    Yes, my dears! Just like God gave prophets special miracles and powers for them to use to guide people; He also gave special powers to our Imams, the successors of our Prophet for them to use to guide people. That means the Imam of Our Time (AS) is not like a normal human being. With the special powers that God had given him, he not only grew faster than other kids, but to save his life from the attack of enemies, he was able to do something so others could not see him.

    The Signs of the Imam:

    Abu Adyan says: “I was a servant of Imam of Al-Askari (AS) and carried his letters to different cities. During the time that the Imam was ill, he called me over and gave me few letters that he had written destined for the city of Madayn and said “Go to Madayn. Your journey will last for fifteen days. On the fifteenth day, you will return to Samarra (which the house of Imam Hassan (AS) was in this city). Here, you will hear wails and cries from my house. That is when I will no longer be among you.” After showing my grief and sadness regarding this event I asked: “Master! In such a case, who will be the Imam after you?’ Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) responded, “One who will ask you about the replies to my letters will be the Imam after me.” I told him: “can you please provide me other signs?” He said, “whoever leads my funeral prayer will be my successor.” I said: “what else?” the Imam replied: “whoever informs you about what is in your bag, will be your Imam.”

    Abu Adyan says that he was embarrassed to further ask the Imam what bag he is talking about. So, then I took the letter to Madayn and gave it to the people of Madayn, and I took back their responses; and all this time I was mourning for Imam. On the other hand, I was sure of what Imam said and on the other hand I was praying for such thing to not happen and the Imam would stay among us.  And On the 15th day, just as Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) had predicted, I entered Samarra. Loud voices of wailing and crying echoed from the luminous house of the pure Imam. I saw Ja’far, the brother of Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.), standing on the door and receiving condolences for the death of his brother and as well as receiving congratulations for his Imamate. I went near him and offered my condolences and congratulated him. He did not ask me anything. Afterwards a person came out of the house and said to Ja’far: “Your brother has been covered with kafan. Come and lead his funeral prayers.” (my dears, you all know when someone dies, after washing and performing the ghusl and covering their body with kafan, someone must lead a funeral prayer called the namaz of “Meyet”. Regarding the Imams, the next Imam after them, could perform this prayer for the body of the previous Imam. That is why, it was very important who lead this prayer on the honorable body of Imam Hassan al-Askari; because it showed who will be the next Imam.) Ja’far went ahead to lead the prayers and the Shia’s also followed him.  As I entered the garden of the house of Imam, I saw his honorable and luminous body covered with kafan and it was placed in a coffin. When, Ja’far was about to start his prayer, as he was about to announce the Takbeer a handsome and beautiful young boy came out of the house. He caught hold of Ja’far’s robe and pushed him aside, saying, “Uncle! Move aside, as I have to lead the funeral prayers of my father.”

    Ja’far withdrew in a corner and his face went colorless. The child went ahead to recite the prayers on his father’s body and buried him next to his father, Imam Hadi (AS)’s grave. Thereafter, the beautiful child looked at me and said, “give me the replies of the letters.” I handed the letters to him and said to myself, “two signs that which Imam Hassan al-Askari told me were right and one sign is left. I came out and people were asking Ja’far who this boy was, and he was saying: “By Allah I had never seen him and I don’t know who he is.”

    At that moment, a few people from the city of Qom arrived and asked about the conditions of Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS). When they found out that about his death, they became very sad and then asked: “who is the Imam after him?” people pointed toward Ja’far. So, they went closer to him and offered him condolences and congratulated him and then said: “we have brought a few letters and a bit of money, now tell us who are the letters from and how much money do we have; so, we can give it to you.” Ja’far stood up from his place and said: “they expect me to know the unseen.” (as you all know to show that the Imams are the righteous ones, God had given them the power to know the unseen, and so this way people would understand the Imam is the righteous one.)

     At that moment, the servant from the Imam of the Time (AS) came over and said: “The letters of so and so are in your possession. You also have a bag containing a thousand dinars of which, only ten dinars are covered with real gold.” They gave the letters and money to this servant saying: “whoever has sent you over to get these letters and the money, he is the Imam of the Time.” Then at that moment I understood that Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS) was referring to this bag.

    A Child in Prostration (Sajdeh):

    Abu-sahl al-Nubakhti said: I went to Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS). He was sick, and thereafter due to that illness he passed away. I was beside him, when he told one of his servants: “O’ Aghid, bring for me a cup of hot water and medicine.” He boiled water, and brought a cup for Imam Hassan (AS). He gave the cup to the Imam, as he was about to take a sip from it, his eminence hands shook, and the cup hit the Imam’s teeth. He put down the cup and told the servant: “enter this room, and you will see a child in prostration (sajdah), bring him over to me.” Aghid went to the room to find the child. The servant said: “I saw a child who was in prostration. I offered my Salaam to him. He shortened his namaz (salah, prayer), and when he finished with his prayer, I politely said: “my master meaning Imam al-Askari has ordered you to come to him.” At this moment, his mother came, held onto his hand, and took him over to his father Imam Hassan (AS).

    When that child went to his father Imam al-Askari (AS), he offered his salaams, and I looked at him. I saw that his color was like a pearl, his hair had short curls in them. As soon as the Imam’s eye fell upon his beloved child, he started crying and said: “O the master of the Ahlul-bayt (AS)! Give me water, I will soon go to my lord.” That young man, grabbed the cup of hot water along with the medicine and gave it to his beloved father.

    When the Imam drank the water; he said: “prepare me for prayers [salah].” So, they put a towel beside him, and the child performed wudu on his father, and performed mas’h on his head and feet. Then Imam Hassal al-Askari (AS) told him: “receive good news my son, you are Mahdi, and the proof of God on this earth, you are my son and I am your father, you are Muhammad my son, and the Imams are your grandfather Imam Hadi (AS) till Amir-al muminin [alihe salaam]. Your father is the Messenger of God (S), and you are the last of the successors of the Messenger of God (S). The Messenger of Allah, Allah’s blessings be on him and his family, has given glad-tidings about you, named you and mentioned your title. And this is a covenant and promise to me from my father, and your pure forefathers.” It was at that moment, that Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS) passed away.

    I am “Baghiat-Allah” [the remainder of Allah on this earth]!

    Ahmad the son of Ishagh said: “I went to Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS) and wanted to talk to him about his successor. His Eminence proceeded without asking any questions and said: “O’ Ahmad! God has not left the earth without a divine proof since the creation of Adam (AS) and would and would not leave it without a Divine Proof till the Day of Judgment. Through the Divine Proof tragedies are repelled from the inhabitants of the Earth, rain falls, and the blessings of God is given.” With respect, I said: “O’ the child of Rasuallah! Who is your successor?” He went inside the house, and upon his shoulders sat a three-year-old boy, whose face seemed to be like the radiant moon and said: “O Ahmad! If you were not having a special and exalted position before Allah and the Proof of Allah, I would not have shown this son of mine to you. His name is the same as the of the Messenger of Allah (SAWA). He would fill the earth with justice and equity, as it would be filled with injustice and oppression. By Allah, he will be hidden from the eyes, and during the time of his absence no one shall be safe from destruction but the one who recognizes him as their Imam and pray for his reappearance.”

    Ahmad said: I told Imam al-Askari: “is there any sign so that it may satisfy my heart?” Just then the boy, started speaking eloquently in Arabic and said: “I am Baghiat-allah [ the remainder of God on this earth], the one who shall revenge from the enemies of God.”

    By the will of God, Imam Mahdi (AS) became hidden from our eyes, and by the will of God he will reappear again during a designated time. Many long and long years has passed since the time he has hidden from our eyes [gheibat], however he still has not yet reappeared.

    My dears, let us all promise to ourselves on this day, the birth of our dear Imam, to do one good deed every day to make the heart of our dear Imam happy, and pray for the return of our beloved Imam.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Creating a sense of love between the kids and the Imam of Our Time (AS).

    2.Accustom the kids with the signs of the advent of the Imam of Our Time (AS), the time of the advent, and what will occur after the reappearance of His Eminence.

    3. Eradicating the negative thoughts and doubts created regarding the emergence of violence during the time of reappearance and after the reappearance by explaining that many good people around the world will believe in the Imam of Our Time (May God Hasten His return) and will assist him.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.table, chairs, and books.

    2.characters of the play: a woman playing the role of a mother, a little girl playing the role of Sarah, or a young boy as a role of Ali (approximately 10 years of age).


    15 Minutes

    Play: When He Comes…


    Scene: House-Mother is busy reading; the door opens, and Sarah enters in her school uniform and a backpack on her shoulder

    Mother (lifts her head up and smiles at Sarah): Salaam my dear, how are you!

    Sarah (her head is lowered and is deep in thoughts and answers in a low voice): Salaam my dear mom! Thank you, I hope you are doing well too.

    Mother: my dear go and change your clothes, and wash your face and hands so we can eat lunch (pauses for a moment and looks at Sarah’s face) what happened my dear? You are deep in thought. Did something happen at school today?

    Sarah (while putting her backpack down): no mom, nothing has happened. I was just thinking about what my teacher said today.

    Mother: what was she talking about?

    Sarah (sits on a chair): my teacher was talking about the displaced children in Lebanon. Children who have lost all their belongings and their parents due to the attack of some tyrant and cruel people to their houses. I felt sad, and I wished someone could stop these tyrant, and cruel people.

    Mother: I understand my dear! I also feel sad for all these children who lose all their belongings, and parents in war.

    Sarah: Mom can’t all these wars and oppressions end? Can’t someone out there stop all these oppressors and cruel people?

    Mother: My dear, it is the duty of us humans to support the oppressed as much as we can and fight against the oppressors. But the real victory will happen when our 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi returns. That is when peace and tranquility will exist everywhere.

    Sarah (looks at her mom with excitement): mom, you never talked about the return of Imam Mahdi with me. I really like to know what will happened when he returns? How will his return even occur?

    Mother (smiles): sure, my dear, I will tell you. When the time for the return of the promised Mahdi comes; meaning when God allows him to return. He will head to the city of Makkah

    and when he arrives by the house of God the Kaaba he will callout:

    اَنَا المَهدِيُّ المُنتَظَر! اَنَا بَقیَّةُ الله!

    [an al Mahdi al-Muntazer! Ana Baghiat-Allah]

    Meaning that I am Mahdi, the one you were awaiting, I am “Baghiatul-Allah” which God had said is better for you. And the sound of the Imam is in a way that everyone will hear him and all his supporters and companions all around the world will go to him. That is when our Imam will announce to all the oppressors and tyrants that they must surrender to peace and stop from continuing their wrongdoings and oppressing people.

    Sarah (worried): then what would happen if they don’t listen to Imam Mahdi? What would happen if they go to fight against our beloved Imam and his followers?

    Mother: hmm I see. At that time if they don’t listen and continue with their wrongdoings and oppressions; all those who have went to assist our Imam, whom are all tired of these oppressions, will stand alongside the Imam of Our Time and fight against them. God will also help the Imam and his followers, so they can defeat the bad people; and after that justice and goodness will exist everywhere.

    Sarah: do you mean that, when that time comes no kid will be left hungry, poor and homeless?

    Mother: yeah, when that time comes, no one will be hungry, and poor anymore. No wars will occur, and everywhere will be peace and tranquility. When Imam Mahdi returns, the knowledge of people will increase to its maximum ability and everyone will live together in peace and harmony.

    Sarah: Wowww, just for you explaining these things made me feel sooo good, how would I feel when the times comes! I wish I can see that time.

    Sarah (goes deep in thoughts and asks again): what will happen to the rest of the people on this earth? For example, those who are Christians and Jews or those who are not even Muslims but are not bad people; what will happen to them?

    Mother: You see my dear in all the heavenly religions it has been mentioned that finally a person will come to rescue people from oppression and cruelty, and will fill the world with justice and goodness. Therefore, all those who follow other religions, are waiting for that person to come. When the Imam of Our Time (aj) returns; he will introduce himself to everyone and will talk to everyone in the world; and so those people will start in believing him. Also, at the time of the return of the Imam of Our Time (AS), Prophet Isa (Jesus) will also come and will pray behind our Imam in Jamaat prayer. And this itself will make so many Christians to support our Imam.

    Sarah: Hmm I understand now. So, because so many people of the world are thirsty for peace and goodness, they will come and support the Imam of Our Time. And everyone under the leadership of the Imam of Our Time (AS) will go and fight against bad and evil people. How interesting 😊 (mother will smile as well).

    Sarah: well, when will the Imam of Our Time return? Can we do something, so he can return sooner?

    Mother (smiles and kindly pads Sarah’s head): My dear, God only knows of its time. But for sure we can do something so God can make the return of our Imam to happen sooner!

    Sarah (excited): like what mom???

    Mother: like, we can try to be better people. Help each other more. Be truthful, do not bully each other, perform our religious duties better, never forget to pray for the return and the health of our hidden Imam, and always wait for his return. Pay attention to this fact that the Imam of Our Time, is more than anyone else is waiting for God’s permission; and God will give this permission only when our Imam has enough followers to support him, so he can win against the enemies and not be martyred (die). In fact, by performing good deeds, and praying from the bottom of our hearts we can show God that we are really thirsty and truly await the return of the Imam of Our Time (AS), and when he comes we will not leave him alone.

    Sarah: hmm that is why you are saying we should do good things, and perform our religious duties better. You say this, so we could be one of the followers of the Imam of Our Time (AS) and make his return sooner. Hmm, now I get it! (and then proudly says :)From today onwards, I will also try to be the way that the Imam of Our Time likes me to be. And help in making the return of my Imam sooner. So not only can we stop waiting, but he can stop as well.

    Mother: Great my dear you brought up a very good point. The Imam of Our Time is very sad, because he doesn’t have that many companions and that is why to protect him God does not give him the permission to reappear. So, he prays that people soon become ready for his return. You know, because long times ago, God sent many prophets, but people didn’t believe in them. For example, Prophet Nuh (i.e. Noah) (AS), for 1000 years he spread the message of worshiping God and how to be good people; but only a few people believed in him. That is why, now since it’s the time for God’s last representative on this earth, He wants people to really have the intention of being good. Meaning that, the time comes when everyone is tired of oppression and badness, and they only ask God for His help, and understand that besides God, no one else can solve their problems. That is why, it would be a great idea for us to try to be good, and give the rest of the people the message that with our good actions we can show God that we are eager for the return of the savior of humanity.

    Mother (raises her hands up in the sky and says): اللهم عَجِّل لِوَلیِّکَ الفَرَج و اجعَلنا مِن اَعوانِه و اَنصارِه.

    [allahuma ajal le walike al-faraj, wa aj-alna men a’aavanehi wa ansareh]

    Mother to Sarah: it means: O God make the return of our Imam sooner and allow us to be one of his companions.

    Sarah: Amen!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the Imam of Our Time, a person who God has promised his arrival for saving the mankind.

    2.Becoming familiar with the history of the advent of the awaited Mahdi (AS), and his tactics in eliminating oppression, impurity by manifesting the light of Allah on the universe.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Computer, internet connection, projector, speakers and an appropriate place to present the Prezi slides.


    15-20 Minutes

    Prezi: Becoming Familiar with the History of Reappearance

    Prezi Link:


    well my dears in this Prezi that we will present for you, we want to talk about the return of Imam Mahdi [aalihe asalaam]. We hope that we can give you good information about the return of our beloved and kind Imam.

    Slide 2:

    A time will come, that insecurity, war, and chaos is going to rule on earth, and people don’t know what to do from extreme poverty. Many kids and elders will die from weird diseases and doctors don’t have any cure for them. Everyone is looking for a solution and way to be saved!

    Slide 3 & 4:

    In that state of emergency, everyone starts to pray and pray for the return of the awaited savior. Though, people of different religions who believe in the return of a savior always pray for his return. At that time, everyone is sure that the only way to be saved, is by the return of a savior from God. A person who is the savior of mankind, and has been mentioned in all other religions, and it has been said that: at last one day, he will come.

    Slide 5:

    Finally, with God’s permission that day comes. The assigned day, that day that was promised. The best day of the world. The day of reappearance of the savior of mankind, meaning the day of the return of the savior of mankind and all the people of the world. A voice will be heard from the sky. The voice of Gabrielle who says: O people, it is your leader Mahdi, he is the one that will fill this world with justice just as it has been filled with injustice and oppression.

    Slide 6 & 7:

    my dear friends, the place of the return of the Imam of Our Time (May God make his return sooner) will be in the city of Mecca by the house of God in the corner where the black stone [hajar al-aswad] and the Station of Ibrahim [Maqam al-Ibrahim] is located at. As you all can see in this image. Imam will stand by the house of God and will recite an ayah from the Holy Surah al-Hood:

    (بَقِیَّةُ اللهِ خَیرٌ لَّکُم إن کُنتُم مُؤمِنین)

    [Baqiyyatu Allahi khayrun lakum in kuntum mumineena]

    Which means Baghiat-allah is better for you, if you are a believer. And then he will say: O people of the world, I am Baghiat-allah the remainder of God on this earth. The person that God has promised and a person who will show you all the right path in life, and guide you so you can have a beautiful world.

    Slide 8:

    Then immediately he will start talking about his lonely grandfather Imam Hussain (AS) and he will say: I am from the offspring of Hussain [peace be upon him], the person who was martyred unjustly, with thirsty lips between the two rivers.

    Slide 9:

    Then, Imam Mahdi will invite his soldiers whom are 313 people from all around the world, and they will quickly go to him. These 313 people are the real followers of the Imam of Our Time (AS).

    Slide 10:

    But so many people around the world who were waiting for this grand day, from all around the world will quickly go to where Imam is to assist him, be in his presence and fill their hearts with goodness, beauty and have a role in making this world a beautiful place.

    My dears, even people who used to do bad things, upon hearing the voice of our beloved Imam will believe in him, ask God for forgiveness, and will go to assist our Imam. And I can tell you that many people around the world will gather around the Imam, so all together besides the Imam of Our Time with the help of God they can end badness on this earth.

    Slide 11:

    Then Imam Mahdi (Peace be Upon Him) will go toward the city of Medina, so he can visit the grave of his grandfather, Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), and his friends, followers, and Shia’s will also go with him. And everyone is waiting for one thing.

    Slide 12:

    something that has been missing for years and has been hidden from the eyes of the people. Everyone would go to the city of Medina to visit [for ziyarat] the Last Prophet of Islam (SAWA), however they wouldn’t know where the grave of his only daughter lady Fatimah al-Zahra was (sa)?

    All these centuries, her followers, and Shia’s would go to Medina, and would leave the city without being able to visit the grave of that honorable lady and read a ziyarat [dua] for her. But now the promised day has arrived! Mahdi the son of Fatemeh [Peace be Upon Her] know where the grave of her mother is located.

    And so, the Imam will show people the hidden grave of his mother, so everyone is able to go to the ziyarat of the best women on earth, and cry for the oppressions that happened to her, as well as to celebrate the return of her child besides her grave.

    Slide 13:

    Now that many people have went to be besides the Imam, do you all think that the enemies of the people, those who would hurt others, or even would turn people from the right path, or would do many other bad things to destroy people, would they just sit until the Imam of Our Time (AS) has control of the earth, has illuminated this earth and filled it with goodness and beauty? Noo! They would also gather an army of people and will go to fight against the Imam of Our Time (AS).

    But because God wants this earth to be filled with security, and peace with the presence of the Imam of Our Time (AS), and those who have believed in him, and have chosen the right path to achieve peace; they will win in this battle, and destroy the bad people and the enemies of goodness.

    and many even upon seeing the luminous face of the Imam of Our Time (AS), and hearing the beautiful voice of him, they will start to believe in him without going to war against him.

    They will then join to be among the followers of our Imam. Just like this, within a few months, everyone will be under the banner of Islam, the religion of peace, kindness and guidance for us humans.

    Slide 14:

    Now the time has come that the Imam of Our Time (AS) choses a location for his government. Meaning to go to a place to live, and from there to control the world. In your opinions what country will the Imam of Our Time (AS) chooses to go? What city? China? Holland? UK? Algeria? Canada? Iran? Or Saudi Arabia?

    Imam Mahdi (AS) will go to the country of Iraq, the city of Kufa. That same city that his grandfather Amir Al-Mu’minin (AS) ruled for 5 years, and established justice! He will establish his government and rule in the city of Kufa. People from all around the world will come to see him in the city of Kufa. How lucky is the city of Kufa!

    Slide 15 & 16:

    During the time of the return of Imam Mahdi (AS), the world will be filled with peace. You can only, and only hear the chirping and singing of birds, and the peaceful sound of ocean waves and rivers. When you close your eyes, everything is green and blooming. Nowhere in the world will there be famine and drought.

    And everywhere will be filled with beautiful flowers, green and blooming trees. Everyone will be living at peace and serenity. No one will do bad things to others.

    And no one will be poor and in need of money. And even a small child will be able to go from country to country without being scared or hurt by someone else.

    Slide 17:

    An old lady with a bag of gold can go from this part of the world to the other part without anyone caring. In short, my dears, that day, is a day that everyone is dreaming about. A day that everyone wants to be alive, and see the day that badness no longer exists on this earth and only goodness exists.

    Slide 18:

    So, until that wonderful day comes, let’s all promise to be good people, do good deeds, and do not sin. As well as pray a lot for the return of our beloved Imam.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the celebration of the 15th of Sha’baan, and the reappearance of the Imam of Our Time (AJ).

    2.Accustom the kids with the culture of poetry and reciting religious poems.

    3. Clapping and showing excitement while the poems are being recited will make the atmosphere more jubilant for the participants.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Before the start of the program, the mentor should practice reciting the poems eloquently and possibly even memorize some parts of the poem.

    2. Ask the kids to recite along with you the parts of the poem that seems easier.


    5-10 Minutes


    [Ya mahdi, ajal mahdi,

    ya mhdi, We await you ow 12th imam

    Ya mahdi, ajal mahdi

    ya mahdi, Savior of all mankind]x2

    Proof of Allah

    The guided one,

    The chosen one,

    Beloved one

    We sing your praise

    And pray to Allah,

    To hasten your uprising

    [Ya mahdi, ajal mahdi,

    ya mhdi, We await you ow 12th imam

    Ya mahdi, ajal mahdi

    ya mahdi, Savior of all mankind]x2

    The light of Allah

    You are our master

    The only hope

    Of this darkness

    We search for you

    And we lose our way

    The eyes are blind

    The heart grows high

    We raise our hands

    For the true guide

    I beg of you

    Remove the veil

    Dividing us

    There is a crave

    For that day when

     We will see,

     Your glowing face

    [Ya mahdi, ajal mahdi,

    ya mhdi, We await you ow 12th imam

    Ya mahdi, ajal mahdi

    ya Mahdi, Savior of all mankind]x2

    O Flower of Nargis and Askari
    Imam of our time, the savior Mahdi
    Hear our prayers we’d love to see

    You are the one who will make this world fair
    You will spread peace and justice everywhere
    We are all waiting for you in despair

    We spend every second of our live waiting for you
    We hope and we pray to feel your presence too
    Without you we’re lost what shall we do?

    Your name gives us all the hope that we need
    Striving to do our best you’re nothing every deed
    We want you to reappear now we plead

    You’ll save this world and take away injustice
    You will bring peace and hope for the hopeless
    You’ll remove the world from its darkness

    Now we make a promise O Imam Mahdi
    We’ll be the best in making you happy
    We’ll live our lives just how you’d like to see

    On the 15th day of Sha’aban

    On the 15th of Sha’aban;
    another flower has bloomed.
    In Muhammad’s garden,
    another spring has come.

    The holder of Ali’s Dhulfiqar;
    has opened eyes today.
    The holder of Musa’s stalk;
    has blessed this day.

    The sparkling light of moon,
    The joy of Haider has come,
    The avenger of Hussain’s blood,
    The Son of Zahra has come.

    Today none shall be deprived;
    for the Imam of his time has come.
    Felicitations O’ lovers . . .
    For Askari’s son has come.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Convey the feelings of children about the Imam of Our Time (PBUH) to each other.

    2.Make kids become familiar with one another and elevate their precision.

    3. Accustom the kids with the culture of speaking to the Imam of Our Time (PBUH) and writing a heartfelt note to him.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Pieces of paper

    2.Pencil or pen per number of participants.


    20 Minutes

    Group Activity: Writing a Letter to the Imam and Finding its Owner

    • Pass out pieces of paper to the participants

    My dears, please use the piece of paper I just handed out, and write a few sentences for the Imam of Our Time, just like a letter. Then, at the end of the letter write- from your daughter/son, and write out a few characteristics of yourself.

    For example, from your daughter whose first name starts with the letter “m”, has brown hair, white skin, is tall, energetic, reads lots of books, or any other characteristics that comes to your mind. Then after you are done writing out your letter, fold it in half and put it in this bowl. We will mix it up, and I will ask one by one to come up and grab a letter from the bowl with closed eyes. Then, you must read the letter out loud and guess who the letter might belong to.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the Ka’ba, the pillars (arkan), Maqam Ibrahim [station of Ibrahim], and Hijr of Ismail [stone of Ismail]

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Please display the picture that has been provided at the end of this file.



    5 Minutes

    Story: Becoming Familiar with the Ka’ba

    My dears I believe that all of you know where Ka’ba the house of God is located? Correct? Which one of you knows? Yes, that is right, Kaaba is a structure located inside of Masjid of al-haram in the city of Mecca in the country of Saudi Arabia. Ka’ba is the holiest place in the religion of Islam. Now, do you all know why the name of the House of God is named Ka’ba? I can give you guys a hint and that is, it has to do something with its shape and how its structured. The name Ka’ba is referring to the four corners of this building. Which in Arabic they call this shape: “Moke’ab” [cube]. In the Quran, it has been mentioned that the structure of Ka’ba has was built by one of the messengers of God Ibrahim and his son Ismail. But, the Holy Ka’ba was built the first time, by our grandfather Prophet Adam (AS), but then it got destroyed and was built again by Prophet Ibrahim. I am sure many of you knew all the things I just told you. But the information that I will tell you from now, might be new and more interesting for you.

    First, which one of you know why they call Kaaba, the House of God? God doesn’t have a house! (wait for kid’s response). Yes, God is not like us humans or any other person, that is why He doesn’t have a house. The reason why we say: “the House of God”, is because this House was built for worshipping God. Just like the mosques (masjids) which are also the House of God. Kaaba is the best place to worship God, and everyone face the Kaaba to worship God and to pray, even from different countries. That is why they say that Kaaba is the: “Qibla for all Muslims”.

    Does anyone of you know what I mean when I say “the arkan” of Kaaba? What are they referring to when they say the “rokn” of Kaaba? And what are the names of the “arkan” of the Kaaba? (Now, the mentor may display the picture of the Ka’ba that has been provided at the end of this file. Or even print out the picture and allow the kids to have the picture in front of them so they can better understand what the mentor is trying to say.)

    To every four corners of the Kaaba, they say rokn. And the Kaaba has been built on four rokn [corners].

    1. Rokn Hajar-al-aswad [the Corner of the Black Stone]: Hajar as-wad is a heavenly black stone that was brought down by angels from the paradise while Adam was building the Kaaba. Then Adam installed this in one of the corners of the House of God. After the reconstruction of the Kaaba by the Quraysh tribe, this stone was put in place by Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) before the door of the Kaaba in the corner of Hajar al-aswad; and it’s the place where people start to perform their tawaf [circumambulating the Kaaba].
    2. Rokn al-Iraqi [The Iraqi Corner]: If we move in the direction of tawaf, the next corner after “Hajar al-aswad” is Rokn of Iraqi. Because it’s in the direction of the country of Iraq.
    3. Rokn Ashami [Syrian Corner]: and again, if we continue in the same direction, the next corner that is in the direction of Sham or Syria, is named the Rokn ash-shami.
    4. Rokn al-Yemani [Yemeni Corner]: rokn of al-Yemani which is a corner before Hajar al-aswad, is the corner that by will of God, it cracked, and Fatemeh bint al-asad entered the Ka’ba through it and Imam Ali (AS) was born inside the Ka’ba. This corner is in the direction of the country of Yemen.

    One the best things to do in the Masjid al-Haram, is doing tawaf (circling) around the House of God. Tawaf means that we go by Hajar al-aswad, and from there start to circle around the house of God 7 times, in His remembrance. Oh, and it’s no important what our distance is from Ka’ba while performing the tawaf; however, it’s better that we perform our tawaf between the Maqam of Ibrahim [station of Ibrahim] and the Ka’ba, and our distance from the Ka’ba is no more than this. Well now you might ask what is the maqam of Ibrahim?

    Maqam Ibrahim is referred to a large stone block on which Prophet Ibrahim (AS) stood while building the walls of the Ka’baa. This stone block was obviously closer to the Ka’ba during the time of the Prophet, and some Muslims changed its place by accident. By anyways, now it is still there and is placed near the Ka’baa, inside a glass enclosure with a golden lock. If you look inside, you will see a black stone with width and length of about 40 cm, and an imprint of Prophet Ibrahim’s feet is seen on it. This place is holy, and those who perform Hajj, after performing their wajib (required) tawaf, they must pray 2 rak’aat (units) of Salah of tawaf behind the station of Ibrahim.

    According to the verses of Quran, the Maqam of Ibrahim is an important and Holy place in the Holy Quran we read:

    «وَ اتَّخِذُوا مِن مَقامِ إِبراهِیمَ مُصَلَّی»

    “and take the place where Ibrahim stood, as your place of prayer”

    In between the Rokn of Iraqi and Rokn of ashShami, there is a place with a round platform with a height of about 1 ½ meters long. They call this place “Hejr-e-Ismaeel”, and it’s a very important place where praying and making Dua’a is very recommended and has lots of rewards. The golden gutter that is on top of the Ka’baa is also above this place.

    The door of the Ka’baa is near and before Hajar al-aswad. And this was a description of the House of God, which has been on this earth since the time humans have existed. and people have come besides the House of God from all parts of the world to perform ziyarat and worship God. May God give us all the opportunity to visit the Kab’aa both before the return of the Imam of Our Time and especially during the time of his return; and, be among his companions, helpers, and assistants.

    Also, let me not forget to say that the Imam of Our Time (AS) will reappear somewhere between the Maqam of Ibrahim and the Ka’ba. And it is at that place that he will call out saying “ana baghiat-allah” [I am the remainder of God], and God will make his voice heard by all his supporters around the world, so they can join the Imam.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Maximizing kids’ ability in learning and memorization by doing related work at home.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Print the story given at the end of this file per number of participants.

    Take Home Activity:

    The story of lady Narjis Khatoon (PBUH) and the birth of the Imam of Our Time [may our souls be his ransom] is given at the end of this file. Please print the story, and hand it out to the participants. In the hopes of educating kids about the culture of holding ceremonies for the birth anniversary of the Imam of Our Time (PBUH), ask the kids to manage a small ceremony at their house and help them in this effort by mentioning a few ideas to them.

    My dears, a very good and valuable thing that one can do, which has lots of rewards and can have great affects in our lives is to celebrate the 15th of Sha’baan, the birth of the Imam of Our Time (AS) among our family members. A program and celebration that can be planned by you guys, and even its programs to be run by you. You can make invitation cards for your family members. You can plan to have something for refreshments and snacks; and plan to start your celebration by reciting the Holy Quran, play an animation or a video, then you can read a story, and have a game like play pantomime or any other game that you might think of, and end your program by reciting dua al-faraj. I will promise all of you, that this will be one the greatest experiences for you and for your families. Plus, all of you will have so much fun. But above all you will make our beloved Imam of the Time (AS) so happy, and gain lots of rewards. For this purpose, we have written for you a story about the birth of the Imam of Our Time and will give you all this story to help you to have a great celebration at home. Right now, you may plan this, and choose a date for your celebration. It is totally fine if this year, you plan to have your celebration a bit later. In return, from next year you can plan your celebration in advance, and plan it during the first few days of the month of Sha’baan.

    The Story of Lady Narjis Khatoon (Peace be Upon Her) and the Birth of the Imam of Our Time [May our Souls be his Ransom]

    From afar Boshr, was looking at the bridge. The sun was shining above his head, giving him a headache. But he did not take his eyes off the bridge. Finally, a ship dropped an anchor near the bridge. Boshr got closer. The slaves and the slave traders got off the ship. The slave market which was near the bridge became crowded. Everyone from the rich of the city, youngsters and others had come to either buy slaves, or to see how the captives of other cities looked like. The slave traders would yell to encourage buyers. Boshr whom himself was a slave trader, smiled. He knew that many of these sellers are falsely advertising. Boshr got closer to the stand that Omar ibn Yazid had. He was busy. He was putting to display different slaves, so the rich of the city would buy them. Now it was the turn of a 14 or15-year-old girl. Omar ibn Yazid said: this slave is a 14-year girl from Rome, and she can speak Arabic fluently.

    Upon hearing this, Boshr listened closely and got closer. He recalled what Imam Hadi (AS) had told him. When Imam Hadi (AS) gave him a sealed letter and a bag of gold and had told him: “all day from afar look for a slave trader named Umar ibn-Yazid, he will show a slave girl who will wear a loose silk dress, a modest slave who will refuse to remove her veil and hijab for the buyers ….”. When Boshr remembered, the words of the Imam, he paid close attention to that slave. The slave had her face covered, and she refused to take her veil off even when Omar ibn Yazid insisted her to do so. Therefore no one bought the slave with the hijab. Boshr got closer: I have a letter by a noble trustworthy man for you. Hand this letter to the girl, if she accepts it, I will buy her. Omar ibn Yazid accepted the letter, and gave it to the girl. The girl opened the sealed letter and started reading it. Suddenly, her eyes sparkled, and with a trembling voice she said: “sell me to the writer of this letter!”

    Along the way, Boshr became very curious about this incident and said to the girl: “do you know the writer of this letter? Who are you?

    She said quietly: “I am Melika, the granddaughter of Ya’shu-the son of the Roman Caesar. My mother is from the descendants of apostles of Jesus.

    Boshr was still shocked and surprised, because he knew that Melika and Imam Hadi (AS) have never met before.

    When Melika entered the small house, she saw Imam Hadi (AS). Her mouth hung open in surprise. It was the same as she saw in her dream. The same dream that had brought her from the city of Rome, the cozy and comfortable palace to the city of Samarra, the city of war and bloodshed. She again reviewed her dream. In her dream, she saw Muhammad (S) in an Arabic dress, with a warm smile, black curly hair who came before Jesus and said: O’ Ruhullah [Spirit of God]! I have come to your successor-Simon [Shamoun] with a proposal of marriage for Malika on behalf of my son and then he pointed at a young man sitting beside him. This dream was the same dream that made Melika to run away secretly from the palace and go to the battlefield between Muslims and Christians as a nurse. The sound of the Imam, made her to come closer to him. Imam Hadi (AS) said in a soft and calm tone: I want to honor you. Which of these two proposals do you wish to accept: 10 thousand dirhams or a glad tiding of eternal grandeur?

    The girl, lowered her head and said: “all of this effort for the sake of gaining 10 thousand dirhams? If I accept that, I am foolish.”

    “O son of the Messenger of God I would like the glad tiding of eternal grandeur!”

    Her heart pounded to hear this glad tiding and she was wondering what could this really be?

    Imam had a smile on his face. The Imam’s voice reminded Melika of her great forefather Simon- the successor of Isa [Jesus].

    -Rejoice the tidings of having a son who will rule the world from the east to the west and will fill the earth with justice and equity as it will be filled with oppression and corruption.

    Suddenly Melika rejoiced in happiness, she was crying with sheer happiness. She was so pure and heavenly that she was chosen by the Prophet (S) to become the wife of Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS). And this heavenly and luminous marriage took place, making the hearts of Shia’s full of happiness. From then on, Melika chose another name for herself. Narjis was a meritorious name for the mother of the savior of the oppressed. Days went by, and the life of these two-heavenly couple reached a pinnacle. The month of Sha’baan finally arrived.

    Narjis slowly raised his head and looked at the face of Imam Hassan (AS). The youthful face of Imam Hassan (AS), changed the atmosphere for Narjis to become more luminous, full of happiness, and love. Imam Hassan turned toward Aunt Hakimeh: I am surprised at this girl. Aunt asked: but why?

    Imam Hassan gazed upon the sky. His heart was settled down. Because soon this girl will give birth to a child who is chosen by God. A boy, who will fill the earth with justice as it will be filled with oppression.

    The 15th of Sha’baan, a day of celebration and joy for the world, arrived. A young black boy, knocked on the door of Hakimeh. Moments later Hakimeh opened the door. The young man said: my Master has said: to break your fast at his house.

    Aunt Hakimeh goes in a deep thought: what exactly has happened that my brother’s son has invited me over to his house!???

    Few minutes later, she arrived at the door of Imam Hassan’s house. Imam had a smile on his face and told his aunt: tonight, is the night of the 15th of Sha’baan, and the Almighty God will make his leader apparent on this earth.

    The heart of Hakimeh pounded. She felt as if something important will happen. She didn’t move her eyes from the Imam, until he finished the rest of what he had to say. Imam continued: “tonight, a child who is honorable in the sight Almighty God is going to be born. One who God, will enliven this dead earth with his auspicious footsteps.”

    Hakimeh smiled, and her heart overflowed with joy. Suddenly she stopped smiling and said: but my dear nephew, no sign of pregnancy is apparent on Narjis?

    Imam said: I meant what I said.

    On the other hand, Narjis Khatoon went toward aunt Hakimeh. Aunt Hakimeh approached her, smiled and said: “my lady! How did you finish your day?” Narjis hung her head in shame. My dear Aunt! You are my lady and the lady of my household. Aunty Hakimeh, grabbed on to the hand of Narjis and took her to the room: my daughter! God will soon bless you with a son who will be the Master of the worlds. Imam Hassan (AS) was eagerly waiting outside. Waiting, waiting, and waiting, praying, thanking God, and…. again, eagerly waiting. The stars had surrounded the house of Imam Hassan (AS). The caliph was blind and oblivious. The soldiers and commanders were unaware of the house of Imam Hassan (AS). Gabriel was ascending and descending. It was already past midnight. The world was getting closer to the morning; moments later amongst the crowd of Hakimeh and the angels of the world, an eye opened. An eye that which all eyes were awaiting to see. Imam Hassan (AS) could no longer wait, and his heart was beating in anticipation; the angels could even hear his heartbeats. He called out his aunt: dear aunt, dear aunt! Bring my son to me, I can no longer tolerate. Moments later, the infant was in the hands of his father. The Imam said: my dear son speak, speak by the will of God. O’ the proof of God and the remnant of the Prophets and the seal of successors and the successor of the pious, speak!

     The infant began to speak: [ the following verses may be played to make the atmosphere spiritual. [28:5-6]]

    بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

    وَنُرِيدُ أَن نَّمُنَّ عَلَى الَّذِينَ اسْتُضْعِفُوا فِي الْأَرْضِ وَنَجْعَلَهُمْ أَئِمَّةً وَنَجْعَلَهُمُ الْوَارِثِينَ ﴿٥﴾ وَنُمَكِّنَ لَهُمْ فِي الْأَرْضِ وَنُرِيَ فِرْعَوْنَ وَهَامَانَ وَجُنُودَهُمَا مِنْهُم مَّا كَانُوا يَحْذَرُونَ.

    The heart of the earth and the land started to beat. The breeze was overjoyed and started to dance upon witnessing the sweet spoken infant, and the miracle of God. “And we willed to favor those who were oppressed in the land, and to make them leaders and inheritors upon this earth.” And this great enunciation of God, was spoken by our master, while he was only an infant. And so once again, next to Ka’ba, such a heavenly voice will be heard, and the earth will be filled with justice and sanctity.


  • Objective(s):

    1.Conclusion and reiterating the overall concepts such as the advent of the Imam of Our Time (PBUH), the world after his advent, and communicating with His eminence (AJ).

    2.Creating a heartfelt bond with the Imam of Our Time (PBUH) and praying for the hastening of his return.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Starting the dua, after conveying to the kids about the importance of praying for the return of the Imam of Our Time (AS)

    2.It is suggested that that while the dua is being recited, the Arabic version of the dua along with its translation in the local language to be projected simultaneously.

    3. Laptop and speakers


    5 Minutes

    End: Conclusion/Reciting Dua al-Faraj

    Alright, my dear friends! I again want to congratulate all of you on this great Eid! I hope that you have all enjoyed today’s celebration. Now, tell me how do you all feel about the Imam of Our Time (AS)? [wait for the kids to respond]

    That is great! Great job! You have all learned good things from today’s celebration. By learning all these new facts in our celebration today, you have made the Imam of Our Time (AS) happy, and he will for sure pray for all of you. Today, you learned lots of new facts about the time when the Imam of Our Time (As) will return, and what events will happen at that time. Also, our beloved Imam, with the help of people, and God given power, he will spread happiness across the world, and will destroy all those tyrant people who are the enemies of good people, and will help the oppressed. With his return, the religion of Islam will become dear to everyone, and the disbelievers will no longer be able to make fun of the Muslims or bother them. When our Imam returns, the world will be filled with justice and goodness, and oppression, injustice, illness, and pain will end. Moreover, most people on this earth who believe in other religions; that day, they will start believing in the Imam of Our Time (AS), and therefore all of our hearts will become united! This is great and very exciting!

    Today, we also learned more about the childhood of the Imam of Our Time (AJ), and learned that he was born under a very tough situation; and the rulers of that time wanted to kill him. That is why, Imam Hassan Al-Askari (Alaiha salaam) hid him, and God also concealed him with His power. At the same time though, Imam Hassan al-Askari showed his child to some of his Shia’s, so everyone would see that Imam Mahdi was born and Imam Askari has a successor. Imam Hassan al-Askari did this so no one would doubt that he doesn’t have a successor after himself.

    Thank God, that today’s program was able to make our hearts closer to our beloved Imam and allowed us to know him better. Now, more than ever before, we know how the world will be when the Imam of Our Time returns. And by learning these new facts, it made us realize to pray for his return more often, and we are proud that we have such a lovely Imam, believe in him, love him and pray for him. This way, we can also have a role in making this world a beautiful place. Now let’s all stand up, and raise our hands toward the sky, and ask God to make the Imam of Our Time (AS) to return sooner, and rule on this earth for a very long time, and for us to also be able to live alongside our Imam, and benefit from his blissful presence, kindness and actions.


    Tranlation of Dua al-Faraj

    {In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    O’ God, send your blessing upon Muhammad and the Household

    of Muhammad

    O’ God, at this moment and every moment

    Be a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper

    a proof, and an eye for Your representative &; proof, Mahdi son of Al-


    Your blessings be upon him and his ancestors

    guard him as long as he lives on this earth as a ruler

    benefit him and bless him with everything You and this earth has to Offer}