Arba’een-Level 2-1st Year

Topic Overview: The Importance and Reward of Performing the Ziarat of Imam Hussain (PBUH), Becoming Familiar with Some Concepts of Ziarat of Ashura, Concept of Cursing and Dissociating with Enemies from the Viewpoint of the Holy Quran

  • Objective(s):

    1.Since children arrive at different times it is suggested that before the start of the official program, any sort of craft/coloring that is related to the occasion is planned for those who come earlier to the program.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.printing the pop-up design

    2.A thin poster-board or a thick paper for the outside of the card


    4. Colored pencils


    25 Minutes

    Instructions for Craft: The Shrine of Imam Hussain (PBUH)
    1. Printing the design of the shrine (on a white/red paper)
    2. Cutter
    3. Glue stick
    4. Colored pencils
    5. A thin poster-board or a thick paper for the outside of the card






    Print the following phrase and give it to the kids so they may glue it under the shrine.


    Peace be Upon You O’Aba’abdiallah

  • Objective(s):

    1.Seeking means to the Holy Qur’an to illuminate our hearts that is means to salvation.

    2.The importance of knowing the meaning of Quranic verses.

    3.Becoming familiar with the meaning of cursing in accordance with verses of the Quran and why we send our curse upon the enemies of God, the Prophet and his Holy Household.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Display few pictures from the pilgrims marching on their foot towards Karbala on the day of Arba’een.


    20 Minutes

    Salaam my dears! How are you all doing? welcome to our gathering and I hope we will have a good time together. When I say have a good time together, I mean we get to spend our time in a way that we know God will love! These moments, not only gives us a sense of calmness, but will also help us to become closer with God, our Prophet, and our Imams. Which is very great and valuable!

    Like always let us begin our program by reciting a few ayahs of the Holy Quran so we can remember dear God and brighten our hearts with the words of God and learn good lessons.

    In surah al-Ahzab, ayah 57, God says:

    إِنَّ الَّذِینَ یُؤْذُونَ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ لَعَنَهُمُ اللَّهُ فِی الدُّنْیَا وَالْآخِرَةِ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُمْ عَذَاباً مُّهِیناً

    Those who offend God and His Prophet will be damned in this world and the next. There is a shameful punishment ready for them. (57)

    (Note: The above translation is only given to inform the mentor)


    In this ayah dear God says: among humans, there are evil people and are enemies with God and the Prophet, and like to bother them. God will punish these people based on their actions and in the world after this, He will enter such people into His painful fire.

    This matter shows that God, who is so kind and has given his servants so many blessings, but those evil people are so bad and are enemies of goodness, that God has cursed them. Which means that God does not like them and hate them!

    In surah al-Baqarah, ayah’s 159 to 161 also talks about people which the curse of God and people will be upon them. In these ayah’s God says: those who are the enemies of me and my prophets, and try to cover the right path that we show people so they cannot be saved and go to the heaven; God and the people will curse these evil people. and they will not receive the mercy and kindness of God!

    My dears! Did you all know how much the prophets of God and our Imams suffered from the actions of evil people and had to work hard for the responsibilities they had? For example, our Prophet who was the kindest man in the world, will all the kindness he showed towards people, still some people would bother him. For example, when he would walk through the street, they would empty trash on his head! Or even worse than that, there were some people who attempted to kill our prophet many times, such as by throwing a big rock on our Prophets head to kill him. However, God told the Prophet of this news, so he would distance himself from them!

    This same difficult situation led to the shahadat [martyrdom] of lady Fatemeh al-Zahra, and Imam Ali, which someone attacked him with a sword while he was praying in the masjid [mosque]! Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba, our 2nd Imam was so oppressed that he didn’t have any help or helper at all, except for a few people! Also, when Mu’awiya plotted and martyred our Imam; he was so oppressed that some people, by the order of one of the enemies of God, shot arrows at the coffin of our beloved Imam. Meaning from each side, they shot arrows into the body of Imam Hassan!

    One of the most painful events in history, is the very unfortunate events that happened to Imam Hussain, his family and his followers. Yazid, his dad Mu’awiya was the enemy of Imam Hassan and Imam Ali and even his grandfather Abu Sufiyan, was the enemy of the Prophet and he had planned multiple times to martyr the Prophet, but God kept him safe. Well this Yazid, who wanted to kill the family of the Prophet, ordered his army to cut off access to water to Imam Hussain, the ladies, and children of the caravan of Imam Hussain, so everyone would die from thirst! And then, in the worst possible way, he martyred Imam Hussain, his family and his followers! Then they took his children and the ladies as captives and walked them through the streets!

    You see my dears: history has witnessed, that sometimes-evil people were born who liked to kill others! For example, we have seen evil kings who were bloodthirsty, and would kill innocent people! during many wars, and even during the wars that unfortunately we see today, kids lose their fathers, and these kids become orphans, and full of pain. They have no choice, but to live along their mothers, sisters, and brothers without their father. Therefore, they don’t have enough money to live, and more importantly, they no longer have their fathers, and do not have this great blessing. Who has killed these fathers? Yes, those evil people that God has cursed them!

    Alright, we understood that not only do we hate the enemies of God and the Prophet, but also, we send our curse upon them. Which means that we are asking God, to make them unable and unsuccessful to carry out their terrible plans that they have in destroying good human beings. A person that God has cursed and we curse, is Shaitan [devil]. Who can mislead people and likes to distance people from the way of God and trick them. Dear God, send your curse upon Shaitan and keep us safe from him!

    My dears, we must keep in mind to not make a mistake here! Cursing, is only for the enemies of God, and not anyone that we might be mad at. We have good friends, and even if people around us in life do wrong things, or do things that we do not like, but we are not allowed to curse them. We can remind them that what they are doing is not right, we can pray for them so God can help them to not be tricked by the devil, and even if we are mad at someone, we can distance ourselves from them. But we are not allowed to curse them especially if they are a Shia Muslim!

    Now that we have learned all this new information about cursing, it’s good for us to know that we hate and curse upon the enemies of God, Prophet of God [salawat!], lady Fatemeh al-Zahra the daughter of the Prophet, the enemies of our Imams, and even the enemies of Shia’s. for example, in Ziarat of Ashura which today we will become more familiar with, we curse upon Yazid, his father Mu’awiyah, and other enemies of Imam Hussain [peace be upon him] and we ask God to punish them in the Hell fire, and punish them based on their actions so the oppressed can get back their rights.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the story of the caravan of Ahlul-bayt after Ashura until they return to Medina.

    2.Creating a sense of resentment towards Yazid and those associated with him.

    3. Expressing the value of performing the ziarat of Imam Hussain (PBUH).

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Acquire the necessary skills to become a good story-teller and to be able to appeal to children by conveying the goal and meaning of the story.


    10-15 Minutes

    Story: The Prisoners of the Caravan of Karbala

    Ahmad returned home from school. Said Salaam to her mom and dad and went straight to his room. His parents looked at each other, and wondered what has happened to Ahmad? It seemed that something was going on, because Ahmad did not look like himself!

    Ahmad’s Dad went near his room, and knocked on door. Ahmad’s voice could be heard from behind the door: please, dad come in. His dad entered the room, and saw his 10-year-old son sitting in the corner of his bed in misery.

    His dad went and sat beside him on the bed and said: what’s wrong my darling? Did something happen?

    Ahmad said: No, everything is fine!

    His dad said: But you don’t look like yourself?

    Ahmad said: Only a few days are left till Arba’een, and today my teacher talked about all the events that happened to the family of Imam Hussain [PBUH] after his martyrdom. And I became very sad.

    His dad smiled and said: Yes, my dear! The events that happened for the family of Imam Hussain was very bitter and sad, and of course it seriously influenced the Muslim history.

    Ahmad said: dad, can you also please explain the story so I can better understand?

    His dad moved around on the bed and said: on the 11th day of Muharram, meaning the day after Ashura when the battle ended and Imam Hussain, and his followers were all martyred, the army of Yazid took the family of Imam Hussain as prisoners. You know that prisoners in a war, are said to those who have survived on the defeated side, they are arrested, chained and tied together. Then the army that won will take them to their city, and use them as servants. Yazid had ordered his army to behave badly with these prisoners, hit them, insult them, harass them, and even keep them in front of the eyes of the people, so that they would feel embarrassed!

    In short, they made the family of the Prophet whom were the best people of that time, who should have been the most respected by the people, were told to ride on camels and while facing great suffering and harassment, they were taken to the city of Kufa.  The city of Kufa, was that city which a few years earlier, Imam Ali was its governor. So, this was very hard for Lady Zeinab who was the captain of this caravan of prisoners. Because she was the daughter of Imam Ali (PBUH), and this was hard for her to be seen treated this way in front of the people of that city!

    With sadness Ahmad said: How could this be possible? These were the children of the Prophet! why did they treat them like this?! So, lady Zeinab didn’t say anything to them?

    Dad said: Yes, my son! When the prisoners reached the market of the city of Kufa, lady Zeinab pointed and everyone became quiet. Then, she started speaking. She started speaking with such courage and power, that people thought it was Imam Ali (PBUH) who is speaking. She said:

    “O ‘people of the Kufa, O you deceivers! You can never remove this stain of shame from your hands. As you have killed the grandson of your prophet, who was the master of the youths of heaven!”

    The speech of lady Zeinab [PBUH] made everyone to quiet down and cry. Ibn Ziyad the governor of the city of Kufa, who witnessed the speech, wanted to change the atmosphere and humiliate lady Zeinab said: “I thank God, that He who made you feel ashamed and killed your men!”

    Lady Zeinab responded with strength, while humiliating ibn Ziyad: “Praise be to God, who has honored us with His Messenger. This person is a liar, and evil who will be ashamed. And whatever we have seen from God has been good.

    Ahmad said: my dear Dad, the only person remaining from the family of Imam Hussain [PBUH] was his son Imam Sajjad [PBUH]. How was it that they did not kill him?

    Dad said: yes, my dear, they wanted to kill Imam Sajjad several times, however God did not allow them to do such a thing. Do you know why?? Because Imam Sajjad, was the Imam after Imam Hussain. And God wants an Imam to always be present on earth for people. for example, in the palace, Ibn Ziyad looked at Imam Sajjad, and said: who are you? the Imam replied: I am Ali son of Hussain. Ibn Ziyad said: did God not kill Ali son of Hussain? Imam replied: he was my other brother that people killed him. Ibn Ziyad said: no, God killed him. Imam then recited a verse from the Quran. Ibn Ziyad became angry and said: how do allow yourself to talk over me??? Then he ordered to kill the Imam. Lady Zeinab peace be upon her hugged his nephew and said: was it not enough for you, all the blood you have shed of our household??? I swear to God, if you want to kill the only memory of my brother, you must kill me first! Thus, ibn Ziyad gave up killing Imam Sajjad [peace be upon him].

    Ahmad rose from the bed and came to face Dad and said: My dear dad! My teacher said: the worst place for the Prophet’s family and the caravan of prisoners was in Syria. But why? What happened there?

    Dad sighed and said: ibn Ziyad ordered to chain the feet of the prisoners and send them to Shaam, which today it’s called Syria. During this journey, in the midst of the cities, everyone who would understand that these people are the family of the Prophet, they would become upset, and treat the soldiers that were accompanying this caravan badly, that why are you behaving like this with the family of the Messenger of God?!! and would send their curse upon Yazid and Ibn-Ziyad.

    When they arrived in Shaam, they kept them behind the gate of the city, so they could decorate and beautify the city. In different parts of the city they had musicians singing as if they were celebrating a big day! The people of Shaam were far away from Medina the city of the Holy Prophet. That is why they were not aware of this battle and thought that some non-religious people had revolted against Yazid, and Yazid had killed them.; that is why they were celebrating and having lots of fun.

    Ahmad said: Dad!! This is very sad: the children of the Prophet, the family of revelation, a family that the whole world owed them greatly, and no one in this universe had their great status and loyalty, they were instead introduced as non-religious people?? how evil and cruel was Yazid.

    Dad said: yes, my darling! It was tough and sad. When the caravan of prisoners entered the city of Shaam, everyone started cheering and expressing their joy. An old man came forward, and gave one of the children of Imam Hussain [peace be upon him] a piece of bread. Imam Sajjad [Peace be upon him] took the bread and gave it back to the man and said: giving alms [sadagheh] to our household is not allowed [haram]. That man was surprised and said: well, what family are you all from?! Imam said: I am the grandson of the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad [Peace be Upon Him] and these are his household and children! The Oldman screamed and said to people: These people are the family of our Prophet!

    Ahmad said: so, the people of Shaam, slowly understood that Yazid has tricked them and lied to them!

    Dad continued: yes, my dear! In the court of Yazid, Lady Zeinab told him: O’ Yazid! If our ancestor, Muhammad al-Mustafa had seen us in this situation and asked you why you have brought my family to this court in such a manner. How would you answer him?

    When Yazid heard this, he ordered to take off the chains from the hands and feet of lady Zeinab and the rest of the caravan. In the court of Yazid, Imam Sajjad and lady Zeinab gave a speech and revealed to people the cruelty and evil actions of Yazid.

    Ahmad asked: Dad! How long did the caravan of prisoners stayed in Shaam?

    Dad replied: there was this house of ruin near the castle of Yazid, which Yazid sent the Ahlul-bayt there, to make them feel worthless and insignificant. However, with people passing by there, and the revealing speeches of Imam Sajjad and lady Zeinab [peace be upon them], he couldn’t use this situation as he wished. One night the wife of Yazid told him: “I want to go and see the prisoners.”

    The wife of Yazid, during the first years of her life she used to live in Medina and was brought up under the hands of lady Zeinab, and loved the family of revelation. Yazid allowed her to see the prisoners. She was sat on a versatile bed and was taken to the house of ruin where the prisoners were staying at. When she saw lady Zeinab, she became very upset about their situation and said: “which city are you from?”

    Lady Zeinab said: from Medina the city of the Messenger of God!

    The woman came down from the bed and sat down on the floor. Lady

    Zeinab said to her: “Why did you come down from the bed?”

    She said: “for the respect of the city of the Messenger of God”. then she faced lady Zeinab and said: “did you pass by the Bani-Hashem neighborhood?”

    Lady Zeinab replied: “I grew up in the Bani-Hashem neighborhood.”

    The woman said anxiously: “I swear to you, have you ever gone to the house of my Master Ali and visited lady Zeinab?”

    Lady Zeinab started crying and said: “you have the right to not recognize Zeinab! I am Zeinab!”

    When the woman heard this, she screamed and said: “if you are Zeinab, then where is Hussain? You two would never separate from each other!”

    Lady Zeinab said: “the head that is in the house of Yazid, is the head of Hussain [peace be upon him].”

    While crying and wailing that woman returned to Yazid and said to him: “you have placed the head of the son of the Prophet of God at our house? Then she shouted “wa hussaina [O’ Hussain]” “wa mazlouma [O’ the oppressed]” “wa ghariba [O the lonely]”, in a way that all the children and servants of Yazid rose in uproar against her.

    So Yazid got scared and told his wife: “go and take them from the house of ruin to someplace better.”

    The woman came and took lady Zeinab in her arms and said: “I wish I was blind and would have never seen you in this situation. She took the ahlulbayt to another house and shouted: “O women do not laugh again, or express your joy, these people are not unbelievers. These people are the descendants of the Messenger of God, and are the children of lady Fatemeh al-Zahra, and Ali al-Murtaza. And then she held a program to grief over Imam Hussain [peace be upon him].

    Ahmad said: then Yazid allowed them to return to their own city, to the city of Medina?

    Dad replied: yes, my son! After this whole event, Yazid got scared and lost his head. He kept claiming that he hasn’t done all of this and would blame ibn-Ziyad for it, and would make up excuses. But everyone understood that Yazid has done all of this. So, he saw that the situation is not getting any better and he ordered to return the Ahlul-bayt to the city of Medina with respect.

    In the middle of the road, they reached two roads one leading to Medina and the other to Karbala. The people of the caravan decided to head to Karbala, to do ziarat [visit] of the grave of Imam Hussain and his followers. So, on the day of Arba’een, meaning 40 days after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, they arrived at Karbala. Again, another program of grief was held, and everyone went to the grave of their loved ones that they had lost, and remembered the painful memories of the Day of Ashura. This was the first ziarat done on the day of Arba’een, and for years, on this day, Shi’as go to Karbala to do ziarat of Imam Hussain and the martyrs of Karbala. Then after this the caravan continued its journey toward Medina.

    When lady Zeinab and Imam Sajjad [peace be upon them] reached Medina, they set up tents outside of the city, and one of their followers went to the city and gave everyone the news that the caravan of Imam has returned. When the news was heard by the people that the Caravan of Ahul-bayt has returned without Imam Hussain and the rest of the men of the caravan; while crying and wailing, people went and welcomed the family of revelation with respect to the city of Medina. Then, the people of the city started lamenting and mourning for Imam Hussain and his loyal followers.

    Ahmad sat beside his dad and said: it was such a sad story dad! I concluded something from the events that happened after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain [peace be upon him]. In my opinion if lady Zeinab [peace be upon her] was not there, people would have never realized the oppressions and injustices done by Yazid. People would have never understood what had happened and through the speeches done by lady Zeinab, she was able to keep alive the message of Imam Hussain and did not allow the blood of Imam Hussain to be violated.

    Dad placed his hand behind Ahmad’s back and said: yes, my dear! If Imam Sajjad and lady Zeinab had not been there, had they not delivered their speeches and revelations, had they not shown struggle and patience, then the bloody movement of Karbala would never have remained forever, and would have never been heard by the next generation and perhaps we would have also never been aware of this event.

    Ahmad sighed and said: tomorrow we have planned to stay after school to put up black banners all over school’s prayer room. May I stay and participate?

    Dad said kindly: for sure my dear! We have the duty of telling others the story of the martyrdom [shahadat] of Imam Hussain [peace be upon him] and hold programs for his remembrance. Now let’s go drink together a cup of tea.

  • Objective(s):

    1.A glimpse into the world’s largest peaceful human gathering.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Laptop, projector, and projector screen.


    15 Minutes

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the meaning of becoming friends with God’s friends, be an enemy of the enemies of God and dissociating (Ba’rat) from them.

    2.Becoming familiar with the meaning of the following phrase:

    إنّی سِلمٌ لِمَن سالَمَکُم وَ حَربٌ لِمَن حارَبَکُم وَ وَلیٌّ لِمَن والاکُم وَ عَدُوٌّ لِمَن عاداکُم

    [O aba’ abdiallah, I Make peace with those who make peace with you, I make war on those who go to war against you, till the Day of Judgement]

    3.Becoming familiar with the attribute of forgiving sins, or the wrongdoings of people around us.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Actors: mother and a child

    2.pot, ladle, and a spoon


    20 Minutes

    Play: Friendship with God’s Friends

    Scene: kitchen, can also be a small room.

    Narrator: It was a cold but sunny winter afternoon. Ali just returned home from school. when Ali came home, his mom was busy in the kitchen making rice pudding.

    Ali (a bit tired, toward his mom): Salaam mom, what are you making?

    Mom: Salaam my dear son, I am making rice pudding as a vow [nazr] for Imam Hussain.

    Ali (no longer frowning): Yesss! So, when it becomes ready, I want to help you to decorate it, so I can also be rewarded. I mean what can I do I am an artist!

    Mom (with a smile): Thank you my darling. Its sounds great! Now tell me why were you frowning when you got home? Did something happen?

    Ali (frowns again): Well, to be honest, today at school I got into a fight with Reza.

    Mom (surprised): with Reza???? But weren’t you two friends!

    Ali (angry): Well, we are no longer friends from today!

    Mom (with sadness): Wait whyyy?? How did you guys into a fight?

    Ali: you know mom, Reza always want to become the captain of our soccer team! Today was my turn. But he wanted to take my turn, and so we got into a fight. Reza is no longer my friend!

    Mom (stopped why she was doing and looked at Ali): My dear Ali, as far as I remember you would always compliment Reza, that he is the best student in your school, he is kind to everyone, he is good in his school work, helps others and you would always tell me great things about Reza! All sudden what happened? Maybe Reza had a reason?

    Ali (with anger): no mom, why are you taking Reza’s side? Reza did a bad thing and I am no longer his friend.

    Mom (with kindness smiles): my dear Ali, I don’t want to take Reza’s side. I just wanted to say that maybe he had a reason for what he was doing. Or just think that he didn’t have a reason, and he simply made a mistake. Then, is it right for you to get into a fight with such a good boy, who is source of pride, is a great, religious Shia Muslim, is well mannered, is active in religious activities???? Well we are humans, and have the right to make mistakes, all of us make mistakes, and this shouldn’t be a reason for us to fight with one another! The real friendship and enmity should be for God only and not based on our personal issues!

    Ali: Mom I don’t understand what you mean? What do you mean by friendship and enmity for God?

    Mom (again starts stirring the pot): my dear son, friendship and enmity for God, means that we should love those that God loves, and do righteous acts, on the other hand we should dislike those who do not like God. Ok?

    Ali: well, basically we should be friends with God’s friends and enemies with God’s enemies.

    Mom (with excitement): Great! Now a question might come up: who are God’s friends that it will be good for us to be friends with? And who are God’s enemies?

    Ali (while thinking): I think it’s someone who does the required deeds, does not do what is forbidden [haram] and sins, is friends with God, and if they don’t do these they are enemies of God? right?

    Mom: Honestly, God’s friend is the same as you described, but not for enemies of God. Anyone that simply does wrong actions doesn’t become God enemies! Many of Gods servants, although they love God, but sometimes it happens that they make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean that they are not the friends of God or they are the enemies of God!

    Ali: So exactly who are the enemies of God? the way you are saying: is that we can’t easily know who is the enemy of God and become their enemy.

    Mom: yes, my darling, God does not allow us to judge people based on their actions and say that: this servant of God, is such a good person and God likes them and that servant of God is such a bad person and God doesn’t like them. Because only God knows what is in the hearts of people and is aware of all the actions of people, and not us. We can only comment on their action, for example say: if whether God likes what they are doing or not!

    Ali: well you said earlier, that it’s good for us to become friends with God’s friends. Well if we can only comment on if what they are doing is good or bad, then how can we recognize who is the friend or enemy of God?

    Mom: Yes, you are right, but there are certain signs. There are people, that God, the Prophet and his Ahlul-bayt are very important for them, and try to be good people for the sake of God, and the Prophet of God. they honor Shia’s. and anyone who understands that they are the lover of the Imam of the Time, based on their good actions, this makes others to become more interested in the religion and want to know more about the Imams. It seems that these people sort of want to be the followers of the Imam of Our Time.

    Ali: now who can be called the enemies of God?

    Mom (stirs the pot for a bit, and comes to sit beside Ali): you see my son: dear God who has created us, the most important thing that matters for Him, is that we humans know how to live a good life and be good human beings. Therefore, the enemies of God are those who don’t want us to know the right path in life or they don’t like for us to live a right life, the path that pleases God. sometimes, without knowing, people become the assistant of Shaitan [devil] and help in leading people to the wrong path. That is why God has told us: to be careful to not be tricked by those who want to misguide and distance us away from the path of God.

    Ali (listens with interest and curiously asks): Mom, can you please give me an example of who can be called the friend of God and who can be called God’s enemy?

    Mom (with excitement): what a great question Ali, what do you think yourself?

    Ali: in my opinion I think our Imams, and their friends are the friends of God because they were very good people and they even taught us how to be good people. right?

    Mom (goes towards the pot and again starts stirring and says with satisfaction:) Great job, yes you are right! It’s exactly as you said. Now who should we avoid, and who are the enemies of God?

    Ali: The people who were the enemies of our Imams, those who bothered them, and right now there are still people like this.


    Mom (as if she remembered something, comes toward Ali): O Ali, do you remember that day that we were reading together Ziarat of Ashura?

    Ali: yes, yes, I remember.

    Mom: in ziarat of Ashura which is for especially for Imam Hussain [PBUH] we read:

                      إنّی سِلمٌ لِمَن سالَمَکُم وَ حَربٌ لِمَن حارَبَکُم وَ وَلیٌّ لِمَن والاکُم وَ عَدُوٌّ لِمَن عاداکُم

    Which means: that we are friends and at peace with those who are the friends of our Imams. And we are at war and are the enemies of those who are at war and are the enemies of our Imams. And the reason is because those people are also friends with friends of God, and are the enemies of God’s enemies. This is exactly why the event of Ashura happened. Because Yazid who was an example of one of the enemies of God, would direct people to the wrong path and wanted from Imam Hussain to pledge to him and accept him. However, even though Imam Hussain and his family did not benefit to stand against Yazid and his army; but because they were the enemies of God, Imam Hussain (PBUH), stood against them and was martyred in the way of God.


    Ali (thinking, circles around the room): mommmm, moooom, mooom, now that I am thinking, I also believe that the devil has tricked me and made me act such a way. Well, I think it would be better for me to be friends with Reza and forgive each other for our mistakes.

    Mom (with smile): oh great, I am sure Reza will also regret what he has done and will come and say sorry. Now, the rice pudding is ready as well. Are you ready to fill the cups with pudding and decorate them? Mr artist?????

    Ali (with happiness): Yesssss, let’s do it!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming more familiar with the Arba’een of Imam Hussain (PBUH).

    2.The importance of performing ziarat of our Imams, particularly Imam Hussain (PBUH).

    3. Becoming familiar with the etiquettes of performing ziarat of the infallible Imams and Holy places.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:



    20 Minutes

    Prezi: The Ziarat of Arba’een of Imam Hussein, Ziarat of other Imams and its Etiquettes


    Image 2:

    (OCCASION OF ARBA’EEN) As you may already know, we have gathered here for the event of 40 days after Imam Hussain’s (PBUH) martyrdom, to remember our Imam and his beloved family. During some of the days of the year, we keep alive the remembrance of the leaders of our religion. We become happy for their happiness and sad for their sadness.

    Image 3:

    Arba’een which is 40 days after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (PBUH) is one of the events that Shi’a’s gather together to remember the oppressions that happened to their Imam, and the cruelty that their family had to go through. This way they become closer to God.

    Image 4&5:

    (ZIYARAT OF ARBA’EEN): My dears, I want to mention something interesting! Do you all know where and when has the largest human gathering has ever happened? For example, during the time of Hajj, when people go the House of God to do the acts of Hajj, a big crowd of people gather at once, in one place. A crowd that nowhere in the world so many people have gathered at one time, in one place.

    Image 6:

    But during Arba’een, a bigger crowd of people gather together. Every year when it gets closer to Arba’een, a great crowd of people, meaning a much larger crowd than the crowd seen during Hajj, walk towards Karbala from different parts of the world especially different cities in Iraq. So, on the day of Arba’een, they can reach Karbala, to do the ziarat of Imam Hussain. Many of them come to do the ziarat from far- away lands, but by foot. So, this way they can show God, that they love Imam Hussain, and want to be one of his followers and continue his path.

    Image 7:

    (THE MEANING OF ZIARAT) my dears do you all know the meaning of ziarat? Ziarat means that we go to see someone and by doing so we show that we love them. The Prophet and our Imams have all passed away from this world, however those who die in the way of God or are martyred, are alive with God and are aware of our actions.

    Image 8,9,10,11:

    for example, those who go to visit the grave of the Prophet in Medina, and send their salaams and prayers to our Prophet, God will send their salaams and prayers to the Prophet. The same goes with people who go to Najaf for ziarat of Imam Ali or Karbala, or Mashhad. Going to the ziarat of Imams, has this meaning that we are telling them: we love you all, and you have a great status before God. so, if you ask something from God, for your respect God will accept your prayers. That is why we come and we request our needs from you, so you can ask God on our behalf.

    Image 12:

    (THE VALUE OF ZIARAT) my dear children! When we go to the ziarat of our Imams, like at Samara we go to the ziarat of the grave of our 10th Imam, Imam Hadi and our 11th Imam, Imam Askari the father of the Imam of Our Time; there is a mosque [masjid] near there that we perform wudu and with respect, by having our beloved Imam in our thoughts, and their great status before God, we begin saying our salaams and start speaking with them. Because we know that by the will of God they will understand what we say. It is as if we have gone to the house of our Imam, have sat by them and are speaking to them. What a great honor!

    For them being the best servants of God, to answer our requests and pray for us.  That is why going on ziarat can make us pure, and make us feel extremely good, it feels as if we have found great peace. The Prophet of God may God’s blessings always and forever be upon him and his family as well as our Imams, have highly ordered us to go for their ziarat because this action has lots of rewards.

    Image 13:

    Imam Sadiq (PBUH) has said: when a person leaves from his house to perform the ziarat of Imam Hussain [PBUH], from there until he reaches his destination, he will be accompanied with 700 angels.

    After he finishes his ziarat, God will forgive his past sins that he has regretted. Then, he must use this golden opportunity, and be careful to no longer do any wrong actions so he may stay pure and clean. Then, the angels will accompany him until he reaches his house, and after the angels bid their farewell to him, until the last day of his life, the angels will constantly go to the ziarat of Imam Hussain and the reward of the action of these angels will be for that person.

    Image 14,15:

    (ETIQUETTES OF ZIARAT) going on a ziarat, like other things that we do, we must follow a certain way and procedure. Our Imams have taught us that whenever we want to perform their ziarat, we must be clean, and wear clean clothes. Whenever we visit an important person, we observe a certain respect and honor during that meeting. And who can be more important than our beloved Prophet, and our Imams???!

    Therefore, it’s better for us to enter their shrine with wudu. Before we enter, we must take off our shoes. We must keep in our mind that we are the guests of our Imam, and not be distracted by other things. Inside the shrine we must walk with respect and do not run around, or play around. When we reach the shrine or the grave of our Imam, we must stand with respect facing their grave and give our Salaams with respect as if we are standing in front of them and we are giving our Salaams.

    Then it would be nice if we can, read off the phrases along with its translation that are related to the ziarat of that Imam, do not talk about unnecessary things, have dear God and our Imam in our thoughts and speak to the Imam of Our Time, and say that we have come to the house of your father or grandfather and we want from you to pray for us.

    Image 16:

    (HONORING THE PILGRIM) my dears, a very interesting thing! When a person returns from ziarat, for example when a person has gone to Medina for the ziarat of our beloved Prophet and the 4 Imams that are buried in the Baqi cemetery near the shrine of the Prophet, we go and see them.

    Because now they have become an important person, the Prophet and the Imams have paid attention to them, prayed for them and therefore we go and see them. So not only can we hear their beautiful memories but also share with them the reward of their ziarat. Have you guys ever seen those people who go to Mecca and do the ziarat of the House of God, and when they return, their friends, and family members go and visit them?

    We can do the same thing with a person who has returned from the ziarat of one of our Imams. And it would be nice if we could also receive a gift from them! 😊 I was just kidding! But, it would a good thing if we ever got the chance to go on ziarat, as a token of remembrance, we buy a small gift for our family and friends so we can say that we were thinking of them. for example, if one goes to Karbala, they bring back Mohr [Turbah] or tasbih as a gift.

    Image 17,18:

    (ZIARAT OF THE IMAM OF OUR TIME) my dears! In your opinion can we also go on the ziarat of the Imam of Our Time? Because he doesn’t have a grave or shrine? (wait for the kids to respond). Yes, we can go on the ziarat of the Imam of Our Time. The shrine of the Imam of Our Time is in our hearts. We can open the window of our hearts to our beloved Imam and talk to our Imam.

    Our Imam, himself has taught us duas and prayers and have told us that: by reciting them we can talk to him, and God will reach your prayers to me and I will answer them. For this matter, just like the ziarat of the shrines, we make wudu, pray 2 raka’at of [units] prayer for the Imam of Our Time, face the Qiblah, and in our heart talk to the Imam of Our Time, and ask him our requests so he can pray for us to God. Doing this act, is sooo soso sweet, and anyone doing this will understand its sweetness.

    Image 19:

    Now let’s all, face the Qibla, and face our hears towards Karbala and the shrine of Imam Hussain and send our Salaams along with those who have gone to Karbala to perform ziarat:

    السلامُ عَلَی الحسسَین، وَ عَلی عَلیِّ بنِ الحُسَین، وَ عَلی أولادِ الحُسَین، وَ عَلی أصحابِ الحُسَین

    Peace be upon Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain and on the friends of Hussain.

    May the ziarat of all of you be accepted, Insha’Allah!

  • Objective(s):

    1.The importance of instilling the love of Imam Hussain in our hearts.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Projector, speakers, laptop, projector screen, and internet connection.


    https://youtube/oTvXxTjGcbI (Akeel Ant sings for Imam Hussain)


    https://youtube/rNHzyOnh140 (Tales of Tears about Bibi Zainab)

  • Objective(s):

    1.Becoming familiar with the culture of poem and poetry in a religious setting.

    2.Becoming familiar with lady Zeinab and Rughayyah (SA).

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Enthusiasm in the tone of the mentor is a requirement for a great performance.


    5-10 Minutes



    Oh, I know about Damascus

    Where Zainab’s star shines

    “Zainab” glorious daughter of “Ali”

    Who has nursed humanity

    From Karbala throughout times

    To keep Islam alive

    Humanity sings peace and joy at once

    To everyone who seems still in love

    To see the trees of truth bloom

    And the world be rid of gloom

    If there is one thing the entire universe shares

    It is the life of Zainab to read and care

    Dreams and hopes will come true

    When Zainab and her goals are understood

    Inside us is the warmth of Allah’s love

    When we think of Zainab “The patient princess”

    That is why the Ahlul-Bait of Rasulallah

    Are the light of saviors here and after this life.


    Lady of Strength:

    Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,

    They killed your sons, your brother, your friends

    and then they came and burned your tents.

    Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,

    Oh my what courage you did show

    Even as those fires did glow.

    Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,

    To Yazid’s palace were you dragged

    With our sick Imam who was bound and silenced.

    Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,

    Face to face with Yazid you said

    How dare you treat the Ahlul Bayt so bad?

    Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,

    Your role was clear, there was no choice

    To save Islam you used your voice.

    To this day we remember in the majlis,

    That it was you who gave the start to all this

    So we can never forget, you went to great lengths

    Our Lady of Faith, Our Lady of Strength.


    When I Walked to Karbala

    I left my house for a divine walk,
    My mother prayed as it was Iraq.
    Wonder remains as I see no fear,
    Lovers of Husain, walk without a cover,
    In millions they gather, for one common goal,
    It is nothing but only for Husain and his sole.

    Trembling legs with tearful eyes,
    I walked and walked for miles and miles,
    Once I stopped and thought for a while!!
    Value of zawwar is beyond any price.

    Then I found few hundreds of locals,
    Offering food, massage and hotels,
    And it’s not for money or materialistic gains,
    Full of surprises in each possible lanes.

    I cried for instance when I met a kid,
    He did all he could to serve his bit.
    And when I asked him why do you do all this?
    He said, ‘For Hussein, his daughter and his kid’.

    As I moved with the tearful eyes,
    Heart full of pain of Hussein and his ties,
    Chanting throughout with the top of my voice,
    “I’m going to Husain” all that suffice.

    Nearing the border of the holy land,
    My head tend to bow on the saintly sand,
    Feeling ashamed to show my face,
    As it has done thousands of evil chase.

    No sooner than I could see the tomb,
    Seeing the shrine of Hussain & its form,
    Tears came out like the rains of the storm,
    Look O! Hussain, Here I have come!!!
    Look O! Hussain, Here I have come!!!

  • Objective(s):

    1.Maximizing children’s ability in memorization and learning by doing related work at home.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.Printing the following phrase:

    السَّلَامُ عَلَیْکَ یَا أَبَا عَبْدِ اللَّهِ، السَّلَامُ عَلَیْکَ وَ رَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَ بَرَکَاتُهُ

    Peace be upon you O Imam Hussain[PBUH]! May God’s blessings be upon you!

    in both Arabic and in the local language per number of participants.

    Take-Home Activity: Performing Ziarat from Far-away

    My dears, didn’t you all loved that right now you were also on your way to perform the ziarat of Imam Hussain (PBUH)? I wish I was going! How lucky are those who have the chance to go on this ziarat. Who believes in me that we can also perform the ziarat of Imam Hussain with our hearts and our ziarat will also be accepted?

    My dears! Our 6th Imam: Imam Jaffar al-Sadiq (PBUH) has taught one of his followers [Shia’s] how to perform the ziarat of Imam Hussain from afar. Now we also can do ziarat of Imam Hussain, and remember his sacrifices from our city just like the way Imam Sadiq has taught us, so this way God will also give us lots of reward. To do this, we should go to a high place to look out from, somewhere up above the busy city streets, for example on the roof of your house, or if not go to the balcony, or even the yard and stand facing the Qibla. Then, first look at our right, then to our left, raise our head up to sky, stand facing Karbala (from here it almost faces the Qibla) and say the following phrase:

    السَّلَامُ عَلَیْکَ یَا أَبَا عَبْدِ اللَّهِ، السَّلَامُ عَلَیْکَ وَ رَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَ بَرَکَاتُهُ

    which means “Peace be upon you O Imam Hussain[PBUH]! May God’s blessings be upon you!”

    by just saying this easy phrase, it is as if you have visited the shrine of Imam Hussain [PBUH]. Right now, we will do this easy task once together, and then from now on, let’s try to do this easy act at our houses once every week, especially let’s try to do this on Thursday nights.

  • Objective(s):

    1.Concluding and reiterating the overall concepts mentioned in this file.

    2.Creating a heartfelt bond with Imam of Our Age and Time and praying for his reappearance.

    3.Reminding of the Holy presence of the Imam of our Time (May God hasten his return) as our teacher and as the Imam of our Age.

    Procedures-Supplies Needed:

    1.pIt is important for this segment of the program to be done in a quiet and calm environment while paying utmost attention the prayers.

    2.Starting the Dua’, after reminding the kids about the importance of praying for the Imam of Our Time (PBUH).

    3.It is suggested that that while the dua is being recited, the Arabic version of the dua along with the translation in the local language to be projected simultaneously.


    10 Minutes

    The End/Conclusion and Dua

    Alright my dear friends, there goes our program for Arba’een of Imam Hussain (PBUH). I hope you all have learned new and interesting facts, and that you may tell others about it.

    Well, we became more familiar with the day of Arba’een and what exactly is this day: 40 days passed since the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, and lady Zainab came back to Karbala and mourned for the martyrs). And that every year on the day of Arba’een, Shia’s go to the Ziarat of Imam Hussein on foot.

    Today we understood the greatness, and strong faith of lady Zeinab (PBUH), and realized what she meant when during her sermons she said I saw nothing but beauty in Karbala! That is, if we continue the path to please God, and love what God loves, this in itself is beautiful! We are pleased with God’s pleasure and so everything is beautiful for us in this situation.

    During this program, we realized that dear God does not like some people and has cursed them. He has even told us to curse them and have no relationship with them. Those are people who misguide others to the wrong path and hide the right path. Those are people who harmed and bothered the Prophet and his Ahlul-bayt [family]. God does not like these people at all, and these people will be included in God’s endless punishment.

    My dears, I think it would be interesting and exciting for all of us to know where the Imam of Our Time is now? One of the times that we likely know where the Imam of Our Time (PBUH) is, is on the Day of Arba’een. On this day, he also goes to the ziarat of his grandfather Imam Hussain. And In fact, he is the master of mourning, and when Shi’as go to Karbala, they are the guests of the Imam of Our Time. How lucky are those who have the chance of being in Karbala on the day Arba’een, and get to benefit from the luminous atmosphere of Karbala. Now, we also want to benefit and connect ourselves to that same atmosphere from far away, how you might think? Well simply by remembering and praying for our Imam. Now let’s all standup and recite together dua al-Faraj!

    • Reciting Dua al-Faraj while standing up and facing the Qibla, out of love and respect for His Eminence.
    • My dears, don’t forget to work on or even memorize ayah 57 of Surah al-Ahzab which we learned today, which it was about people who God has cursed, so you can recite it for me next time we see each other and even remind me some facts that you learned today.


    Translation of Dua’ al Faraj

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    O’ God, send your blessing upon Muhammad and the Household

    of Muhammad

    O’ God, at this moment and every moment

    Be a guardian, a protector, a leader, a helper

    a proof, and an eye for Your representative &; proof, Mahdi son of Al-


    Your blessings be upon him and his ancestors

    guard him as long as he lives on this earth as a ruler

    benefit him and bless him with everything You and this

    Earth has to offer